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New Earth News – My Visions Of New Earth

By on March 31, 2017 in New Earth News, Spiritual Awakening

New Earth News - My Visions Of New Earth

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by Victoria,
Contributing Writer,

Last night, after experiencing more (groan) ascension symptoms of body aches and pains and emotional blockage in my heart chakra, I spent some time in quiet, hot buddies on my body, shiatsu massager on my back, and did some necessary purging.  After that, I felt that I either received downloads (are those still coming??) or activated whatever downloads I had already received.  Either way, I received some insights, and coupled with insights and visions I have had throughout the past 10 years, I was able to put some things together and thus, present to you my visions of new earth, what is going on right now, what is important to focus on and what we can let go of.


Again, these are just insights from my own Inner and Higher Selves. Please use your own guidance and discernment.

To begin with, even though my awakening began in my mid 20’s, my knowledge of New Earth/5D Earth did not come into my heart and consciousness until Fall 2012.  Prior to 2012, I had a vision around the years 2006/2007, which I have shared in a previous Daily Notes post or two and will share again briefly.  In the vision, I was with a group of Beings.  We were tall and had an interesting form.  While there was a physical mass (torso, arms, legs, head, etc.) we also seemed very “light” – almost as if we were floating. Illuminated is a good word to describe how we were.  We were standing in a circle around a tree.  I felt ~ blissful. Serene.  Completely at home and totally in the moment.  While I didn’t “see” with my mind’s eye what came next, I felt something unexpected happened and our civilization ended.

Since then I have concluded and intuited this was Lemuria I had seen. This was the last earthly time we (humans and Gaia and all life) have lived in complete harmony, at the higher vibrational frequencies.

During this time period in which I had this vision, I also had a dream where I was in this beautiful wooden house.  It was a big structure with a strong presence.  Rather odd for a house, I thought.  But there I was ~ at first on the outside deck, watching a group of children around the age of 6-8 running around, interestingly enough all in overalls.  Next scene, I’m in the kitchen, the kids all gathered around this long counter, hungry for peanut butter sandwiches.  I had no children at the time, but in the dream I knew one of them was mine, likely a girl.

“Hmm, peanut butter sandwiches,” I thought.  Suddenly, a jar of peanut butter, butter knife and loaf of white bread appeared.  Cool, I thought. I have the ability to manifest instantly!

I then look outside over the property.  The scenery was beautiful. Peaceful. The skies were brilliant blue (NO CHEMTRAILS!!), the trees vibrant. Where am I, I thought.  I didn’t sense a lot of people around.  I sensed my mate in the garden.  The feeling of pure contentment was palpable, having not experienced that very often in my waking life.  It was a wonderful feeling!


Upon waking I concluded I was on another planet, definitely earth-like.  I promptly forgot about the dream.  I didn’t share it with anyone, not even my mate.  That is until he had the same dream a couple of years later.  The house, the children in overalls, knowing one was ours, the garden, the feel of the planet ~ all the same.

Since that time my spouse has had several dreams of the town.  He’s the explorer in the family, so no surprise there.  I have had a dream of the town.  I was playing the piano in a small diner for the locals.  I explored the street – beautiful majestic mountains, small shops, roads made of paved dirt (no ugh asphalt – yay!!) and interestingly enough, no cars (flying ships!).  Woo hoo!

In my meditations, I have gone back to the house several times, outfitting it with furnishings, hangings and other things I wish to have in it.

I had another dream of the house last fall where I was standing in front of it, looking up at it.  It’s such a massive structure (compared to where I have lived throughout my adult life) – it takes my breath away.  Again the feeling of home and absolute contentment were palpable.  This house is mine.  It is a powerful, wonderful feeling.  No threat of some greedy landlord or bank to take it away.  It was and is mine – until I decide it isn’t. In the dream it was winter, a bit of snow on the ground.  I had on my winter coat and these white snow boots I didn’t have at the time so they were not recognizable.  That is until I saw the very boots online last December and bought them (of course I did!).  When the boots arrived, I put them on and announced “Ok house and new earth I AM READY!”

Ah if only it were so simple.  And yet in a way, this is part of it.  For you see, in buying these boots, and in intending this house and how I wish for it to look in my meditations, I so deeply believe I am creating this house.  I am making it so.

As I said, the terms “5D” and “New Earth” didn’t enter my mind until 2012.  A neighbor shared with me some of her visions and it was then that I remembered the dream I had where I was in this house on a planet that looked so much like earth, only it felt different.  That’s when she said shared with me her belief in New Earth and 5D.

Completely resonated.

It is my belief 5D Earth, 5D Gaia is already “in place”.  It’s simply a timeline issue.  (And of course since coming to that conclusion, I am seeing videos and articles on “timelines”.  Love that beautiful Universal Synchronicity!)

This is so important:  We are all creating our timelines now, based on our thoughts and beliefs.

Believe the world is in chaos and going to hell?  That will be your experience, your timeline.

Believe that while there is chaos “out there”, there is another reality we can choose.  That will be your timeline experience.

The possibilities, I am now seeing, are, perhaps, endless.

I received strong confirmation on this timeline creation experience last night.  Before I went to sleep, I did my usual intentions/meditations, only this time I “saw” an actual scene I had had earlier in the evening, a conversation with my neighbors.  Only this time, I could see this energy wall between us.  It looked like a wall of bubbly water.  I knew if I were to speak, or they were to speak, it would sound like one does when one speaks with their hands over their ears.  What I was seeing was a separation of the timelines that I am creating.  

Powerful vision.


I suggest being specific in your intentions.  Don’t like what you are seeing and believing?  Believe and intend to see something different that’s in alignment with Who You Are and Who You Want to Be.

I do not believe we need to be perfectly “healed” to ascend to New Earth. Intention, an authentic heart/will are all that is necessary.  I have read far too many pieces that state “you must be healed of all your stuff if you wish to ascend.”  Nonsense, especially for those who have had seemingly endless incarnation cycles in this lower vibrational frequency.  As I said in a previous piece, that is a lot of lifetimes of pain and trauma, and given most of it is not available to our conscious memories, we are in need of some help with this healing.  I believe we will be receiving that help upon our arrival to 5D.  We will have help from our mentors, likely those of our Soul Group who have chosen to be here now, outside of the Reincarnation Cycle of 3D earth, in order to help out with this Ascension process.

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It is also my belief we are not here to “master” this 3d matrix as some are saying before we ascend.  Speaking just for myself here:  I have no desire nor intention in mastering all of this dark, controlling system crap.  Zero. Nor does this make me more (or less) Spiritually “Mature” or ready to Ascend.  I see it for what it is.  It can “have its way”.  I am choosing Different.

I also do not believe I needed to experience suffering and trauma/pain and darkness in order to know love and freedom.  Why?  To begin with, I am Divine and thus it is my Vibrational Nature to BE Love and Freedom. Second, where I believe I came from, my time in Lemuria, was an experience OF love and freedom so I was well aware of this way of Being/Living and certainly did not need to experience the polar opposite in order to KNOW.  Again, nonsense.

Which is why I have continued to return here lifetime after lifetime in order to Remember all of this, to Remember the experiences of living in Lemuria, in order to RETURN to this way of Being and Living…

…which is why, I believe, so many of us are feeling “I want to go home.”

We ARE going home.  And naturally we want to!  Who wouldn’t want to?

Now I believe not all have continued on with the reincarnation cycle. I believe some have opted to be in other dimensions, on other planets, in order to help with the perfect alignment of energies in order for Gaia and Us to ascend at this time period.  I have had the feeling a few times that I have had an incarnation on another planet.  Perhaps I have.

This time around, I believe we will all be Ascending in our own time period, when we are ready, hence the explanation above of how we are creating our own experience, our own timeline.

It’s a CHOICE.

I also do not believe Source or any other Being of Love would say “you have until this date to get it straight or else you will stay behind and continue to suffer.”  Nope.  The Divine doesn’t operate on that frequency bandwidth.  I ain’t buying it.  Or feeling it.  That is duality with the energy vibe of a threat.  While I believe there will be a lower vibrational earth frequency for those choosing, consciously or not, to remain in this energy space, I do believe the days of the archon control are over.  

Because we had our way of living stolen from us by these dark archons, who then set up a false energy grid to keep us enslaved, to keep us in this reincarnation trap, many of us have “chosen” to return again and again on this planet in order to make it to this point in history.

I use the term “chosen” in quotes because while we have made the soulful and conscious choice to return to this 3D earth, there wasn’t much freedom or free will in that choice, certainly not in their most authentic of definitions.  Let me say is this way:  We were part of a horrible hostile takeover.  And because we cared so much for not only one another but for our Gaia, our Home, we have returned time and time again to ensure we bring Her and Us back HOME.  This has not been about lessons.  This has not been about karma.  This has been a mission of undying Love to make the Loving Choice – to provide and return Sovereignty and Freedom for All Lives.


And I can attest I have read many who have proclaimed they are not coming back to this cycle again.  I am one of them.  And we say this because we’re not going to have to.  We have experienced darkness in a way that has been shocking, traumatic and beyond our level of comprehension.  As such, we will not be fooled again.  We can remain Loving and Powerful while also now being aware of what darkness is capable of it.


I realize this is a long piece with a lot of information.  I just felt this need to put it together, as jumbled as it may appear, and set it loose to you to provide some comfort (in case you are feeling fear that you aren’t doing it “right”) as well as to play a role, serve my Purpose, which is something I have been rather shy at in claiming – that I have a purpose in this Ascension process.  One of my readers lovingly sensed this in me and shared with me that she believed I wasn’t aware how important I am in this Ascension mission at this time.  Certainly I don’t have the following of many other Ascension websites and don’t receive channeled messages or have one of those science-based linear minds that talk of the science behind energy, DNA and the like.

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But my intention has, since the onset of this website last fall, been to share my Truth as I see and feel it at the time.  It has been a work of Love. And I deeply thank you, my readers, for believing in me and showing me your support in your own ways.

I hope to see many of you in New Earth.  What a grand party it will be!

With Love~


New Earth Goddess

Image: Pixabay

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