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How to Achieve Unity Through Love, The Power of the Spoken Word, Thoughts & Intentions

By on January 29, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening

How to Achieve Unity Through Love

by Casey Francis,
Contributing Writer,

The eye of the beholder is truly the most important thing that we can be aware of in this existence; for in seeing all in the light of the Source, the divine light that runs through us, we can easily become accustomed to viewing all with a loving light; have no judgement and therefore  show unconditional love towards all.

In doing this, we become closer to the All, and allow ourselves to be more in unity with one another. We must become accustomed to looking not upon ourselves and others with perceptions or judgement, even though it is inherent in our existence with a human mind that we judge things according to how we see them – which is how we are generally raised; especially in Western societies. It is imperative that we remove these perceptions as quickly as is possible once we realize what is happening and what we are doing to both ourselves and to others on the Earth plane.

However, not only do these judgements affect us and the others on the Earth plane, but they also extend out into infinity across all facets Universe, affecting all along the way, as judgement and negativity radiate like lightwaves out into all spectrums and planes of existence.

This is why we must do our best to contain our judgements and not to voice them; for in thinking them is one thing, but in speaking or verbalizing them is another. The power of thought is powerful indeed, but the power of the word is indeed more powerful again. This is why most sacred texts make such a point of pronouncing the power of the verbal word.

The power of this cannot be taken lightly, for it can be seen that what we speak generally comes true. This is evident in many things that we do; for instance, in verbalizing the thought that you would not like an animal to run out in front of your car at night, you in fact create a reality whereby it is more likely for such an event to occur, by promoting the vibrational thought of that exact reality through the power of our vocal ability.

This is the power of the spoken word.

In simple terms; some may call it the Law of Attraction, as many of you have likely heard of before; understanding that thought creates reality. In essence, providing those with this knowing to change their reality unto their perceptions and what they choose to voice or carry into the physical plane. In doing this, they are able to create a livelihood which is much more beneficial for themselves and those around them; for in the creation of a life which is more positively oriented in both thought and words, one is able to live more harmoniously in this earthly plane; for it is truly a dense plane of existence and we must do all that we can to ensure that we live in the light of love as much as is possible in all facets of our existence.

Being seen to be using more positive intentions for the manifestation of helpful things, one will soon find that their life becomes smoother, easier and more subject to seemingly miraculous events, from something as simple as finding a parking spot next to where you need to go (albeit an idle and insignificant thing).

Going deeper than this, one can manifest whatever they would like into their reality, but also must understand that this may take time, as the process of transmutation from thought into the physical is subject to the same laws that you are held to in this reality; i.e time and space, in a linear format. Even though these things do not exist in the higher planes, unfortunately you in the Earth plane are subject to these things as they are a part of your reality.

Therefore, in manifesting your desires, you must be aware you may need to wait to produce the full effects of the manifestation.

Before we continue, take a moment to ponder things that you have said in the past – and later found out that they have indeed come true. This can be as simple as worrying about something that is going to affect you in the day, and subsequently manifesting it into reality – for example stressing that extended amounts of work files would be laid on your desk, or that your favourite food would have run out at your standard lunch spot.

In learning to utilize this skill effectively, one is able to commit themselves to a higher vibrational life, free from more worries and stresses because they know that the power of thought and their mind is indeed able to overcome the idle thoughts which would otherwise affect them – becoming aware of this one is soon able to discern between thoughts which are either beneficial or harmful to their existence; and rather than idling away, letting their thoughts run rampant, one is able to gain more control over the thoughts and flowings of the mind to prevent any lower density thoughts from becoming a reality in their life.

An idle mind should not be permitted to manifest dense vibrations into the physical reality on the Earth plane.

If one has the choice to choose between a positive or negatively oriented thought, it is clear that one should choose the positively oriented thought – because why would one want to create a more negative influence upon themselves or others when there is the opportunity to create a more positive situation?

This can be seen in various circumstances, for in giving someone your attention and positive encouragement whilst competing in a sporting event, it is likely that they will perform better than what they would have otherwise if they are receiving negative thoughts; for in encouraging them, both in words and thought, it can be seen that their mood is uplifted; their mind is more positively oriented during the performance and they are thus more likely to perform better. By receiving positively oriented energy, one is more likely to feel the energy from the crowd.

Have you ever sat in a large crowd as they cheer someone on? If so, you will understand the feeling of the vibrational output from the crowd, noticing the feeling or sensation of a rising frequency. This similar frequency can be felt when listening to music or whilst at a concert, in the midst of a crowd that is thoroughly enjoying themselves – correlating to a rising frequency of the crowd that you are in.

This is also evident, opposingly, when feeling the uproar of a crowd when something does not go their way in the event – able to be felt as a dense energy wave of tension throughout those you are surrounded by.

These feelings are increasingly able to be felt when you are present, within the moment and are able to experience the full effects of that vibration of light that you are surrounded by.

In maintaining a positive outlook towards yourself and to others, you enable yourself to uphold a positive frequency, helping all beings at all times, to increase the vibration of the planet that we live on – which is why we came here; to raise our frequency, to understand and learn the lessons we need to learn, and to realize that we are simply light manifested into a physical vehicle. In realizing this, the easier it is to uphold a higher vibration and become closer with the divine reality of our essence.

About the author: Casey is a 25 year old who experienced an abrupt awakening in 2017 and has since had to learn and adapt through numerous world-twisting experiences; now mostly spending his time writing, creating music & travelling Australia doing Earth Gridwork, amongst various galactic & interdimensional encounters. Please visit Casey at | Instagram: Caseyfrancisblog

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