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How To Contact UFO’s And Light Beings & What To Expect When Doing So

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How To Contact UFO's & Light Beings & What To Expect When Doing So

by Casey Francis,
Contributing Writer,

Have you ever seen lights shooting across the sky in the nighttime, but wondered if perhaps they were not just another ‘shooting star’?

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Or, have you ever been curious as to why it was at that exact moment you decided to look up at the stars and happened to catch a glimpse of a bright light in the corner of your eye?

Well, it’s likely you did in fact just see a type of craft; whether a physical ship or in the form of a beings’ merkaba.

Note: The morphology of Merkaba (Or Merkabah) is as follows:

Mer = Light

Ka = Spirit

Ba = Body

Or, the form whereby a spirit or being can travel in their light body across dimensions of time and space. It is perceived a a star tetrahedron surrounding the individual, comprised of 2 counter-rotating and opposing pyramids, and is the same symbol which has appeared in various occult, esoteric, religious and mysticism based texts since the dawn of time. The beings travelling in these are generally from higher dimensions, though it is possible even for us to travel in our light bodies with diligent practice.

Star gazing is a wonderful activity to engage in, but many simply don’t have the time or the desire to do it anymore; instead opting to use electronics at nighttime. Those with clear-sight can attest to the fact that there are craft flying through our skies day and night, however it is more common that we will see them in the night sky, and again more so in the time following dusk or preceding dawn.

What have I seen?

I’ve seen craft flying across the night sky at immense speeds, stop in an instant, change directions and fly off at angles perpendicular to their original trajectory.

I’ve seen craft ‘flash’ or pulse repeatedly with an incredibly bright light in the same spot, before rocketing off.

I’ve seen colored orbs of light in the sky.

I’ve seen craft shaped like cigars in the sky.

I’ve seen craft that looked reminiscent of a stingray, quite ‘organic’ in appearance that were moving through the air as if it were water.

I’ve seen small craft with oscillating colored lights.

I’ve seen craft that simply look like flat clouds, however they weren’t moving in the same direction as other clouds.

I’ve seen light beings appear right in front of me in various colors.

Keep in mind that each individual will probably experience different results because of their connections. It sometimes only takes a few minute to start seeing things flying around in the night sky, but during the daytime it’s not often quite as quick and less likely. It may also take time to build these connections.

What does it take to contact or see these craft or these beings?

Basically, all it requires is an open mind to believing there are others existing not only in the known universe but that they are well and truly operating within our sight and planetary body, along with a bit of patience and also an ability to focus your thoughts. Even belief of them as the angels who ride in their ‘chariots of fire’, as described in biblical texts, may suffice.

If you’re sitting there staring at the night sky and thinking “This is rubbish – Why am I doing this? – There’s a good show on T.V tonight” then the beings likely won’t be receptive to giving you a display.

Bare in mind that they’re conscious beings, too – generally more conscious and technically advanced than us, in fact, hence why they’re able to fly around in our atmosphere without the majority of people even knowing – thus deserve our respect.

In respecting the beings, in having at least an open belief in their existence, and in believing in the fact you will see something in the sky, you are much more likely to see something amazing.

What can you expect to see, hear or feel?

Often, and to begin with, you may just see the craft as light orbs at varying degrees of altitude, flying across the sky or out into space, with a varying degree in thickness of ‘tails’.

Some look like they’re slowly floating along before entering hyperdrive with thick ‘jetstreams’ behind them, and blasting off to who knows where.

Some may appear to be a satellite; a small light tracking across the sky which suddenly changes direction or vanishes.

Some may appear as orbs or flashes of light.

Some will appear in a physical craft; of varied size and shape.

What specific steps can you take to contact or see them?

1. Find a nice, quiet and comfy spot to sit, or lay down and gaze. The more sky you can see, the better. The clearer the sky, the better – i.e this might not work so well in city environments with lots of light pollution. The best results are most likely attained in nature, as far away as possible from all that dense negative energy!

2. Protect yourself – This may sound silly, but we don’t want to open ourselves up to seeing or contacting everything. Think or speak to set a clear intention to yourself (or if you’re otherwise inclined to the following beliefs; your higher self, God, spirit guides, angels, star-family etc) that nothing negative may contact you, along with any other protective rituals, phrases or praises you normally use.

3. Project your consciousness, at the best of your ability, up there into the sky/space, with a loving intention to see something that you haven’t seen before which is in your best interests and serves the highest good.

4. Sit quietly, breathe deeply, keep a clear mind, an open heart and watch with intent. Pay attention to any high pitched frequencies that enter your ears, along with any electrical sensations or feelings of heat or cold that may appear, especially around your head.

5. Have fun, grab a friend or two to increase the likely-hood of seeing something and if you’re lucky, you might even receive a message.

6. Let us know what you see!

Casey Francis

About the author: Casey is a 24 year old who experienced an abrupt awakening and has had to learn and adapt through numerous world-twisting experiences in the last 12 months; now spending his time writing, creating art, creating music and performing healings amongst various spiritual and galactic encounters. Please visit Casey at | Instragram: Caseyandhoney

Image: Pixabay

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