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Reflections On The Year That Was 2018

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Reflections On The Year That Was 2018

by Joe Scott,
Contributing writer,

The hardest year of my life was the best thing that ever happened to me. 2018 was my year if awakening.

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These words may conjure images of a journey into a new dimension of beauty, love and light. Although there were certainly moments of this, and they were truly transcendent, it was much more a profoundly challenging, painful and debilitating journey. To get through this year I had to have almost every part of myself beaten, broken and scooped out of me to leave a pretty bruised and battered vessel. But theses remnants are authentically and profoundly me, and I am ready to begin to open myself up to this new time, and begin to experience what this new dimensional reality has in store for us.

I want to take this moment to talk about pain and challenge and catharsis. What it means to experience ascension on a personal and emotional level. I began this year as a deeply unspiritual person. I lived in my body and my mind but never my spirit. It felt like a part of me that was shut away, remaining mute and absent from my experience of the world. I was a often a deeply lonely and unhappy person who’s primary sense of life was one of isolation.

On NYE 2017, I began to go through my awakening, and I believe on the same day this year it will in some way come to a close. 2018 has been profoundly challenging for me and the people around me that have had to watch me go through it. Over the course of this year, the universe has opened itself up to me to show me that it alive and full of loving intent and magical beauty. What I used to believe was characterized by absence and loneliness turned itself to me to show that I, along with all of us, is loved beyond comprehension and born along by benevolence.

To get to a place of experience and understanding of this new reality was not easy. It seems I had to loose my mind to find my spirit. As I began to shift into this new dimension, the more I began to struggle and break down. Although we are entering into this beautiful new moment, characterized by love and peace and compassion, that does not mean that our passage out of the old and into the new will be an easy one.

It has felt like every piece of my character, every belief I had ever formulated, and every memory I held in my mind had to be ground down into their elemental components, ready to be recast as something new. I can’t adequately describe how difficult this process has been. To enter into this new earth so many things must be dismantled, extricated and discarded. The remnants of our old lives are not boxes and suitcases but rather the thoughts, behavior patterns and beliefs that made up our experience of third dimensional reality.

As part of this complete annihilation I ended up spending time in a psychiatric hospital. I experienced such a marked and profound shift from third to fifth dimension, and during this time completely lost my grip on reality. I was helped and treated with kindness and compassion and eventually got out, and remained out, although that doesn’t mean it has not been a struggle to stay together. I went through a process of being physically, mentally and spiritually torn apart and placed back together in an entirely new configuration. But where once I was plagued by anxiety, depression and loneliness, I now feel expansive, placid and profoundly connected.

I want to be open about how turbulent my experience has been because I think it is indicative of the way in which we need to face the challenges that lie ahead of us. Shifting into this new world will be a different and unique journey for everyone. But I think something that will characterize the collective experience will be struggle, defeat and renewal.

One of the recent teachings that I was gifted by my guides, one with which to conclude the year, was to experience the true nature of our cosmic identities. They brought me to a place where I could understand and experience the fact that we are in fact facets of the universe, and elements of the whole. We are characters in a kind of divine play, where we enter the world seemingly alone, and through trial, trauma and tribulation, return back to a place where we awaken to our collective existence; like waves in the ocean, a facet of the whole that is the purest and truest love. We are the universe experiencing itself. And in understanding this we can know that nobody is ever truly alone.

Awakening has been the hardest thing I have ever had to go through. But it also the most beautiful, illuminating and worthwhile. Whilst we begin to prepare ourselves we should also think of others and the way in which we can join together to help one another. This is not an easy process and at it’s most intense and challenging moments we are going to need to help each other get through these turbulent times.

Whilst it can be so easy to look around us and see a world in chaos, I think it can equally be seen as experiencing many moments of catharsis. #Me Too and the Yellow Vest movements could so easily be read as a world in turmoil and the antiquated and broken nature of our system. But I choose to read these as evidence of mass ascension. Whilst those on the forefront of this change are going through their journey of awakening, so too is global society in parallel movements. These groups are refusing to accept historical injustices, and expressing this in a way that can be read as trauma but simultaneously as catharsis. These are the trials we must endure and the parts of ourselves we must unearth, face, and expel, if we are to collectively change together.

The entry into something new, wonderful and profound requires the breaking of the bonds that bind us to what is aged, antiquated and no longer of use. I believe that these many different kinds of awakenings can be seen as a collective whole. 2018 was a year of illumination and a working through past trauma. So much of what we look at now seems broken, but that is perhaps only to make space for something new and wonderful to rush in to fill the void. I believe this will be our path in 2019. To begin to receive the knowledge, wisdom, light and love that will propel us, singly and collectively, into the new world of the Fifth Dimension.

We are all in this together.

About the author: Joe Scott is an editor, writer and collector of mystical experiences.

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