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Moving Into Crystalline LIGHT Bodies

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Moving Into Crystalline LIGHT Bodies

by Pars Kutay,
Contributing Writer,

In Humanity, the SOUL and the Cells are Waking Up!

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When going to High Fourth-Dimensional and Low Fifth-Dimensional Wave Patterns, the Cells, Ether Bodies, DNA and Auros are all BEing Cleansed, Purified and Activated.

This process ultimately promotes and accelerates Higher SELF Downloads.

In addition, our physical bodies are NOW BEing switched from carbon base into Crystalline LIGHT Bodies and playback advances little by little.

Just look inside of your fingers and your fingernails to notice the Change into Crystalline LIGHT Body.

Always spread your Unconditional Love from the Core of your Sacred Heart, Feel, and KNOW.


Gradually the sense of Security spreads to you from Divine SOURCE and YOU will feel Safe.

KNOW that everything is going Well according to the Divine Plan, the Divine Order and the Divine Timing.

As WE have NOW stepped into a New Golden Age / the NEW Earth and BEing Activating Adam Kadmon our Seventh Root Race.

And That Kind of Divine Situation Continues… <3

with LOVE and Blessings, <3

Pars Kutay

Image: Pixabay

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