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Integrate And Expand In Balance

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Integrate And Expand In Balance

by Gabriel F. Duran,
Contributing Writer,

We are progressing at what seems like a rapid pace, nowadays. As change is the order of each and every day, more and more. Since we are increasing in frequency and illumination, our bodies are in a seeming continual state of flux.

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We are at a state of continually integrating all that we have experienced and learned through our divine energies. And as this is through integration, we must become more and more aware of the reality of the experiences that we’ve had.

This is a most wondrous time for it is literally the revealing of all aspects of knowing and wisdom that comes to our consciousness after having much experiences in the past reality of 3rd dimensional Gaia expressions. All that we care to know of is coming to light, as our ability to focus on and manifest our desires is increased in these new energies.

We are learning that in this new environment, when we are able to actually go with the flow; we are harmonious and peaceful and naturally expand. And this brings about the changes that we desire. For creating these changes is not to be done in “struggle.” This was/is an old concept that doesn’t bring about the harmony we deserve.

We are able to create grander creations and have them come to fruition more quickly than in the older energies. This is the freedom we bring back to our reality in stages, as we progress from 4th dimensional experiences and on to many other higher ones as well. For in truth, once we are opened to these levels of Creation, our ability to commune with many aspects of All That Is, in all dimensional aspects that are relevant for our growth are and have been coming forth.

We are able to commune with any beings, throughout Creation, by turning within. This is where we open the “stargate,” of our Divine Being. Through our sincere desire to commune with our Higher Self in any chosen form of meditative practice we choose, we open the door to communing with many beings that are ever desirous of assisting us. As one advances one appreciates the whole of All That Is, through all the various expressions of dimensional reality. Interdimensional experiences are going to grow and develop through all of us, more and more.

Other things that are being revealed are not so appealing, once the light has been brought forth on then. Such as the “truth” that most of us have bought into as to the existence of certain phenomenon. As in, we are taught that there are things that are “extra-sensory” and “paranormal” and “metaphysical” and on and on. And yet the truth is that all of these abilities that manifest as “gifts” in some, are obtainable by any and all who choose to focus in on that experience. In other words, they are not “special” gifts, they are inherent in the whole of humanity. We have just “bought-into” the limitation that these are unique expressions that are gifted. Why?

There have been those that know our inherent power and are avoiding any expression of that knowledge, at all costs. These beings are of a different nature than ourselves. As they function primarily from a brain perspective. And humanity has always functioned from the Sacred Heart Divine expression. This is humanities means of power.

As those that were different from us, did not want us to develop beyond their perceived usefulness they felt they needed from us. These didn’t want their “meal-ticket” to awaken to the truth of their inherent Divine nature and abilities.

So, they taught us, and we innocently complied with their perception of reality. As that of being a reality based solely on brain or ego consciousness, with limited emotional expressions. This is when man fell. Man left operating through heart-centered consciousness or (Christ Consciousness), and changed to operating from the brain and ego-consciousness. We went from flowing freely through dimensional realms, to being “trapped” into 3rd density expressions in physical bodies. As our “rulers” knew we could be managed and controlled through this limitation. As this was not our truth. Nor did this incorporate our inherent point of power, through our sacred heart-center chakra. The heart-center was disregarded, if you will. As of no consequence.

This is the path that many on the left-handed pathway choose. They usurp the heart chakra. And yet, any that have chosen to disregard what Source gave them; finds an extremely long and hard lesson is their chosen experience.

The truth of returning to our own individuated divine expression, is to come to the realization, or knowing, that we are truly unlimited beings. We may each bring forth any of these attributes such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance and clairsentience and so forth. And we are bringing these attributes of who we are forward in our realities more and more each and every day, more and more in every way. And we are, not so much developing these as we are remembering that we know how to do these things, already.

And even those that may be considered still awakening or sleeping through this, are still bringing these expressions forth. That is why we are told to be discerning as to what choose to put our attention on, for we are going to see many with abilities that were once considered, unique. And yet, some may not be as advanced, spiritually speaking, as what we would perceive would be a requirement for these types of expressions. Yet, this is the ascension. We must grow quickly in all respects.

Our focus on materialism will be diminished, as we come to realize more and more that the true experiences one desire to live through, are always expressed from within, firstly. And when we truly “tune-into” our divine hearts desires and expressions, a whole new reality manifests and unfolds before our very eyes; in the most profound way. The amount of synchronicity increases. The joy and appreciation of the reality comes forth more easily. And it is then that we realize, we have been talking, listening and working with and through our Higher Self. More and more, each and every day, this increases. And the process of melding the divine in the here and now, is well underway. And all of this makes material possessions seem like children’s toys.

Let us keep in the flow, of this divine energy that is being brought forth. As more of our DNA is activated, and we call forth as much light as is necessary into all of our lower-bodies. The mental, emotional, physical, astral and etheric. All the way through our molecular, cellular and DNA level of expressions. Every increasing in light, function and frequency throughout our eternal expression of here and now moments.

Realize that we have always sought a means of traveling in time, externally. We have always sought a means of travel that incorporates an external structure. And in truth, we are each a divine starship and time-traveler, as an inherent expression of our Divine Being. Our bodies have these abilities inherently to traverse the reality. We are the time-travelers, both internally as well as externally. Remember, as within so without. We are the stargate, inherently through our activated Merkabah.

These are expansions that are taking place more and more in our now moments of consciousness reality. Some are further along the process, although many are eagerly desirous of increasing in such expressions. I being one of them. Ever in the attitude of gratitude. And ever eager for moving beyond the perceived limitations of duality.

And yet, even duality has a balance point that many times, we forget. For in truth the “dualistic” experience has always been a trinity, not just a duality. For there are the expressions of the duality and the central-balanced point.

And the central balanced point is what is taught through many. The Native Americans, Buddha, the Angelic Realm, the Ascended Host and on and on. The whole planet is sustained, or not, through balance or lack thereof. And our experiences on the planet reflect this in our reality. This expression of reality has always been a trinity, not just a duality. That is one of the major lessons. Mother, father, child. Sun, moon, earth and so forth.

We are integrating what we have experienced. And we are experiencing new expressions that we have yet to have integrated. Such as the higher expressions of hearing, seeing and knowing. And as we grow into these new experiences, we have more positive expressions to integrate and expand upon. The ever-exciting expressions of now moments that are ever eternal. Beyond the need for structured expressions of time, limiting our experiences and desires. For we are beyond the need of such rigors as linear-time.

Focus more and more on our chosen expression of the reality we desire. And remember, this manifests from within firstly. Be and live the state of being we desire to see expressed in our reality. Then we will see the outer-reality bring similar frequencies of expression forth into our reality. Adding further momentum to the process in a synchronistic system of occurrence. And when we recognize these, as they really do happen more than we realize, we can then work in a synchronistic manner with what comes. And the more we do this joyfully and harmoniously, the more these expressions expand. Once more, in a synchronistic manner to reflect more of these desired expressions of ours into our reality.  Mirroring our reality through the law of attraction and resonance. Or karma. As in, you get what you put out. The more we live the state we desire, the more the universe brings more of its kind to reflect our chosen state of being.

This is working with the new energy of the day. From a point of our eternal now moments. Which is once more, the balance point between past and future. The trinity manifest once more in the reflective reality. The balance is the eternal, now. This eternal now, is beyond space-time constraints. Hence, our point of power.

Be ever in the now, in the know. For this is working with the Divine, within our heart center. And when we acquiesce, we reach that natural state of surrender that we hear about. We surrender to the Divine flow that is already being given us, as our inherent right. We maintain balance through the balanced-center of our being. Our Sacred Heart-Center.

And the only thing that impedes this process, is self-resistance. We must surrender resistance to the already natural divine flow. Go from resistance to persistence of staying in the Divine flow that our Higher Self is sending us, through the highest form of love, divine love. Full of compassion and ever optimistic as to our success.

Let not society, family, friends, religion or any being take this state of being from our expression. For we are being given all the Divine Loving Energy, All That Is has for each and every one of us, always. Realize our inherent “unlimitedness”, or limitless Being as Sparks of the Divine in expression. Ever at the perfect place and the perfect time, manifesting our Divine truth. Bringing about the furtherance of perfection. In an already perfect creation. For Creator recognizes no limits. Therefore, Creator recognizes nothing but the Divine in all expressions, including each of us, now.

And in the presence of the Divine, we must meet halfway; energetically speaking. So, we must release all forms of limitation in order to accomplish this. And this is occurring throughout the whole of Gaia.

This is why we are seeing, and in some instances experiencing some of these upheavals. Such as earthquakes and hurricanes and so forth. We are transmuting these false creations we have believed in. And for those that are doing so unconsciously, the process still takes place. And many will choose to awaken in a rather harsh manner. As in “shaking oneself” awake through earth changes and so forth. For nobody will be left behind, our out of the process.

We must release these “illusions” that we brought forth ourselves in Creation in order to meet the Divine, halfway. Once more, the balance point of the trinity. As our Divine I Am Presence meets us halfway, we strive to increase in frequency. And betwixt the two shall meet. At the balance point of expression. This is when the meld manifests more and more between our Higher Self and ourselves. As these false expressions cannot exist at such higher frequencies. For the higher frequencies bring forth only truth. And the lie must fall before the truth.

This shows us that there are still many expressions in our reality that are functioning outside of truth. And these must change as their true expressions unfold. And either these will change into “truthful” expressions or they will cease to exist. And suffice it say, we have many organizations that will inevitably cease to exist rather than conform to truth.

Expansion of truth and integration of expressions of experience that are no longer necessary are in order. Releasing all that does not serve is our responsibility. We have been given an auspice sign with the recent solar eclipse. And now the expressions of separate time-lines, increases. We each are choosing anew. Uncharted, Divine expressions are ever-awaiting. The time-lines diverge, once more.

Be the “state of being” we are desirous of expressing. Breathe in the truth of this in our reality, and breathe out the manifestation of this new expression. Be ever mindful that our thoughts, spoken word and deeds are bringing about higher and deeper expressions of our beliefs. So, be in accord with our own desires and beliefs. For our reality will mirror these much more quickly. And as we gain more consciousness knowing that this is so, we can increase the pace to even quicker expression.

For time is not what we have believed it to be. We are beyond linear time-expression. If we ask our Higher Self, our Higher Self will bring into our consciousness the knowledge of how many activities we accomplish in the past as well as future, to bring about our desired expression of now moments. In other words, the present is what changes the past and the future. The power of now, is the only power there is. Time acquiesces to the consciousness of now. Know this.

And these “ah-ha” moments will initially baffle us. Seeing time as non-linear. It is much like watching a mystery movie, in which at the end all of the pieces come together. And one gets and entirely new view of the whole of the experience that was bought forth in pieces portrayed throughout the movie. The conclusions that one gathers throughout the process may not even be germane to the final outcome. When the “big picture” comes into focus, then we recognize the necessity of the seeming “sidetracks” that we seem to end up experiencing, getting to the final perceived outcome.

This is when we know we are working through our Higher Expression. For we are along for a glorious and often mysterious ride, throughout Creation. And this was by design. For mystery is the impetus that keeps us ever seeking. And yet, seek through the love, not the pain. Let our Higher Self unfold our Divinity in us, as beautify as the blooming and unfolding flower’s petals. Be ever in appreciation for awakening. Be ever compassionate for those that have not. Be the balance-point. For this is our divine expression and our point of power. Ever unfolding, perfectly. Integrating, expanding and being in balance, always. Beloved Divine Sparks of Source.

Balanced, in the know, in the now, of the Divine.

Much Blessing, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran &

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