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Transformative Angel Message For The Week #51

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Angel Message For The Week

by Elise Cantrell,
Contributing Writer,

Transformative Angel Message For The Week

You are in God and God is in you. Just as the body keeps the heart alive and the heart keeps alive the body. You are an inseparable part of the ONE. It is a new era where you begin to see yourself in all things, as all things and all things as yourself. This is seeing and being in God. This is God realization.

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Your job now is guiding others up the staircase of consciousness that you have already traveled. Many of you simply guide through your example alone. Many of you energetically activate and call up the same energy in those who are in your presence. You also guide through your prayers, you guide through your words. As you do so, you elevate and uplift the old version of humanity with a new vision and a higher grid.

This is the collective co-creation of your ascension. Those who choose it, will join you in this vibration and this new manifestation. Those who will not join you, can no longer reach you. Many other groups have done this before you. It is a rite of passage.

This is the “eye of the needle” that has been spoken about. The needle cannot be threaded if the thread is not in alignment as it enters. You alight the entrance and steady the thread of energy that must move through the portal.

The work you do seems most natural and easy, and often you hold the mistaken belief that you are doing nothing at all. This is because you are the masters who have taken this assignment to bring the collective into alignment.

Your presence is more than enough to assist in this process. For your presence contains the God presence, and that presence is active in you and thus active on the earth plane. Do not concern yourselves with the hows, the whys and the whens. Just concern yourselves with living, being and growing in higher levels of consciousness. The rest will take care of itself…

For the way is easy and the burden is light… ALL is coming….

“Rise and Shine!”

Elise Cantrell

Angel Message For The Week

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In5D Addendum

Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

Angel messages are a powerful tool for those seeking guidance and spiritual enlightenment. These messages come to us in various forms, such as repetitive numbers, synchronicities, or even through direct communication with angels. The messages can be interpreted as signs of love, protection, and encouragement. By paying attention to the signs and messages, we can open ourselves up to the divine guidance and support that surrounds us.

To receive these messages, it’s important to quiet the mind and tune in to our intuition. One way to do this is through meditation, which allows us to connect with our angels and receive their guidance. Angel messages can also be received through divination tools such as angel cards, which provide specific messages and guidance. Whatever form the message comes in, it is important to trust in the guidance we receive and allow it to guide us on our spiritual path.

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