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Revelation White Horse Decoded By Bill Donahue

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Revelation White Horse Decoded By Bill Donahue

Bill Donahue is a genius when it comes to making LITERAL sense out of the bible. Like Jordan Maxwell, Bill is one of the few people who has the eyes to see what is truly being written. ~Gregg Prescott, In5D

by Bill Donahue,

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I have been given this work, to present to you reasons for the symbolic nature of ancient writings including the Bible.

What were we being told and why?

I am not asking you to believe anything.

I am simply asking you to read this and allow it to be part of your mind because it may be extremely important.

First, I would share with you a passage in the Book of Revelation that deals with something to come upon the earth.

Revelation 19:11 And I saw heaven opened and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True. Revelation 19:14 And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses

Please keep in mind, this is Greek myth.

It is symbolic, it is not talking about real white horses riding thru the sky.

Now who is the white horse riding thru the sky in ancient writings?


Pegasus father was Poseidon the God of the sea.

Pegasus was white, making Pegasus a white sea horse

Pegasus kicked the fountain of Hippocrene which made the water flow and made Pegasus sacred to the Goddess of memory, Mnemosyne and the 9 muses.

So, we have a white sea horse connected to memory and written of in scripture as bringing something to earth.

A white sea horse connected to memory.

In your head, the memory organ is called hippocampus.

The word hippocampus means sea horse. It is in your head. In your brain.

Now what color is the hippocampus in your head.

Let us go to Stedmans Medical Dictionary.

Stedmans Medical Dictionary defines the hippocampus (your memory organ) of the brain as a white eminence. Revelation says a white horse in the sky will bring something to earth.

The white horse in the sky is Pegasus who is a white sea horse sacred to memory.

In your brain the memory organ is hippocampus which means sea horse and it is white.

Why do I bring this to you as important? NEWS RELEASE PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 21 2019 New moon found in our solar system: Scientists unveil ‘Hippocamp’ floating around Neptune

Scientists have found an entirely new moon in our own solar system – and it had been Hiding in plain sight.

The new moon is named Hippocamp, after the sea creature in Greek mythology.

The breakthrough new discovery used the latest highly technical image processing techniques and images from Nasa’s Hubble Space Telescope.

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I am simply bringing this to you because I feel obligated to do it. Hippocamp is the white horse in the sky. The white horse just discovered.

Is it a coincidence that this white horse appears in the sky and Revelation spoke of a white horse bringing something to us? And science names it hippocamp, the white horse.


As I indicated, the Mythical Pegasus (Hippocampus) father was Poseidon the Greek God of the Sea.

Well, this discovered Hippocamp was found orbiting Neptune, the Roman God of the sea.

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The great white sea horse has returned to the sea, and we must ask if this is the one of Revelation.

I am sure there will be more to come.

The Question: Is this hippocamp the one?

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Consider it. It is all I ask you to do for now.

Bill Donahue

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