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Top Secret Clearance Ambassador Tells All, Eugenics, Trump, Order of the Black Sun and MORE!

By on September 3, 2021 in Awareness, Enlightening Articles
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Top Secret Clearance Ambassador Tells All, Eugenics, Trump, Order of the Black Sun and MORE!

by Gregg Prescott, M.S. Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

Often times, we are fed comfortable lies instead of the inconvenient truth. While many people rely on hopium, we cannot bury our collective heads in the sand trying to avoid certain facts.  Kimberly Ann Goguen’s resume credentials include having a Global Clearance Level of 74, Ground Command, Guardian, founder of United Network News, Global Peace and Restoration Consortium of Member States, Administrator of the Hall of Records, and Ambassador to the Universal Council.

Kim is privy to top level, occulted esoteric information that many unawakened people will never hear, let alone understand. Kim is interviewed by Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy and the following is a number of quotes and points of interest I’d like to expound upon.

Kim talks about, what appeared to her as, the Ark of the Covenant opening and feeling a level of unconditional love that is incomparable to any feeling we can feel on Earth. (This is exactly what I felt in my Solar Flash vision). She added there were 3 more smaller boxes like this: one inside Arabia, one in St Petersburg, Russia, one in the United States (“they broke it”). She also stated there were 7, in total.

Vladmir Putin was propped up as a “savior” type character from 2011-15 when the next savior came up, Donald Trump. Both were chosen by the “same organization” (Order of the Black Sun) . Putin was replaced by a clone in 2015.

Kim has been in contact with the Anunnaki. In a Russia meeting with Marduk, Enki (Marduk’s uncle) and Enlil (grandfather), Kim made Marduk angry and Marduk showed his real self which was a “big, white dragon-looking thing.” Kim stated she used an “ether” which she called “Source energy” to put Marduk in a coma, in which he died shortly after.

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The Anunnaki were partners with the Abraxas and Mantid races. The original race of Earth is the Sorens (“or raptors”) along with the 36 other races got together to get rid of the D.U.M.B.S. in 2019.

Since then, deals were made with the Mantids and the Abraxas.

Defcon 2

Kerry and Kim both stated that we are at Defcon 2 right now. This means that the military is ready to fight in 6 hours or less. Kim stated that at Defcon 2, everything financially moves from the Federal Reserve to an underground system in Texas. “They’re trying to take control of the financial system of the United States. And this is the Deep State military.” Kim considers the Deep State military to be under Trump. “Trump had to leave office in order to do the crimes against humanity that he’s doing now. As you know, the Space Force is running the White House. Biden is underground on life support. (Who you’re seeing is) a person in a mask.”

Kerry brought up the point that “Trump fighting the Deep State is an illusion” to which Kim agreed. Kim added, “I have phone records, I have conversations at the White House. I know for a fact he (Trump) wanted to leave the White House. That is a fact.  Oh poor me, fake election, fake news, fake this, fake that. He’s right. He actually won the election. It took a lot of work for his partner, Bill Gates, to manipulate the Dominion servers to make it (look) like he lost.

Trump signed the order for Marshall Law and for the Space Force to take over the White House (run by John Raymond) at 8:06AM right prior to his departure (January 20th, 2021). Marshall Law was declared on March 20, 2020 during the Spring Equinox.

In 2016, Trump was chosen as the next savior after Putin failed to achieve his objective of controlling the Golden Goose (Kim).

In 1998, Trump met with “what they referred to as an Ascended Master. They told him he was going to be President. They told him that he was going to do all of these amazing things for the world.”

This wasn’t your typical “Ascended Master”. Kim stated, “In their world, this was a Coven Master. Trump was always born into being (in) the (Order of the) Black Sun. Don’t think otherwise. I know you don’t want to believe this, people hate this but it’s true.” Kim added that these Coven Masters are “very good at Black Magick.” Trump was told that he could be “Master of this timeline, which only had a 17% chance of potentially happening.”

After winning the election, Trump was “promised (by Richard Weiss) that he would get a higher position in the Order (of the Black Sun) than President if he threw the (next) election. So, he agreed not to and then they told him after he threw the election that he wasn’t worthy of the position.” Trump reports to the Black Sun. The order have positions that go much higher than President, such as “Covens, Pindar positions, Dragon Family positions, the people that REALLY run this country, the Deep State’s position. For example, he (Trump) was promised he would be the Black Dragon, or the Black Sun Head of North America, which would basically make him the King of America and Canada, in their world.”

In5D: This may also explain why the following results are being slow-walked:

This may also explain why the following results are being slow-walked:

Kim stated that Trump is working for the Deep State, “He was born into it.” She added that he has cancer and is on heavy medications. “He’s working with the Space Force who is also running the White House, so what does that tell you?”

The question Kerry asked, “So who is working against the Deep State?”
Kim: “You. Me. Lightworkers. Others (other ET’s) are against them.”

Kim called out several popular names in the spiritual genre:

Juan O Savin: CIA
Charlie Ward: MI6
Michael Jaco: CIA

“All of them still have a handler, for sure, 100%. Now that being said, the CIA was founded by Skull & Bones, the symbol for Death. The Black Sun worships Death.”

Kim stated that all higher levels of government are part of the Black Sun but a pivotal change point occurred. “There was a 3,000 year covenant between the Black Sun and the Sanhedrin Council (the people who would consider themselves the line of Solomon, the rulers of the temple. Many live in London. These are the people who reside over the Rothschilds, telling them what to do), which would be the Coven on the other side. The covenant was, the Black Sun would act as security for the temple.” The Sanhedrin were considered to be partners with the Dracos. The Dragon families are underneath these people. “On the other side, you had the order of the Black Sun, which were supposed to be security. The covenant was that they would be security for the Sanhedrin. These were the agencies, the military, the Vrill farms until the covenant was broken 3,000 years later in December 2018, from the 2nd throughout the 7th, which was Hanukah, which is the celebration of the building of the 2nd temple by the demons for Solomon. 3,000n years later, the covenant broke, that’s it. This your Earth Alliance that everybody talks about.”

These are the people who are calling out the Deep State, but meanwhile, “They are the ones who created C-19. Dr. Mengel’s son, his code name at the CIA is “The Mummy”. He’s still conjuring up diseases to kill off the population. Constantly. There were labs in Paraguay on the Bush Ranch. Bush was Black Sun, so was Kennedy. The fight has always been “who will rule first?”. So Kennedy was fighting the Fed. The Treasury of the USA was always controlled by the Black Sun by agreement, and the Fed was always the Rothschilds or the Sanhedrins. Trump wanted to take over the Fed. By the end of 2018, the fight was on in full swing. They knew they were no longer bound to the Sanhedrin anymore, so they both started fighting each other for world domination.”

“(Bill) Clinton was Black Sun. Hillary was Rothschild.”

Regarding money systems, Putin was supposed to usher in Babylon 5.0 which was going to revaluate the currencies. Kim then met with short Grays, who she says are computer and financial experts. The Grays told her, “You don’t need them, we have the other key”. Kim stated, “According to them, their planet, Zeta something-or-another… were brought here as slaves to manage (this part of) the system for Marduk. (QFS) does work on the etheric level of matter. It does a lot of different things.. manages stargates, starnet. Financial is just one aspect… telecommunication systems, military and intelligence systems. It was the base for which our computer systems exist.”

The Zeta Grays offered to help Kim with the Quantum Financial System (QFS) after the Dracos had destroyed their world and they had been taken as slaves by Marduk.

In5D: I’ve met beings from Zeta Reticuli. When they speak, it sounds like a male and female voice layered upon one another… almost androgynous. They’ll answer your questions long before you can get the words out of your mouth. Physical speaking is unnecessary. It’s all telepathic. The Zeta’s that I spoke with are from Zeta Reticuli but I forgot which quadrant they’re from. A quadrant to them is like a state or country to us.

“If you are following the QFS sites, we have the Babylon system and then we had the talk of the Hercules system. Then we had talk about Prometheus. So it’s been system after system they keep calling quantum, but let me tell you where C19 ties into this. When the Starlink system that Elon Musk was working on died about a year ago, they had to come up with another system. None of these are quantum in any way.”

The most recent one is Azure, run by Microsoft and Bill Gates. Watch more about this at the 1:43:00 marker. This system would have everyone living under a “Social Credit System” which monitors every move you make. Azure signed contracts with every major bank in the world along with all health insurance companies. The v axe-scenes have nanobots that connect to a regular computer system that monitor your every move. “That’s your QFS”.

The Universal Council has a better idea. Kim said, “It’s not just an electronic system, it’s also an ecosystem. We have antiquated technologies. We have technologies that are already here that we should have. We should be using other fuel sources. We shouldn’t have a controlling banking system that takes custody over our money. We should be able to live as sovereigns. We should be able to interact with other beings, both in nature, animals, flowers, plants, etc.. and then a whole new ecosystem as it was forms. Eventually, once we become a little more enlightened and we learn new things, we can then have communications with others and we can all walk this planet and be happy. This is what we’re capable of if we just have the right ecosystem.

Bill Gates is also Black Sun.
China: The CCP, order of the Black Sun Generals

In5D: I’ve said it for years on In5D.  Everything needs to collapse so it can be rebuilt in humanity’s best interests.  Money, government, and religion are all corrupt.  Our air, water, and food supplies are all poisons. Every means of brainwashing is being used against us.

Kim inre: Inner Earth: “Inner Earth was ruled by what you would call the Destroyer. If the Dark Overlord would be Lucifer, this guy would be considered Satan’s right-hand guy or son that crashed into here a million and a half years ago.”

Heierachy of ETs: The Abraxas hired the Dracos as military force. The Mantids came in with the technology. They made a deal on the loosh farming and that’s how we became cattle. Above all of these are a Universal Council to which Kim is an Abmassador.

Kim spoke of the Arcturians saying, “They are blue light. They are healers. They are a light body, essentially.”

Pleiadians: “The Red Queen that everybody talks about… she literally looks like a Gila monster-face, kinda thing… very nice female body . Hates me, I hate her. She’s a dictator. And then you have other humanoids from the Pleiadian system. The humanoids are probably 7D.”

Kim stated that the Abraxas and beings from Aldebaran need to have someone play the role of the savior. Trump and Putin are both members of the Black Sun. Trump’s original family line is Nazi German (von Keefe or von Kempf). Kim stated, “Some say that the Black Son was born in the Ukraine, which is why there’s a big focus on Ukraine. There was a giant portal to everything that’s evil there, that’s for sure.”

“The Black Sun is the equal and opposite to our sun on the other side (on a parallel Earth). The multiverse would look like this side would be white and this side would be dark… in the past, it’s not like that now. And the ruler of this side would be the Dark Overlord, one who needs to destroy in order to create. That is why the Black Sun worships death so that they can get favor and bring some of these folks (from the other side) on to planet Earth.”

I found the following shocking: “One of the others, I call him General Other, delivered a biofeedback machine, that had cured over 200,000 cases of c19 from China, to the White House almost a whole year ago, when Trump in Office. He chose to push v axe-scenes instead. He’s had the cure for c19 and SARS and c66 which is actually deadly. C19 was created in 1964 in a lab.”

“I would almost be willing to put money on the fact that we’re not only going to go to pretend war with Russia. We’re gonna go to pretend war with China, too, at the same. I would venture to guess there’s going to be Russia aggression anytime now in the news.”

So how long will this war go on? “They will continue until two-thirds of the population fights against them. When two-thirds of the population wakes up to the fact to what they’re doing is wrong and fights against it because they’re still under the impression that there’s a 17.8% chance that they can form their negative timeline again. They forgot about quantum physics. They forgot about string theory. They forgot about a lot of things that makes that not possible. If you’re in the Deep State and the plane’s on fire and you have a parachute that has a 17.8% chance of opening, are you going to jump? A 17.8% chance to stay alive is better than zero.’

“We have finally gotten to the point, after the infraction point which was Monday the 8th, a couple days later, we’re past that infraction point or the opportunity for them to violate the transition to the Light timeline. Now, they’ve decided that it’s only the remnants that are causing the problem.”

When asked if Trump was the enemy, Kim stated, “Well, if you’re trying to sell me and tell me it’s a good idea (that) I become a nanobot, I’d say that’s bad. He (Trump) doesn’t care what he has to do for power. He doesn’t care.”

In5D: I’m on record for a while now, saying that I appreciated (to what appeared to be) the good things that Trump did but could not forgive him for Operation Warp Speed, which brought the v AXE (scene) eugenics program to the world, including my parents who took both shots and are getting the booster in November. People who are devout Trump followers tend to bury their heads in the sand when it comes to this topic, but recently, at an Alabama Rally, Trump mentioned “Operation Warp Speed” and the crowd booed him.

That, in my opinion, is inexcusable.

Some additional tidbits

Here are a few more quotes from Kim:

“If you want them to stop doing what they’re doing, we, as humanity, have to start transitioning into a better ecosystem and a better way. Once that is done and we stop virtually ignoring… we could have ignored them pretty much our whole American existence, until they came up with c19.”

“Marduk died in August on 2016. Let’s just say that at some point, you can only annoy people so much before you have to leave. You can only steal, cheat, lie, manipulate… I saw him die. He’s a jumper. He can jump dimensions, I saw him die. Maybe Source did it? Etherically, it could have been Source.”

How YOU can make a difference!

“We have other plans. We are the Creators, creative ones. We have a lot more abilities than we think we do. We CAN change the world just by manifesting things on the etherical level. When you’re manifesting, we want certain things. For example, we wan t all of our children to be fed. Every child on the Earth should eat today. Do we care who’s President if we can create our own world? If we want to manifest a mansion or a Ferrari or whatever it is you want…the perfect love relationship, I truly believe you can do that just by manifesting. I know it works. We have to teach people how to do this instead of living in fear of whether there’s going to be a war with Russia? Is Trump coming back? Is he not coming back? Is he a good guy or a bad guy? It’s irrelevant when you can do this all yourself. You ARE a QFS. Just remember it. You’re processing information on a quantum level when you’re dealing with plasma, etherical, your lightbody… that’s what you’re doing. You’re your personal QFS. You can be your own ATM machine.”

We have help from our galactic neighbors as well.

Kim’s website: united network (dot) news (all one word).

In5D Addendum

Kim covers a lot of things I’ve talked about on In5D.  Sometimes, the truth is hard to hear, especially when we’ve been brainwashed for our entire lives. People will angrily defend their decisions and choices while being blinded by their own cognitive dissonance.

cognitive dissonance

I’ve been through the same harassment when I uncovered the NESARA/GESARA lie.  We’re seeing a lot of people in this genre pushing the same rhetoric.  Last month, many of them were telling everyone that Trump would be reinstated.  The same people are pushing NESARA.  There could well be a NESARA type program but it’s not the NESARA bull crap that people are pushing. Bottom line: Be careful who you follow.

That being said, take everything Kim says with a grain of salt.

I can’t prove anything about the Order of the Black Sun or who belongs to it. I don’t know if Trump is a member of this group. Is Trump working for the Deep State?  I’ve talked about Trump in Spirit Chats and on Date Night with Ally.  My belief is that Trump was shown the Zapruder film and was given options.  Trump chose eugenics because he could still look like a hero with a vaccination program.  As you saw in his Alabama rally video, that backfired and people booed him. So is Trump Deep State?  I don’t know but it wouldn’t surprise me.  They always have the savior and villain roles playing against each other, so it’s definitely possible.

Is it possible that we’re being played by both sides of the coin?  DEFINITELY! But if you’re looking for a savior, look to the words of the Hopi: “We are the ones we have been waiting for“.

We’re at a critical point in time and space. When people took the jab, they interfered with their body’s own natural immunity and DNA. Like Kim said, they became nanobots.

We’ve been lied to in just about every area of life. We’re being brainwashed constantly in every way imaginable. Everything is upside down and backwards. There’s a reason why no one in the Deep State is being arrested or held accountable for their actions. This is ALL intentional. We work 40+ hours a week to earn a living in order to buy back what we’re producing. Slavery never ended.  We’re ALL economic slaves to a broken system of fiat currency.

It’s all about harvesting our energy and it begins with the false light reincarnation system that wipes our memories and recycles our souls so we can do this over and over and over again in order to provide “loosh” for those who feed off of our energies. How does it end? On Earth, when we stop feeding them our energy. In the afterlife, by NOT going thru the “tunnel of light” and recycling our souls.

Major events, such as the Solar Flash, will be unfolding and will benefit humanity. Right now, we should be focusing on MANIFESTING what we want in our lives instead of living in fear as to what might happen on the Grand Stage. They’ve been playing us, the Left vs the Right… when in reality, they’ve always been on the same team and also explains why none of them are ever held accountable for their actions. It’s time for US to take the reigns and move forward without these “leaders”.

Sending you all infinite LOVE and Light!


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Gregg Prescott, M.S.Gregg Prescott, M.S. is the founder and editor of In5D and Zentasia.  He co-owns In5D Club with his beautiful wife, Ali. You can find every episode of “The BIGGER Picture with Gregg Prescott” on Bitchute while all of his In5D Radio shows are on the In5D Youtube channel. He is a visionary, author, a transformational speaker, and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents.  Please like and follow In5D on Gab,  In5D TelegramIn5D Bitchute, Instagram, TikTok, Rumble, Twitter, and  In5D on Facebook!/

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