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Gods of Ourselves: Finding Neutrality In Polarity

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Gods of Ourselves: Finding Neutrality In Polarity

by Stephanie MacDonald,
Guest writer,

Hot and cold seem opposite but they are only varying degrees of the same thing: temperature. When expanding our awareness in such a way we see there is no ultimate hot or ultimate cold! We grasp the concept that there is NO END to the hottest hot or the coldest cold, and we then find a place of neutrality within a world of polarity. This is the place of non-attachment, the “middle way.”

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Not one single human can define Infinity let alone say what’s “good” or “bad” when it just is or else wouldn’t be and yet the only thing constant is change! It’s variation, levels of awareness or vibration, another facet or degree, different areas of a sliding scale without any actual concrete limits. All that is labeled there is no more than individual and collective OPINION based on a “current” perspective and perception, all of which is flawed due the human vessel itself! Partial truths everywhere, whole truth nowhere. That’s the design. No one completely knows for sure anything! We only speculate, conclude, assume, think so, beLIEve so, or feel so and find others of similar resonance (or susceptibility!) for petty, superficial, fleeting validation.

Defining and labelling the very essence and expression of who and what you are will always be futile and self-limiting. It’s helpful here to understand the difference between a human doing and a human BEING. It can be easily reduced and understood as: I am. You are. We are… Here to be alive, to simply express and experience this corner of the fractal. Labels and “Truths” may seem to point a certain way, but they also take away from individual experience and discovery itself. For example, if I needed rehab I’d want to speak to and hear from someone that actually struggled with addiction themselves and overcame, not some “title” with a “piece of paper” whose whole experience of addiction has come solely from reading books someone else told them to read. There are two sides to that coin: Individual experience AND wisdom combined.

This is why I personally don’t entertain the whole light versus dark as if we are to pick some magical side. To me that’s nonsensical. Sure we can say light is love or light is information BUT to polarize to one side as if that’s the one and only “right” thing to do, we very ignorantly overlook the fact the best kept secrets are stored in the dark and treasure is often buried deep or hidden in the darkest corners of caves. Do not fear the dark, fear breeds foolishness and ignorance. Learn to encircle and encompass as much of both illusions of sides, envelop the yin/yang, as One. This way it becomes easier to spot YOUR neutral center. Know you are the depths and heights. In you is the immense power to create and destroy. When you can tap into this mindset and being, you can really begin to understand the value in giving up the “either find someone else to blame or find someone else to give credit to” programming! Take full responsibility for yourself! You are the light AND the dark, you have nothing to fear and that INCLUDES fear itself. Your vibration and being can send the scariest monster running or make a saint look like a sinner. The power has always been yours. Use it. But use it wisely.

What’s “good” could always be better and what’s “bad” could always be worse. What’s too hot for one is ideal for another, what’s too cold for one is ideal for another. Understand and innerstand this and change the way you look at things, places, ideas, and people. Through expanded viewing find the neutral balance point in situations and your life and anchor yourself there. (Your balance point is 100% YOUR inner happiness/contentment) Creating solidity, stability, and inner peace this way, you no longer have to go up and down on the teeter totter of this Earthly life. You instead begin to do what to many appears to be the impossible: You become a center point on an Infinite sliding scale. How? Because you make it your own. You simply take it or leave it, it is or it is not, agree to disagree and keep living. Like Alan Watts said, the purpose of life is to be ALIVE! Every obstacle becomes an opportunity. The back and forth, the up and down, become more of a conscious CHOICE than you ever thought possible in this world of “opposites.” This is alchemy of the mind. You alchemize by expansion!

CHOOSE your vibration by CHOOSING to take control of your emotions and reactions. Claim your power and sovereignty like a mountain in the wind! Do not allow others to shake you and also know nothing here is what it appears to be, including yourself. Do not rule over others and don’t let others rule over you. Help where you can but don’t feel obligated and don’t feel bad if you simply can’t.

One of the greatest lessons to learn is waking up and “saving” ourselves! No savior outside of us is needed because we are already who and what we’ve been waiting for. Imagine a world where each person is self-empowered, secure, unable to be offended because they are sovereign unto themselves… Self-sovereign people don’t harm or control others for the simple fact there is no competition. It becomes a personal quest of trying to be just a little bit better than the day before. Slow progress is still progress so don’t worry yourself too much. Hold strong your intent! Leading yourself also means inspiring others to become leaders of themselves as well. No one needs followers or to follow but rather reach a place of self-realization.

Learning how to overcome, think for, and lead yourself in this place where countless people and organizations are hellbent on manipulating and claiming authority over you, is one of the most challenging and rewarding works one could ever hope to achieve while visiting here in this meatsuit! Just like how true healers are those who inspire others to heal THEMSELVES, true leaders want to help create more leaders until the ONLY thing a person has left to “follow” is their very own discernment, intuition, and heart. We are each the path of ourselves. Let us stop over-complicating this thing we call Life.

Thank you for reading!

About the author: A free-spirit and free-thinker, but really just another you. Here riding and experiencing the spiral of life from this corner of the fractal, sharing what’s discovered along the way. Come follow me on facebook at – or on my blog: – Much love!

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