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New Earth News – A Lucid Dream Of Our New Earth

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New Earth News - A Lucid Dream Of Our New Earth

by Shanay Julien,
New Earth News Correspondent

I had heard about the New Earth in passing. To me, I understood it to be a concept having to do with our current evolution. In the past few years alone, we’ve been experiencing accelerated awakenings and rapid ascension, so I took hearing about the New Earth as being a far away end goal of what our planet could be if we kept moving in this state of love and truth. What I did not know though, was that this “concept” is a real tangible place coming into our existence very soon.

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On December 15, 2017, I had my first vision of our New Earth. Before I began detailing what I saw, just a quick backstory about myself, I am a natural lucid dreamer. I’ve had this ability since I was about the age of 5. Back then I used to call the experience “waking up in my dreams”, until years later when I discovered the scientific name, Lucid Dreaming. So this vision that I saw was a very vivid lucid dream. I was totally conscious throughout the entire experience.

Once I woke up from this dream, I was compelled to type a quick synopsis of what I saw on my phone’s notepad before falling back to sleep. I don’t do this often unless a dream I just had feels very important, and this dream felt very important. My synopsis was very succinct (and I will attach a screenshot of it to this article to show that it’s still dated with the exact time I woke up and typed it), but I will now expand upon my lucid dream in its entirety to the best of my ability.

I woke up in a small kitchen. It was painted yellow and white and furnished with 1950’s décor. I wasn’t alone in this kitchen. There were a few people surrounding me who I don’t know in waking life. I remember an older woman standing in front of me to my left-hand side, and a younger woman sitting on the countertop behind me on my right-hand side. Then, in an instant, I saw the walls in front of me and on the sides beginning to collapse, and what was odd was that these walls kept collapsing in a mechanical fashion. The best way to describe it, is if I was in a glass elevator going up a large skyscraper, and with each floor I passed I would see the floors meld together and squash whoever and whatever was on that floor. As we passed each level, every so often a new person would join the room we were in and watch along with us. These people would hop on our floor before their floor would collapse.

Everyone, to say the least, was in a panic. I saw some people praying, others were just standing in shock with me, and I saw a couple of people decide in that very moment to back into the collapsing levels to die happily as if to be a martyr. As the levels continued collapsing around us,  I heard a woman repeating on what I thought was a loudspeaker, but now I believe I was actually hearing her telepathically saying, “Stay calm, stay joyful”. Her voice and words made me feel instantly safe and I joyfully obeyed the message.

Feeling this new confidence in whatever was happening, I turned to look behind me and I saw the kitchen sink, the cabinets, and now I saw some stairs to the left of me leading to what looked to be the basement. The younger woman who was sitting on the countertop behind me earlier hopped off the countertop and walked down the stairs. She yelled back up, “It looks solid down here”. I looked, and it did look solid, no collapsing happening, so I told everyone else to follow me down the steps.

We get downstairs and the room is fully furnished in white décor. I notice a glass sliding door leading outside and walk through it. I walk outside and it a beautiful Spring day. Not a cloud in the sky, no chaos to be seen or felt considering what we had just experienced. I glance back to see that the small room I just exited was the lower level of a huge white modern building. I decide to explore from here, and I come to a beautiful neighborhood. Beautiful homes, lush lawns, and gardens everywhere.

The neighborhood is quiet as if it’s not fully occupied yet. I then notice many people lovingly walking up behind me wearing all white. People of many ages and races. They too were in awe of this place. We felt so much love here. We felt free.  Just then, my attention was brought to a park and I saw a small woman wearing a white dress and she had bright pink hair, which she could change the style of it by waving her hand over it (I thought this was so cool lol). She was being joined by this older man wearing a white suit, and they shook hands. What I understood from this meeting was that even though everyone here was free to do as they will, leaders of the community organically emerged to lovingly guide their respective areas. Everyone in the audience cheered after the handshake. It was beautiful to see.

From here, I decided to fly about and see more of this beautiful place. I’ve had the ability to fly in my dreams for over a decade now, but for some reason in my dreams, I was the only person able to fly. Before, other dream characters would just look at me in amazement when I took off in flight, but not in this new world I was in. I suddenly saw many other people flying with me! I was amazed and so gloriously happy to witness this. I then saw a school of younger children flying together and I looked below to see a woman guiding them. I assumed she was their teacher, so I flew down to talk to her and said, “I’ve never seen anyone else fly before like this”. She said, “yes, I’m teaching the little ones how to use their abilities”. “Abilities?”, I questioned. She continued, “Yes, all of us have abilities here. Some of these abilities are personalized for some, but all of us have the ability to fly, communicate telepathically, and move objects with our consciousness”. I smiled gleefully as the lucid dream ended here.

After waking up and typing a synopsis of what I saw I immediately shared it with a couple of my friends. They thought what I wrote was poetic, to say the least, but I felt there was something more to this. So I started researching on Google to see if anyone else experienced this and that’s when I discovered many hypnosis sessions done over the past year from people all over the world describing exactly what I had saw and more. These experiences are not a coincidence.

I have had premonitions before. I began having premonitions in 2001 right before 9/11. What I have come to understand is that we cannot predict the future 100% because everything is always in flux. Everything can change in any timeline due to conscious manipulation. However, we can still see the probability of something about to occur, and the probability of the New Earth occurring is closer than we ever thought. It’s already here.

Now, how we’ll actually get there, either by waking up in it or by a flash of white light transporting us there, I still don’t know. But I must say, after what I’ve witnessed and the synchronicities that have followed, I’m so hopeful of what’s to come. There’s absolutely nothing to fear. This shift is divinely guided by love. We’ve been in preparation mode awaiting its arrival.


In the past few years alone, many of us have awoken. It’s not a coincidence that “woke” has become a new slang word. Many of us have experienced the Dark Night of the Soul, relationships ending, losses of all kinds, wanting to make changes in our lives to raise our vibration, which has included eating a plant-based diet, reconnecting with nature, consistently meditating and doing yoga just to name a few added adoptions to our new lifestyles. On a subconscious and spiritual level, we knew this was coming. We felt the New Earth forming. We were subconsciously assisting in its formation. So let’s not get tired of doing what is right, for what’s to come will be totally worth it. Love is here.

About the author: Shanay Julien, also known as Trinity by many, is a natural lucid dreamer and astral projectionist. As a self-proclaimed Empath and proud Introvert, Trinity taps into our collective and spiritual consciousness to share wisdom and messages of hope and inspiration to All. If you would like to share your spiritual experiences and insights with Trinity, she can be reached through her Twitter or Instagram accounts listed below, or by email at

Image: Pixabay

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