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Dream Message About Receiving More Communication

Dream Message About Receiving More Communication
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by Meashenu,
Contributing Writer,

I haven’t had a lot of messages that weren’t personal ones come from dreams, but this one I felt I was meant to share. In the dream I saw that many more shifts, realizations, and messages were going to start coming in for both, the further along people, and the ones that are considered “unawakened.”

These communications and realizations will come from the higher self and guides. Many will be happening in the reality around oneself. People will start seeing many more number synchronicities, rainbows, cloud patterns, names that stick out, unique messages, and changes in thinking/perception while they are just going about doing their normal routine. This will happen a lot at work, regardless of the type of job someone has. We all receive these types of messages on a regular basis, but before it was much easier for someone to doubt or ignore the message than it will be from here on. There will a much stronger knowing and intuitive feeling involved. So even if someone is “unawakened” and doesn’t believe in God/Source, the universe, guides, or higher selves, they will still start to recognize that some kind of force is communicating with them. They will also have a much stronger curiosity and urge to figure out what that force is.

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In the dream one of the examples I saw was someone working a warehouse position. Doing their normal routine of stacking, restocking, organizing, shipping/receiving, cleaning, and so on. Then I saw the person stacking a row of products, start to think about other patterns they hadn’t thought of before. Then their perception of how they looked at something was changing. Instead of writing it off, they felt there was something stronger taking place and there was more of an awareness to it. Then they would start to notice number patterns they kept seeing and on addresses/names of where they were shipping items to. There would be street names and town names that stuck out to them as a sort of communication. I was shown a couple other examples that had the same effect regardless of the type of job and whether or not they were inside or outside. The signs/communication would always manifest and reach them and they would have a knowing about them.

For those of us that already are aware of these types of communications it will also be a much stronger knowing of the messages. I believe this will help with the interpretations part of it. Sometimes we see a message and think of many interpretations of what that could mean, whereas now it will be much more clearer on the specific message. I didn’t used to receive a lot of cloud messages, but this last week I have been receiving a lot of messages, transmissions, and codes from the clouds. See how your experiences with this over the next month go and be open to how/what comes through for you.

Love & Light


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