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Dissonance Versus Resonance – It’s Your Life!

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Dissonance Versus Resonance - It’s Your Life!

by Alexa Person,
Contributing Writer,

Is the skin suit you wear representative of who you truly are?

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Do material goods define you?

Does your busy calendar evoke feelings of pride?

We are Human Beings, not human doings

-Pia Melody

The lifestyle of the modern human being is a far cry from that of our ancestors. So far removed from our sacred heart are we that we do as much as possible to avoid dealing with it. We cram as many tasks as humanly possible into one day (tasks are steadily increasing – no thanks to technology); work insane amount of hours with little or no vacation time; juggle work, kids, relationships, and the rigors of everyday life, while documenting it all on social media.

We were not meant to live like this. We were not meant to deny our sacredness. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are energetic bodies temporarily housed in slightly fragile skin suits. And depending upon treatment of said cosmic vehicle, we were built to far outlast our current models and rate of mortality.

The Rainbow Body:

Sadly, the average US citizen critically abuses the body by consuming approximately 156 pounds of sugar per year, untold amounts of weaponized food, sodium, trans fats and GMO’s while whole, organic foods have become luxury items.

Weaponized Food:

Television has successfully pushed exercise into extinction by becoming the passive activity of choice. As a result, this country is facing epidemic waves of diabetes and cancer, most of which could have been prevented with sound nutrition and exercise.

In 2015 doctors in Texas said a three-year-old was perhaps the youngest person to ever be diagnosed with Type II Diabetes.


5 Stages of Awakening:

Alkaline Diet:

In addition to a monumental health crisis, we face a collective financial crisis. Most people have unwittingly become slaves to their debt, working two or three jobs in order to pay basic living expenses and make ends meet. As a result, family time has become a wistful luxury.

Riding this ever-accelerating hamster wheel, how can anyone ever have time for spiritual growth? Maybe that’s the point. If we stay busy, we remain distracted, distracted from the sacredness of who and what we are – powerful beings of Light. It takes great courage to step out of fear and call back this memory because it requires one thing: stillness.

Whatever you focus on you will get more of. A life radiating dissonance will never experience resonance.


The following passage emanated from an aspect of my Higher Self. The words flowed through me, very powerfully, after a regular meditation.

True wisdom comes from within, learning to see without using your eyes. The senses, the five senses, were designed to aid one while living in the 3rd density. They are irrelevant in higher ones.

Stillness is what serves the heart. Learn to use it to navigate through the 3rd Dimension. As you walk through this plane and higher, go within. Seek not that from the outside. Know this place. This holy place [stillness] is from this place that one can truly see and be free.

The heart serves to unleash true freedom and vision of what is real. This can’t be taught. It can only be experienced through trust and faith in oneself. No one in the external world, no guru, can provide this reality, teach it, write it or show it. One gives up one’s power when agreeing to the reality of another. When we move within we find our own. We open our heart in trust, in faith, to the reality that we see not with our eyes but with our heart. It is in this reality that we find the Light and Love and raise our own frequency toward higher consciousness.

True wisdom knows no bounds or barriers. It only IS. It IS the unity of ALL. It is the wisdom of being ONE with that which is the greater good- the consciousness of Source.

Human consciousness is but one vector on the waveform. The goal of meditation is to activate chakras in order to maximize potentiality of this vector on the waveform and raise the human form to that which it was meant to be and activate it to potentiality and aware consciousness, unified in Source, ONE with the wave of ALL that IS.

This cannot happen when dancing in the lower frequencies of fear, duality and polarity. When transcending these, one rises above these planes and can access higher states of consciousness – in order to ascend. This is a potentialized state – One with the Creator that was meant to be throughout time-space and space-time. It is to the advantage of the human consciousness to move into this trajectory and seek these higher states at this time. The energy that bathes the planet now supports this.

It is through the Love-Light and Light-Love that one can access these higher states. Have not fear. Release fear. Walk in the power, faith and trust of Love and it shall be.

This is the lesson.

Amplituhedron Update 12/30/16

Once again, I move my energy to the Amplituhedron and prepare to connect to it but I am surprised to see a normally rose-colored seed of life is now crystalline. It appears to be completely clear and the entire chamber it rests within is blindingly white.

As I connect my own white energy to it, I see a fine grid of gold emanating from the Amplituhedron, which in turn, completely fills the inner Earth chamber. This beautiful geometry suddenly makes an unexpected 45-degree angle turn to the right. But it doesn’t merely turn in the horizontal plane; it rotates away from me, turning to face the ceiling of the chamber. As it does, I notice that in addition to being completely saturated with gold, the chamber has also taken on a pearly iridescence that resembles the interior of an oyster shell, only slightly more magenta in color. As the metallic, pearly magenta energy moves over the Amplituhedron’s marquis shape, I stare at the scene, wondering what it all could mean.

Could Gaia be preparing for a pole shift?

In order to experience resonance and align with higher frequencies of Light, I suggest the following practices:

We are ONE. Choose Love.

In Love & Light,
Alexa Person

New Ascension Symptoms: The Plasma Wave, Timelines And The DreamAbout the author: Alexa Person is and Alchemist of Light, an author and a professional speaker. Born “awake” and gifted with the full spectrum of clairvoyant gifts, Alexa is committed to shifting individuals into a higher alignment of their own Divine Male-Female frequency. Her regular public speaking engagements include her work as a Medium and a Certified Akashic Records Consultant.

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