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New Information About Twin Flames And Soul Mates

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by Jenifer,
Contributing Writer,

This is the new information about Twin Flames and Soul Mates that I found. Most of the current, popular Twin Flame information out there is a collection of Myths. After 4 years of steady research I had almost given up on finding out anything new about Twin Flames. But I kept getting nudges to dig deeper. Then I found this new information and that is when I realized that most of the current information is just a bunch of Myths about Twin Flames and Soul Mates.

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There are so many Myths out there. Everything from the Elitist Myth of there are only 144,000 Twin Flames in the whole world? To the let them treat you indifferently because they are waking up?? To the they are the perfect relationship from the beginning? To the Polyamorous Twin Flames? To the Twin Flames are not Romantic? To the Twin Flames are only a Business relationship? To the Twin Flames are not even relationshipsAnd all the different Myths in between.

But the one common thread that is being blindly tossed about and everyone takes as Gospel is that our Twin Flames are predetermined, because they are the other half of our Soul. That other half part is what keeps so many Twin Flames from not coming into Union and its not even TRUE!

I too used to believe this with all my heart. But it is just another Myth of Twin Flames. These Myths are just more of The Dark Side trying to keep us apart.

The Truth is that ANYONE can become” your Twin Flame. Even a Soul Mate can “become your Twin Flame.

Now I know that this flies in the face of the common Twin Flame Knowledge out there. As I have done much research, written blogs and coached many Clients on this misconception that we have only one Twin Flame but many Soul Mates.

I sincerely hope that you are open minded enough or curious enough to finish reading this even though you may be thinking this is WRONG. I hope that you will take the time to reflect on this and not just dismiss it.

But the truth is there is no “Twin Flame Manual” that came down from Heaven or anywhere else with the Facts of Twin Flames laid out for us.

It is just a bunch of rumours passed down through the ages and now tossed about on the Internet and Social Media, with many now channelling” supposed Divinity? This Divinity has all the answersbut really, not much is happening for Twin Flames in general. Just more of the Dark Side leading us around in circles. The Demiurge in full force.

So, is your “current” Twin Flame your True Twin Flame? Possibly, if they do the work or you can do it for them. When you both have your work done and you are both vibrating in the Twin Flame frequency then Yes you can have a Twin Flame Relationship and Union.

Did you notice that I used the word “become” previously? Well that’s because almost anyone can “become” your Twin Flame if they are vibrating in the Twin Flame Vibration and you meet and are attracted to each other.

This is HUGE NEWS and what it means for all of us is Fantastic!! Because so many of us were stuck in these relationships that are in low vibration, with what we thought was the only person on the planet that we could be Twin Flames with. Some of us even felt a type of Spiritual responsibility that we NEEDED to bring this relationship to Union for the good of the Planet.

And because most of us felt such a strong bond and spiritual connection with them we were afraid to walk away from these relationships that were holding us.

There are a few reasons that we are/were being held and one of them is because we sometimes have been brought together with this person as we have some lessons or Karma to work out with them.

This is particularly true of the ones that have a hard time letting go of their “supposed” Twin Flame and years later are still thinking about them and some are still in pain. We absolutely must learn these lessons before we are ready for a True Twin Flame Relationship.

I am available for Private Twin Flame Love Coaching Sessions to show you what these lessons are and how to process them.

Another reason is the Spiritual aspect that one or sometimes both of the “supposed” Twin Flames felt. But what we weren’t considering is that because the earth is ascending a lot of us now have these Spiritual Gifts and we can have relationships that feel truly different than any others we have previously had.

That is because these relationships are 5D not 3D. I am not saying that you will have this type of 5D fantastic connection with everyone that you date, but yes you can have this with more than only one other person on earth.

We had this fantastic relationship (the bubble phase) with someone before they ran away and thought that they were our only possibility in the world to have a Twin Flame Relationship.

Does this mean that this person who you currently think is your Twin Flame is not your Twin Flame? No, it only means that if you are having problems getting to Union they are not your Twin Flame YET!!  And that someone else that has done their work and is in the Twin Flame Vibration could possibly get to Twin Flame Union with you before them.

If you do your Spiritual growth work the “current” Twin Flame can sometimes be accelerated into Ascension and you will meld together as Twin Flames in Union as they will start to be brought together with you and you will get closer. Your relationship will shift, and they will treat you differently. Due to the new Vibration that you will both be in. Or if this is not someone that will ever be able to be a Twin Flame for you, the relationship will unravel easily for you and they will melt into the background as your Real Twin Flame will be brought into your reality.

Now don’t worry about losing them because if they are not meant to be with you, someone else will be that is like them but doesn’t have the blocks or issues that is preventing your Union. Because that someone else will already be in the Twin Flame Vibration!

As you probably already know your Spiritual growth work begins when you start to take responsibility for your own Love by being in Self Love. I know it sounds easy but there is a lot more to it. When you are ready I will help you find your hidden blocks to Self Love and we will process them.

Oh, and just so you know it is an Act of Self Love to take care of yourself. Our love life is our greatest source of Happiness but can also be our biggest source of Pain. Coaching and especially Love Coaching; although a very modern practise; is very soul satisfying and gratifying especially if you are in Pain.

So, you do your work, you get to the Twin Flame Vibration and then you just bump into your True Twin Flame. It could be your “current” Twin Flame or it could be someone else. Again, don’t worry about it being someone else because if it is someone else it will be an even better Twin Flame Relationship than you ever had before.

Really it is as simple and as difficult as that.

There are 11 Gifts of Love Wisdom that we need to embody before we will be in the Twin Flame Vibration. You don’t need to have them all. Some can come from your Twin Flame.

Thank you for reading my Blog Twin Flame.

For Help and Guidance on your Twin Flame Love Journey come to my website:

©I AM Jenifer 2015 to 2017 – Feel free to use my article in whole or part with credit to

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