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From Resistance To Persistence Of Staying In The Flow

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From Resistance To Persistence Of Staying In The Flow

by Gabriel F. Duran,
Contributing Writer,

At times, we don’t realize that we have entered into resistance to the natural flow or order of things. The energies that are being brought to us throughout this transition are energies that will naturally and more and more effortlessly transition us from our dualistic ways into the more profound all-encompassing multidimensional Divine way that God in us desires. It is this that we have forgotten.

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We are being given so much assistance from those within the realm we are entering. So, if we can keep within the “flow” of these energies that are being given to us, we can make the easiest and smoothest transition into Oneness.

Stay in Our Truth

And it is understood that while this occurs, much that is within that is not our “truth” is being brought forth to transmute and transcend. This sometimes makes it seem as if we are not making progress, for we feel that we are still surrounded with much that is not our truth. And yet, these are coming forth to merely be transmuted and released.

These energies that we are being given by our Divine cosmic brothers and sisters as well as the Divine Hierarchy naturally accelerate this process of bringing forth all that does not serve, so that we may transition as quickly as possible through these rather dense energies.

Release Through the Violet Flame

Realize, that the way we do our part is to work through these by transmuting them and releasing them through the gift of the Violet Sacred Flame. The Violet Angels, will make certain that these are transmuted back into the Divine Light Energies that they originally were when given to us to use through our schooling here on Earth, by God.

These energies are to be blessed and loved free for their service of showing us what is not our truth. When we do this in full conscious recognition of their right to be returned to their Divinity, we speed up our own process of ascending beyond our limitations, back into unlimited Creators in the 5th dimensional and higher realms. Thus, our purpose while we ascend here on Earth is to love all of life free and by means of this we provide a way for them to return to their own respective higher realms. And this is how we all ascend. As an individual and as a planetary body. For in truth there are several ways of ascending.

Humanity has to get beyond the limitations of “linear” thinking. Where every path is achieved through a singular route that “all” must travail in order to succeed. For in truth there are many ways back to Source.

The Resistance

In truth, the only thing that prohibits the flow of this process is our resistance to the process. How do we resist the process?

When we choose to focus on the duality and the dualistic “issues” that we perceive, we stop the flow of these Divine energies. When we do this, we are in fact bringing back or are keeping within the old energies. We end up perpetuating the reality that we do not want. Thus, we are purposefully keeping dualistic 3rd dimensional energies that are of a discordant nature as our chosen reality.

When we spend our time going over our perceived limitations and “issue” we are in fact denying the transition that is occurring that is moving us all beyond these limitations, naturally. We need to focus our attention where we desire to be. And in the 5th dimensional reality, what we perceive comes into being immediately. This is why we can’t be in a discordant nature and enter this realm.

Focus instead on the harmony, peace, wisdom, charity, love, compassion, strength and power of the Divine. The victory of the Ascended Host. The victory of our successful ascension as well as our planet. Focus on the removing of the veil from our realm and the Divine. Focus on the Law of One.

Stay Within the Harmonious Divine Flow

When we stay within a harmonious state, the naturally occurring “Divine Flow” of energy that is transitioning us to the higher realms of light beings, will be able to assist us in this transition. This is how our ascension is occurring. We ourselves are ascending beyond our limitations by transmuting all misused energies back into their divine states and loving all of life free that we have used here on Earth. This is the Divine way. Or as Jesus spoke of, this is “The Way.”

Keep Up with the Flow of Timelines

This we need to be more cognizant of, as time proceeds. We need to know how to be where we desire to be for our future, “now” moments. For the timelines are splitting once more, and we want to be within the reality that we prefer. As the future Earth is beyond 3rd dimensional humanity. So, we need to be beyond these “illusions.” As time proceeds it will become more and more difficult to transition the timelines if we are not where we desire to be.

Those who choose to remain in the 3rd dimensional duality are already making their transitions to a new planet that will serve this purpose for them, until they are ready to move on.

To those who choose the “New Earth,” welcome to the transitional realms. We are making this “New Earth” that is bringing in the permanent golden age. And all who desire are transitioning with Earth, now. Those that can and do transcend our linear way of viewing time, have already seen this “New Earth” and some are already interacting with Her. So the timing is truly up to us, each individually as well as collectively.

When there has been reached a certain portion of humanity that recognizes and interacts with this “New Earth” a transition will occur and all will in a moment be on Her. Many have referred to this as the “100th monkey affect”. Where after a certain portion of the society have gained a certain “knowledge” and “understanding” the entire population is suddenly blessed with the same “knowledge and understanding.” It becomes inherent, or innate. This figure is less than 2% of the populace. So, in reality it is not that significant, considering the entire population. And this is occurring more quickly than those in the Ascended Hierarchy had presumed.

Let Us Do Our Part by Staying in the Flow

We are being shown the path of ascension very clearly. Let us merely be ever harmoniously within the flow of these Divine energies. This is how we do our part. By emanating only, the energy of Divine Love. This is exactly what the Ascended Host do. The only emanate Divine Love at all times. Thus, we learn by example. We emulate those that are already where we are going. We become the living bridge for theirs and our realities. We remove the veil by developing the bridge from both realms as transparent as possible.

The more we keep our attention on the Perfection of Creation, the more we live in that realm, only. So, which realm do you prefer? Let our works within reality and our attention that we hold within the reality be the marker for which reality we are birthing for ourselves. We are no longer lost, for we are Ascended Masters in the making. Live as such.

Much Blessing, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran &

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