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What Jan 31st Full Moon Did To Me

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What Jan 31st Full Moon Did To Me

by Dawn Bailey,
Contributing Writer,

I was dreading this full super blood moon lunar eclipse. I am very connected to the moon every full moon affects me. I usually am irritable and act a bit crazy. So I was prepared I requested the day of the full moon and the day after off work. I actually started to feel the full moon energy 3 days before. It didn’t matter though the whole month of January I had been acting crazy. A good crazy but crazy.

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This January had so much energy I was high on it. Only 4 years ago the beginning of 2014 when I began my journey consciously had I felt energy like this before. It was exciting energy in 2014 I was discovering my gifts. I was discovering I was a healer and learning to be a magnetic energy worker. A magnetic energy worker taps into the energies available to all of us. We act as a magnet to energy. We can call energy to us as well as send energy away from us. We never use our own energy because we can use the energies the Universe provides. A very hard path to choose because as you know if you have been doing this awhile. There has to be balance. Not only attracting the divine universal energies but the negative lower energies too. You are a magnet literally for all energies.

During this January 2018, I discovered new energies to use and new ways to use them. All my abilities and gifts were upgraded. I was constantly vibrating at this super high level. I had more energy than I needed. I was high on energy all the time. Up until this time I kept my 3D life and 5D life separated. No one at work knew what I was or what I can do. I blended in well. Well being high on this energy and super ungrounded. I began to tell people I was an energy worker and what that is. I live in a highly religious area. If I would mention a chakra people would say huh? I ended up freaking some people out. I joined all the social media sites, was blogging like crazy, I submitted articles to other websites and got a lot done in January. I also began a pet communication business doing energy work on pets and their owners. I was tossing toxic people out of my life left and right. I was telling people exactly what I thought. I pushed people away. I didn’t understand why I was coming from a place of love. Also the whole month of January I was having a problem with my left knee swelling and throbbing in pain. I suspected this was blocked energy getting trapped. I went for acupuncture sure enough he told me it was trapped energy. As a healer I would nurse my knee back to health but as soon as I left the house my knee would swell again. people were noticing the knee problem. I was limping badly.

Two days before the Jan 1st full moon I was stretching my knee and it popped loudly. I felt the pressure start to ease. The next day more popping. I was able to go to work and it didn’t swell. The night of the full moon I felt a rush of energy come up my feet and through my whole body. I was used to energy rushing down my crown but not up through my feet. It felt wonderful but I was confused. The knee problem was my knee chakras getting backed up from all the energy trying to go through it. I had been feeling the beginnings of energy coming up through my feet the whole month of January. The rush of a huge amount on the full moon solved the knee problem for good.

I woke up February 1st and I felt normal. I was calm not all hyped up on energy. I panicked and checked to make sure I could still use my gifts. I for a split second thought they were gone. Yes I could still tap into energy. Yes all my gifts and abilities were still there. I felt so normal. I could relax I could nap. What happened? Then the next day I was in a facebook group and someone posted about the Earth Star chakra. This is a chakra located located approximately 12 to 18 inches below the soles of the feet. It is not within the actual physical body but is part of the etheric body. This chakra aligns you with the magnetic core of the earth, and connects you to the Earth. This chakra is all about grounding, especially in a metaphysical way. After operating from my upper chakras so long even though they were balanced. Grounded felt so strange to me, my feeling “normal” was actually being grounded. I was not big into the grounding, centering and shielding that others do. I always figured everything would happen when it was meant to. I was not someone to force anything, kundalini, upgrades DNA activation’s etc. I never forced those things I let them happen naturally and they all did.

So the full moon activated my earth star chakra I was now permanently grounded. I must say after being so jacked up on energy it does feel good. I don’t feel so scattered I feel very calm. I knew something was wrong when on the night of the full moon. I snapped at someone and told them to stop being so 4th dimensional and to open their mind. I knew then that wasn’t the real me talking. I did an ego check but this wasn’t coming from ego. I was ungrounded floating in another dimension all the time. I was being compassionate to those who weren’t there yet. I was expecting those on lower dimensions of consciousness to understand and accept me. I was there once I knew better. Well the universe solved that by activating my earth chakra bringing me quickly back to earth. Literally.

I hope this shed some light on to what the full moon actually did. Everyone’s experiences will be different some will be almost the same. We all are exactly where we need to be in our journeys. We are constantly supported by the Universe. The Universe gives us exactly what we need when we are ready. We don’t have to force anything. We don’t have to rush.

Love and Light,

Dawn Bailey

About the author: I am a magnetic energy worker, lightworker. My journey has taught me that there are many different energies available for lightworkers to work with on the Tree of Life. I have recently been guided to work with animals. I do energy work on animals especially abused ones. Which also leads to energy work on their owners. My mission is to help all life on beautiful Gaia. You can find me on Facebook or my blog 

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