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Our Soul’s Mission

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Our Soul's Mission

by Pars Kutay,
Contributing Writer,

Multidimensional Divine Light Codes are showering upon us at all times and it radiates from within our BEing to the world around us. This Divine SOURCE Light Codes holds the essence of Peace and LOVE. The more we are Aware of our connection to this LIGHT, the happier WE BEcome.

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Our Breath holds the power to create an expansion in our Energy so WE can BE aware of our link to the Divine SOURCE of All Life.

A BEing that has deep connection with their SOUL, with their Divine SOURCE, will see through the illusion or the Hologram and will see a larger perspective than a Being that is only assimilating the Hologram.

A BEing that is connected with their SOUL has a deeper connection to Divine SOURCE, has a deeper connection to Higher Consciousness and so they are able to see a larger picture and while it may BE considered by some that they are simply seeing a larger Hologram.

There is a SOUL Consciousness or a SOUL KNOWING that goes beyond illusion that goes beyond the construction of a Hologram.

It is a KNOWING about deeper Truth.

The Humans who are NOT on their SOUL Path / SOUL Mission receive less support from Divine SOURCE and they develop negative energies.

Not necessarily that these SOULS move further away from Divine SOURCE but there certainly is an Energetic separation that occurs in perception.

So for example; a Human Being who is Not on their SOUL Path consciously many things can occur in the life of that Being that caused a perceived separation to their SOUL and it prevents them from Being connected with their own SOURCE, their own Energy and so in this way they do then develop unconsciously in most cases a vampiric like energy as they cannot get connected to their own SOUL and to Divine SOURCE.

Consciously they will often attempt to feed off the energies of others especially those who are of Great Radiance and who do have connection to Divine SOURCE.

It is Not a conscious decision to separate from SOUL Path, it is simply most Beings that come to this planet at least in the past. This is changing to some degree.

Most BEings that have come to this planet have gone through a forgetting where they do Not remember their SOUL Mission, their SOUL Path, they do Not remember their powers as a HUman BEing, they do Not remember their Spiritual GIFTS and because they come into the density of this planet and the density of the matrix they have forgotten most of who they are.

We are NOW invited by Divine SOURCE and Prime Creator to reconnect to our SOUL and Attune our Energies and Frequencies to that of our SOUL’s Mission / Purpose.

Anything in our lives that is NOT in Alignment with our SOUL’s Mission / Purpose, we are ALL invited to let this go from our life’s Now.

We have each come to this planet to Express the Fullness of Who WE Are.

In this moment Ask your SOUL to reveal to you the Mission, the Purpose that YOU are here to Express… <3

Our SOUL Mission is one that cannot always be revealed to us in full, but we can definitely catch glimmers of it through signs, our intuition, and through getting aligned with both the inner and outer Universe.

Here are a few tips to help you gain insights into your SOUL Mission

With LOVE and Blessings, <3

Pars Kutay

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