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Emotional Ascension: Saying Goodbye To Say Hello

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Emotional Ascension: Saying Goodbye To Say Hello

by Gabriel Heartman,
Contributing Writer,

For those that are awakening to their own soul yearnings, it can be a somewhat bitter sweet experience. The sweet part is feeling how life is so much grander and limitless than the one you had been previously subscribing to. Or a least a part of you was. This part of you, your 3D self, was made necessary to interface in this density to survive and yet also grow. Different souls have been awake or awakening a long time, while others are just now being popped into it by some special circumstance that may be still a mystery. Either way you are here and life in 3D, and maybe even 4D, just isn’t jiving with what you know INside to be what you want or were meant to be.

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You can be involved in so many things that are meant to help open up more in your soul domain. Yoga, meditation, retreats, reading, etc. And they most certainly do! I know I would not have the context and tools necessary to continue my soul growth if it wasn’t for them. But as you continue to enlighten your soul, there is also the reality of the Heart. You can only fly so far when you are tethered to an emotional pain. As much as a part of you would love to transcend or simply release the internal struggle, the truth is it just won’t until we face it with a willingness to feel it.

This can show up mostly in our relationships, or lack thereof. Relationship to mates, family, friends, work, community, geography, and even ourselves. The list of our emotional connections is wide and vast. When you desire to really go ¨all-in¨ to your spiritual ascension you will inevitably be confronted with the reality of these relationships. If you are to really thrive and be in joy, as your soul really wants for itself and you, it becomes harder to be in the energy that once kept you down. Kept you small. Because now you are waking up to your bigness.

Since we are all energy, the energy you find ourselves among has a great effect on your ability to raise it…and for good. Not just for a brief period of time to get over certain humps. The hard part is that you may find yourself then realizing that some of those around you may have to be let go of if you are going to truly grow and feel alive. This includes all possibilities…even your children at some point. This is not talked about often as there is so much energy tied up in the binds that hold us together. Whether it be conditioned, familial, or karmic. The sacred cows of our emotional pasture.

The power of this bind is grounded in fear. A fear that you will hurt someone irrevocably and the guilt felt by a part of you. A fear that you will get a harsh reaction and a rejection. A fear that your self-image will take a big hit. I remember this all to well in my early process and can feel the same energies if I were to have to complete a relationship that no longer served my growth. It is a difficult process to enter into but one that ultimately leads to the best for all involved.

IF what you really desire lies beyond what the state of what your current relationships offer, then it is the most integrous and loving thing to do to see where the ground between you and another can deepen or complete. You get to honor all of what as been between you AND invite for something more. Otherwise you are just keeping the same energetic tie in the same frequency that no longer brings you the joy you are wanting. I say this with the knowing that it is not easy to come to these realizations, as I have had to do the same. I advocate for feeling this as I know what lies on the other side of this most challenging of crucibles for the part of you that is so very attached.

This is a negotiated process that is held in compassion and not just lightly felt. It is a one-felt-step-at-a-time journey. Getting to know the part or parts of you that have their own reasons for not wanting to bridge the emotional and spiritual gaps that are currently in your space together. This is honored and felt. Your large heart and soul hold the space for this walking through. As you emerge from these exchanges a freer and more authentic version of you gets to inhabit all those soul gifts you have been accessing and watering. You begin to take flight with a more healed heart and a new timeline that will hopefully include the ones you had to cut ties with as they too see what growth you are expressing. In that way you have just made some quantum effects.

This was inspired by all those that have been moving through these crucibles and those that are in the midst of them. It was also inspired for those who are feeling the struggle within and can sense change is on the horizon as you can no longer stay in the status quo any longer. I honor all of the choices as ones that are meant for this moment as they lead us to the very next one. SoulFullHeart is here to offer the heart space to make these epic changes a bit more sane and with as much love as you can possibly let in.

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual teacher, men’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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