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This Is What Happens As Your Lightbody Activates

By on April 3, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

This Is What Happens As Your Lightbody Activates

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by Rosie Neal,
Contributing Writer,

As your lightbody begins to activate

The 1st thing that will happen is the merkaba will activate. There will be a golden thin light that will come out of your physical body approximately 6 feet (1.83 meters) in front of you and spiral over your head around behind your back down under your feet and circle round and round. As it spins, it will be approximately 6 feet in front of you, above you, behind you, and below you and will be exactly 6 feet from your heart center. You will see it with your full physical eyes.


This will be your sacred space of the merkabah.

Another will come out and go at an angle repeating the same process and another and another and another going in every angle until you are in the center of wheels within wheels of golden light. The spinning golden lights of wheels within wheels will disappear after a period of time and there will be an invisible barrier that will completely surround you. At this time, you may be directed as to how to utilize this merkaba.

This will be your merkaba activated. It has, and is, completely intelligent and can communicate directly with you in words and with language. Here, you will learn it is the least strength that carries all the power to operate it.

As you continue to evolve and progress, your lightbody will activate with time.

Once this has happened, the next step will be (at some point you) will experience light coming from your body that will connect you to everything you see with your physical eyes that you are connected to the floor, walls, ceiling and everything in between. You will be connected by golden ray of light that will physically look to you like a grid. In that moment, you will see you are the center point of everything, totally connected to all. You will also begin to feel that you are not only connected to a grid, but will innerstand that this golden grid of light connecting to you is living energy and life force.

You will also experience, at some point, a dark gray grid that you are not connected to. This is so you will have innerstanding that it is not only a false grid, but what anti life force feels and looks like. This is when your full lightbody will begin to start to activate over a period of time as it fully integrates.


Side affects and symptoms

As this process continues there will be a merging, connecting, and rewiring of your left and right brain. You will experience severe migraines and cluster headaches. This is a sacred merging of your divine masculine and divine feminine becoming one. It will have nothing to do with your sexuality, the way you express your sexuality, or even your current state of sex. It will be all about your perception of your reality.

Your left brain dominates the masculine side of your thought process such as ” competitive, assertive, analytical, rational linear and logical thinking mostly based on past experiences or teachings. Independent, focused on self needs, mono-task, bias for action, spatial among much more,” where the right side of the brain dominates the feminine expressions such as “compassion, empathy, receptive, gratefulness, nurturing, relationship-directed, intuitive, interdependence, multi-task, patience, forgiveness, temporal, among much more.” This is where the marriage of the divine masculine and divine feminine with take place in holy union and become one.

Once this has taken place, the full activation of your colorful lightbody will be activated.

Physical proof

One can also take pictures of this colorful activation once it become fully integrated.

2017 the Crystalline Lightbody Becomes Activated

ABOVE: 2017 – The Crystalline Lightbody Becomes Activated

This Is What Happens As Your Lightbody Activates

ABOVE: The light will begin to show in the palms of your hands.

This Is What Happens As Your Lightbody Activates

ABOVE: The arm will become very shiny as the Crystalline Lightbody comes online.

This Is What Happens As Your Lightbody Activates

ABOVE: You will see vertical line on your fingers palm up. The same vertical lines will appear on your fingernails.

ABOVE: Video captures the crystalline lightbody on the palm of the hands as you are in the Sun. You have become online, activated!!!

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Once your lightbody has fully activated

Once your lightbody has fully activated, there will be another period of evolution and integration before your crystalline body is activated.

On a physical level, this will bring much change in the DNA and RNA. The physical structure of the DNA and RNA will actually change on a physical level. Again, another painful process due to the physical stressors taking place. Once this is fully activated, you will begin to hold more light in the oversoul matrix and you begin to push it out unconsciously.

The first emitting light experience will be golden sparkles of light. You will first notice this taking place in your peripheral vision and, with time, you will be emitting golden streaks of light. These streaks will be 12 to 14″ (15.24 to 35.56 centimeters) long and you will clearly be able to see it with your physical eyes. Usually, this will begin to happen as you are outside in the sun.

Then, another evolutionary step will take place and it will be the white platinum ray. This will be released through your heart’s center. It will be a radiant white platinum glow. It will not be shooting out, just emitting a soft whisper of a divine radiance. This light will look much as the sun itself, but you will not have to squint to see it. This will begin to show up in your picture’s as it evolves.

This is how the physical avatar will shift

Each stage and process will happen on a physical, cellular, molecular, atomic and subatomic level. There will be much activity and change that will take place in between the cellular structure, itself. This is the evolution that is taking place with all of us.

We each are at a different stage of the progress as the evolution takes place, but it is happening to all, even all of the animals. I say this based on my own experience and that given to me through the Source stream.

This does not happen overnight. It takes years and, for many, this will be a very physically painful part of the evolutionary process.

There will be those who walk among us that will not go through this process because:

1. This was not their souls choice point.


2. It was known upon incaRNAtion that the physical avatar they selected may not be able to hold the frequency required for the transformation to take place.

These individuals will continue to evolve after leaving their physical avatar behind, but they will do it from the other side of the veil. This will create transformation on a physical level.

Also see: David Wilcock – The Solar System Is Moving Into A New Area Of Vibration

What you might feel during this shift

It will affect and influence your mitochondria and your RNA and DNA all the way down to the nucleus of the cell. Your cellular structure will change on a physical level and will bring much stress to the physical avatar.

As you go from one evolutionary stage to the next, you may feel the following:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Involuntary Bowel Syndrome and all digestive issues will occur that will have numerous symptoms and labels
  • Severe migraines
  • Light and noise sensitivity
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Sinus issues
  • Joint and musculoskeletal issues and pain
  • Memory loss
  • Difficulty with mental processing
  • Loud ringing in the ears
  • Issues with your eyes
  • Voice patterns changing
  • For many, a loss of appetite unless you are holding space to create or impact a huge shift in the collective. At this point, there will be a weight gain.

Once this has happened, you will be connected to the direct source stream of knowingness. There will be no analytical thought processes. You will have access to divine knowledge of knowing. Not thinking, googling or any of man’s information of knowledge, but that of God’s/Source’s knowledge, which is absolute knowingness.

Your heart will open to receive that of the most divine knowledge with perfect clarity. You will begin to live your life, not through the thought process of thinking, but will shift into feeling your way through life.

In between writing or talking, there will be much stillness and quietness that you have never experienced before. You will no longer have rambling of thoughts that are the old masculine energy running through you or self-sabotage of your manifestations.

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You will live through the heart and send out a resonance frequency through your tutorial field to all that are still asleep in the artificial matrix. ???

Rosie Neal

Images: Rosie Neal

Image: Pixabay

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