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Conscious & Subconscious Reprogramming – Heal & Alter Your Reality

Conscious & Subconscious Reprogramming - Heal & Alter Your Reality
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by Meashenu,
Contributing Writer,

Along our ascension process there is so much reprogramming going on for us all the time. Our conscious, subconscious, and the programming in our cells, dna, and memories are all changing. Today I’d like to give an analogy & information to help understand how this can be done through self healing.

I like to use a computer analogy to understand this concept. What we are aware of conscientiously is like how the we are able to have a screen for the computer, keyboard, mouse, and being able to manipulate and change things that we are fully aware of. The subconscious is programming behind the consciousness, so it’s the all the code and even the binary 1’s and 0’s that affect how the consciousness operates. So both sides of it can alter the other one. You generally aren’t aware of the subconscious programming, but you can tap into it with intention. You can go directly into the subconscious programming to alter it to change your present reality.

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Tapping into your subconscious programming to alter your conscious state & reality is a process. This can be done in meditation with intention/visualization and with the assistance of your higher self and guides. For example you can go back to a traumatic experience in your life to heal it. Feeling into the trauma is what I’ve found to be necessary for me. Feeling it then releasing it in whatever way that is appropriate. It could end up being writing, visualization, intention, physical exercise, emotional releasing such as crying or anger. Whatever way works for you. After the feeling and releasing part, that is where you can do the reprogramming.

For the reprogramming part I like to visualize the computer analogy. So for example, if the traumatic event happened when I was 5 years old, then I would go back to that time in meditation and after I was done feeling and releasing, then I would visualize all the computer code with the intention that it represents my subconscious at that time of the event. Then I see a lot of bright energy come in and start altering that code and with intention I ask that love, light, understanding, forgiveness, gratitude, and compassion be reprogrammed in. This is meant to reprogram any blame, justification, hatred, fear, betrayal, confusion, and overall victimization felt from that incident.

You can of course visualize this however you wish. Recently I had an experience where our sun Sol wanted to help me with this. I went into the middle of the star and then just saw a stream of energy and Sol was assisting me with reprogramming it and altering it for my highest good. In that instance, I was less aware of exactly what was being reprogrammed but just allowed it and held the intention I wanted it to be done for my highest good. So you can visualize a stream of energy or anything you want that works for you.

When I’ve done this process before it ended up changing much more than just the initial event, but it repaired a whole timeline from a certain phase in my life. There was subconscious programming that wasn’t for my highest good and the source point of it started form when I was 3 years old. When I cleared it from the source point it altered and re wrote a timeline period from 3 years old to 17 years old. Most of us have many victim experiences and traumatic events that happen to us in our lives. When they happen they can alter our subconscious and that can be what ends up continuing to affect how we feel, think, experience, and what we are putting out there as far as law of attraction. When you get to the point you are ready to confront these traumas and revisit them with healing in mind, you can find your entire present reality start to change for the better.

I’ve seen several healers recently that talk about how you don’t really need to know what things are specifically and revisit these “stories” and “dramas” as they refer to them in order to heal. That you simply just need to move/shift the energy to heal them. On some level I do agree with this and I’ve certainly had a lot of healing happen for me that was just done with moving/shifting energy and intention, however, I’ve also had a lot come up for me that did need to be confronted and revisited in order for me to work through it. So you will just have to trust your intuition and figure out what is best when something comes up for you or you decide to delve deeper for healing.

A friend in a Facebook group I’m in, made a post not long ago talking about how he was able to alter the present reality timeline he was on by going back and healing a situation. The example that was used was that one time a part in his car broke down. He was able to go back in the past and change the reality at the source point and then it altered the present reality. The car no longer had the issue and was working perfectly.  Another example that was given was two people at work got into an argument and negative energy was created. Later that day one person went into a deep meditation, went back to that experience and sent a lot of healing to it and altered it to be positive. That ended up changing the present so there wasn’t resentment between the two and that the situation turned out much better. I’ve seen many talking about experiences that were similar and they did something similar to change their reality. So it’s a way to alter the current reality/timeline you are on by going back to the source of the incident and altering it there.

Another way I’ve found that this works is through past lifetimes as well. When we go back and heal those lifetimes we change the present. This one has been a huge one for me and many lifetimes have come up to be healed. The other effect I’ve observed and experienced myself is that when two people have had past lives together, either romantically or in a different way, that can end up affecting how they are in the present. This can result in arguments, anger, strong sexual/romantic feelings, confusion, and more. Often times if one person goes back and heals the past life that is affecting the current life, the situation does end up getting better. I’ve had situations where it seemed like people specifically entered my reality to trigger the past life issues that needed healing. Then we ended up splitting ways after that. So the outcomes can vary quite a bit, but ultimately you always come out feeling lighter and having healed a lot, especially if you allowed the healing to happen and worked at it.

Feel free to try the computer/code visualization technique and see how it goes for you! I’ve certainly found and observed that there is not one or even several methods that work for everyone. I have had to explore and try various techniques and methods to see what resonated and worked for me. So trust your own guidance and see what ends up working out for you!

Love & Light,


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