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Come To Know The Feeling Of Being Aware!

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Come To Know The Feeling Of Being Aware!

Have you ever wanted to better understand the elevated experience of being aware? Read this excerpt to glean insights into the intensity of experience of those whom are aware—and possibly inspire to you to achieve this blissful state.

I’ve stood upon my mountaintop
and shouted at the sky
walked above the pavement
with my sense amplified
– I get this feeling
Neil Peart (“Scars” from the Rush CD “Presto”)

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What does it feel like to “walk above the pavement with one’s senses amplified”—i.e. to be keenly aware of the moment? Jin Nua’s following passage from a particularly elevate day goes a long way in describing this experience.

The frozen intensity. Nature’s inescapable beauty radiates a warmth to my face. A wave of wonder engulfs me and the moment.

The volume is sky high. Did I just melt into the surroundings? Losing sight of the horizontal surface below, like slotting effortlessly through a canyon.

The whites and yellows are too intense to view directly. The purples so deep; like a void, a passageway to another world. Does anyone see?

The glistening mosaics of a billion shades of green, gray, and mauve. Where do they start? Where do they end?

Is anybody watching? Am I too absorbed in these natural works of art and beauty? Some might think I’ve lost it?

I turn up the music. Passages open and the moment balloons out over the surrounding area, then the park, and then the whole city.

I stop to watch raindrops on the pond. In the light rain, drops transform into circles across the surface. They each look like little antennae; each a transmitter, forming and fading.

Under the tree, drops fall from the branches in irregular sizes. Like thoughts in my mind, many are small, some bigger, some combine; is my thought somewhere on the surface of the pond?

Walking back to the city, through a pink-purple-yellow tapestry; the rain off the car tires sounds like passing waves. Static, climatic buzzes. I suddenly lose my footing, am I still on the ground? In a trance, mesmerized, I pause then continue.

Back in the city, I feel like a stranger. Sounds, haze, reflective lights fascinate me like a child. I can’t help but see everything I can.

Every moment waxing; intense, new, the first; I go to the next moment. Time seems expansive. I feel expansive. Everything expands.

About the Author: Jin’s been ascending higher spiritual planes since his spiritual awakening in 1998. His unique mystical insights; supplemented by his international travel and engineering background, have led to nine books across a wide genre of titles including self-help, metaphysics, children’s books, and a management style book as well as his remarkable Centerpath formulization. Jin resides in Asia. He enjoys art, walks in nature, and producing music.

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