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Embracing The Shadow

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Embracing The Shadow

by Athena Melchizedek,
Contributing Writer,

It is so interesting to me the stages we move through as we make our journey back to Source. This is what we are doing in the so-named Ascension process, a descriptive proclaimed by many Golden Age commentators.

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Through our organic evolutionary process, this is what all sentient life is doing naturally. However, this has been quickened for humanity by the introduction of the powerful Cosmic energies which are now pouring into the energy field of our beloved planet and affecting all sentient life.

This is enabling humanity to move more quickly into and through the breakthroughs (initiations) in consciousness expansion that we are required to make to fully embody our Divinity.

However, the journey of transmutation of lower frequency energy and subsequent transformation and transfiguration of the physical material substance does not occur without also a full awareness of what is going on – this is why we call it an expansion of consciousness.

Of necessity, this must include and embrace all that is in shadow.

Shadow is the part of our consciousness that is fragmented from the whole and remains in the unconscious. When we bring all these parts of our selves back into unity with the whole this is the Unity Consciousness or Oneness we strive for in the soul’s journey back to its Source.

As we clear more of the hidden psychic energetic debris from our system through the process of transmutation, the building blocks of our physical substance are being changed into a different form, an increased light frequency.

Simultaneously the energy /information released is brought into our conscious awareness and we become expanded in our knowingness.

However, anything that is in the unconscious requires help to bring it to our awareness.

Our journey to Oneness necessitates that we embrace and transmute all lower frequency energies. This means we must locate them first and then admit them to our awareness. Only then can we make a conscious choice using our Free Will to make a new choice to change our behaviors and fully embody the good, the beautiful and the true.

To fully embody our Divinity means to embody the three principles of Divine Love, Divine Will and Divine Intelligence (Mind) and bring them into complete balance within our own consciousness. This is the living Tri –Veca or Trinity of energies that underpin all manifested creation within ONE being.

I have noticed in my own personal process work that as we expand into each dimension or next frequency band of our own energy field if the shadow is not dealt with at the lower levels it will continue to present itself in ever larger forms at the higher levels of the field powered by these higher frequencies. This is termed the spiritual ego and is even more insidious than the personality ego.

The distortions become even more grandiose as they are played out in external reality and the stakes become higher for the soul as it denies the inclusion of this shadow energy. It is much more difficult to spot as the defence and manipulation to cover it become evermore sophisticated.

I speak from the very personal experience of when having reached a certain level of awareness my spiritual ego took over and wanted to be seen to be “holy and special” because that was the defense against not being good enough or worthy enough stemming from the child who had not been validated.

I still harbored the need to be seen and validated by an external source other than the self.

My conscious mind thought the job was done and I convinced myself to leave all in my past life behind so I could follow this new path of spirituality. No longer would I need to associate with my past life and certainly no longer desired to continue in the world of business. I was running away from my shadow, certainly not embracing it.

At this level, because of the power of the frequencies at this higher scale we will usually need to call in a very powerful mirror that has an incredible magnetic pull to present us with this part of our consciousness that is still denied. In my case I pulled in three which just illustrates the power level of the spiritual ego.

At this point, I would also like to stress our shadow is not always a total negative. Oftentimes our shadow is a repressed positive- a part of the self that is longing to emerge but held back by our erroneous limiting beliefs.

What we admire and respect in others is also reflecting the very same qualities in us that we cannot yet admit to our awareness and embody.

Above all in this earthly journey through the duality of backward /forward – up /down – here/there, I have realized that the greatest gift bestowed upon us by our Creator is the gift to be human and to express the Divine through our human-ness. For we are the way showers to the multiverse of our imagination what the impress of spirit upon matter is capable of creating.

We may fall but may we also rise up again and again to BE the greatest expression of the Divine in material form. It is simply a matter of humility, acceptance and choice.

Namaste ❤️

Athena MelchizedekAbout the author: Athena Melchizedek is dedicated to the development of evolutionary leadership based in Unity Consciousness through her programs of self-empowerment, personal mastery and management of the human bioenergy field. She is an internationally experienced business consultant, transformation facilitator, mentor and energy practitioner specializing in remote transmission.

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