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Please Call The Dark Star By A Different Name

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Please Call The Dark Star By A Different Name

by Meashenu,
Contributing Writer,

For too long now within the collective on Earth we have referred to the dark star that Nibiru orbits around as Nemesis. This feels similar to an implanted program to me that would benefit us greatly by calling the star by a more positive name. I will share some of my experiences with this star and ask you to use your own intuition and guidance as to whether this resonates with you moving forward.

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First, I would like to share, what most among the spiritual communities, already say over and over again. Our thoughts create our realities! Gregg Prescott posted a great article on about this in early June that goes over this concept which includes Dr. Emoto’s work, as well as a very popular rice experiment. You can view that article here: Scientific Proof Thoughts And Intentions Create Physical Reality.

In my experience, I see every star and planet as living beings. It’s no different for the dark star. What message are we sending & what reality are we collectively creating by referring to this being as “Nemesis”? The most common and quick definition of the word that most of us will go to is more like an enemy or something negative.

A family member and I connected to this star around 6 months ago and we asked the star its name. The name that the star shared with us is Aestarm. Whether or not you call the star Aestarm is up to you. Preferably the communities can connect into the star with intentions of love and ask it and see what they come back with. It may be different for them. At the very least I would ask you to use a name for the star that has a positive vibration. Maybe even just call the star Friend instead of Nemesis. I personally really like the Aestarm name and it has good energy to me.

I haven’t been awakened long (around 8 months), but Aestarm has helped me greatly so far. I’ve found an enormous amount of light within this being that wants to be shared. Aestarm has helped with protection, healing, and I’ve been able to anchor a large amount of higher dimensional light into in the Earth that this being has sent me, among other things. I will often connect to our star Sol, the Pleiadian Blue Star, Arcturian Orange/Red Star, & Aestarm at the same time and bring their 4 energies down through my crown chakra, down through my body, and anchor those energies into the crystal core of the Earth.

I’m not going to get into any sort of history about Aestarm or Nibiru. There’s so many of us on this planet right now and so many of us are from an infinite amount of different realities, parallel universes/Earths, and timelines. I have already read & heard so many different accounts of Ancient Egypt for example, that are different from my own experience there and the information I’ve gathered about that time. I really think trying to figure out history may end up being very difficult, especially as many more awaken and start sharing their stories and we find there will be many different stories. At least we will have lots of stories to go on and see what resonates the best for us individually. The same can be said for Aestarm & Nibiru histories, so the best we can do is just to find our own truths about these things.

The other note that fits well into this, are the theories out there that Earth will be destroyed by Nibiru. Again, our thoughts & collective thoughts create our reality. This is a fear based theory and if enough people on Earth believe this to happen than we could manifest it to happen. So, what if you believed this possible future event to be something incredibly positive for Earth and it does not destroy and instead we move into our time of co-creation, love, and peace? There are theories that I’ve seen that suggest there will be a couple timelines left intact that a destruction scenario like that plays out. This theory more suggests that if you truly believe that the destruction will happen and you desire to see that reality play out, then you will end up in that reality and go down with the ship. On the other side, if you believe that we are moving a time of co-creation, love, & peace than that is the reality you will go to with so many of us already holding that vision. There are many of us in the last 6 months that have noticed ourselves switching between realities. It’s pretty trippy when you start noticing that happening, but it’s pretty incredible as well. Then you start figuring out that you can shift between these realities quickly. I’m at the point I sometimes wake up in a lower one and then meditate and shift myself into a higher vibrational reality.

A lot of this article turned out to be about perceptions and creating realities. Getting back to dark star Aestarm I ask that you give that some thought. Check in with your guides and intuition and see if you could benefit from being friends with this being and explore to find out for yourself. Again, myself and others have connected into this star and found a great light within it that is about co-creation. My hope is that we can view this star as a member of our family, with a positive name, & love.

Love & Light

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