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Lightworkers Have Already Been Through The Event

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by Dawn Bailey,
Contributing Writer,

Lightworkers have had a very rough journey. We probably all thought it was because of our karma. I was a pretty bad person before my spiritual journey. I did not set out to hurt others while I was busy hurting myself. But I did. So, I thought my hard journey was working off my karma. It wasn’t that. Lightworkers went through the event during their journey so that we will be prepared to help others through it. Look back on your journey that is about to happen again to others, but widespread and on a bigger scale.

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I started my journey after realizing that there was nothing I could buy or physically change about myself that would make my life better. I had to change myself. Changing the inside could help the outside, so I changed the inside which totally changed my life. I longingly looked at other people’s journeys and wished it was mine. I wanted to be that girl in a long flowing dress meditating peacefully in nature, running through fields of flowers with my long hair streaming behind me. I wanted to be zen all the time. But that wasn’t the lightworker journey. It was painful, hard, and I suffered. This is about to happen to a lot of unawakened people around us.

My journey started out pretty good. I had just left an abusive job and relationship. I was looking to feel better and not make the same mistakes I made in the past. I had several chances to wake up but something distracted me and I stayed in 3D. This was usually a relationship with lots of drama and problems. This time, I took the chance to wake up. I felt rushed and now I know why. I was getting ready for the event.

I started energy healing sessions and I felt better. I had lots of blocked chakras that had manifested into physical pain. The energy healing sessions solved all of these problems. I began to seriously study spirituality as I immersed myself in it. I really became obsessed with it. Then, people were put in my life to help me along my journey. Whether positive or negative, they all helped me get to where I am today. I mediated, learned energy healing, and studied as much as I could. I ascended to the 5th and then the attacks started. They lasted for a few years but I learned from them. They have lessened greatly as this was all part of my training.

I learned to get the attacks under control and even grow from them. I went through invisible stigmata. There is visible and invisible stigmata. It is said the invisible is more painful. Since there is almost no information on this anywhere, I was kind of in the dark about it. I went through kundalini and researched lots of information about it. There are no 5 easy ways to bring on kundalini or having another person do it for you. It just happens and it is not easy. It took about 2 years to complete. I think the event will be kundalini energy. It will urge people onto their spiritual paths.

To find answers and to feel better that can’t come from modern medicine, I went through a time of being broke and having to separate my wants from my needs. I had to make a dollar stretch. I struggled, but always had what I needed to survive. I learned to live on very little while living through loneliness. My journey was very solitary. I learned to become independent and strong from this time. I learned to trust myself and the universe. This all happened within a three and a half year period. Since the first of this year, my life has greatly been improved in ways I could have never imagined.

I went through the event these past four years and so have other lightworkers, so we could help others for what is about to come. It will be happening to a large amount of people. not just 144,000 this time.

Since I wrote The Event Is Upon Us article, I have gotten some comments that disagree with me and my message. I have watched videos and read articles about the event and none matched mine. I regretted writing it for this reason until today when everything clicked into place. I thought how could what I feel is going to happen be so different than everyone else. My account is so different because not many are on my journey or path of a lightworker. So those videos and articles other people write are true. Just the event will not be the same for everyone. Since there are not a lot of lightworkers, 144,000 out of 7 billion people. Not many will resonate with what I have experienced and what I have to say. This is okay, we just have different paths. I have always been the black sheep just not a quiet one. Truth is my way and will always be my way.

Lightworkers, you have been through the event already, so look how it has been on your journey because that is what is about to happen after the event. The event will be over a period of time and come in waves. Just like when you were awakened, the event will not occur all in one day it will be over a period of time. The waves that wake people up will be stronger. This energy is going to be strong and will affect everyone. Those that have been on their journey can handle this and will benefit. Those that have not will feel this the most. It is our job, as lightworkers, to help these people. We have been through the event already, so we are prepared for this job. We will not do without or suffer. We have already been through this on our journey. Now we use all we have learned.

I feel the event that will set everything in motion is soon very soon. Everyone is ready and prepared. Just practice self care in the next days. If any new information comes to me, I will let everyone know.

Since I have gone through the event for the last 4 years, I know we all make it and we are all prepared. Everything that happens has been set in motion for many many years. There was a plan this whole time. We are about to see everything play out.

Game on Ligtworkers!

Love and Light,

Dawn Bailey

About the author: I am a magnetic energy worker, lightworker. My journey has taught me that there are many different energies available for lightworkers to work with on the Tree of Life. My mission is to help all life on beautiful Gaia. You can find me on Facebook or my blog or email

Image: Pixabay

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