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Rise Of The Solar Body Consciousness – Diamond Sun Guardians

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Rise Of The Solar Body Consciousness

by Romeo Baron,
Ascension Energies

Light Language Transmission

In alignment with the Guardian Angelic Nations of the Krystal Star and Unity Intelligence Field serving within the Interdimensional Free World Councils, for the Diamond Sun Christos Mission of the original angelic human 12 chakra system Crystalline Body.

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Universal Activations are being Anchored fully within the Sacred Source Code that is embedded within the Harmonic Plasma Eternal Light, transmitted from the Rainbow Heart Cosmic Center(this is the highest magnetic energy of source) and through our Cosmic Sun-Stargate.

As the planet continues to shift lighter in density, we are anchoring the Cosmic Divine Feminine Mother Aqua Ray frequencies of magnetic energy for the complete return of the Evolutionary Cosmic Divine Blueprint; the Angelic Diamond Sun StarLight Body organic technology of Eternal Life Expressions, which is in complete co-resonance with the Eternal Divine Source.

The Angelic Diamond Sun StarLight Body is continuing a series of Chakra System reconfigurations on an individual level within the Eternal Life Unity Grid template to the 12D Core Zero Point Shield reconnection, which is the Eternal Eye of Source; a Unified Auric Field Crystal Body.

This is the Promise of Ascension. The fulfillment of our Divine Humanity’s Angelic Heritage and return to the path of Spiritual Freedom with the continuous Growth and Eternal Divine Expansion. It is the transmutation of the reverse coding and for all fragmented consciousness to merge back into energetic balance of Solar-Body Consciousness, as the One true Source would have it be.

As we return to our Divine Solar-Body Consciousness – we ignite the eternal flame within our Divine Hearts through the Cosmic Divine Trinity within our Eternal StarLight Body. We then become the Reborn Children of the Cosmic Spiritual Sun-Star, The Embodied Merkaba-Star ~ Trinitized Form Diamond Sun Guardians of Source Creation.

Each mid-month, the galactic plasma wave infusion level increases and hereafter will greatly shift the collective energy of Humanity into Higher Heart Activation vibrational rates of Divine Love-Unity. The plasma waves will carry an Amplified Frequency of the Magnetic Unity Source Code, reuniting our direct connection with Source and bringing us closer to complete Akashic Remembrance and complete connection to our benevolent Universal Family Ray of Consciousness.

The Ascension Energies are increasing every month until the planet reaches the zero point field of Energetic Balance(the complete healed expression) on a global scale. How soon we move into the zero-central point of all Union will be determined by the amount of Eternal Light Codes integrated within the Collective Oneness Starseed Rainbow-Krystal-Solar Bearers of Light-Forerunners, who are leading the way as they fully reclaim their Multidimensional Higher Spiritual Identity and embodiment with their Source Conscious Mind.

We live in a Holographic Reality Field where any one change of frequency/vibration in the Planetary Grid-Hologram creates a ripple effect and begins to change and affect the entire Hologram. The Density Shift is quickening to the awakening of Humanity’s Crystal Diamond Heart. As enough people’s primary attention becomes focused through their Higher Heart, the transformation in the entire human Collective Consciousness Field will occur.

As we move closer with accelerated Cosmic Divine Mother’s Aqua Ray frequency in Solar Living-Light expansions with the Christ-Sophia Eternal Flame Codings to being fully restored within the Cosmic Divine Blueprint, of the benevolent Source Embodied organic Angelic Human Hologram aligned with the Aurora Rays of the Eternal Elemental Consciousness in the next Harmonic Universe…the energies for 2019 are being amplified to direct a Quantum Leap into the Avatar of Ascension and Freedom, synchronized within the Collective Oneness team of the Diamond Sun Heart Intelligence and Planetary Body Crystal Core Activation of Universal connections devoted to Love and Liberation.

The last distorted energetic ties to the old fragmented planetary hologram, the old earth reality matrix and its ways of creation, are being severed, unplugged and removed from your energy field through these magnetic plasma frequencies of Source Energy and you are simultaneously being fully re-plugged into the Aurora New Earth Template, which supports your original cosmic divine blueprint. The healing of past distorted time-cycles and past life memories allows for further stages of heart healing, and expansion to access and return the Divine Solar-Body Consciousness back into the Eternal StarLight Body fully and completely.

As we move further into the Accelerated Activations of the next Harmonic Universe, please take good care of your body and your emotions. Be good to yourself and to one another. Be Love in your every thought, word, actions, and deeds. Love heals Everything, the frequency of Love will help you return home to your Diamond Sun Heart of Inner Balance. Personal meditation intentions will help clear old emotional wounds/memories so you can create more Love for the New Earth-Quantum Reality.

Take the necessary time in meditation space with your empowered intent of removing all negative forms and energetic reversals within your Body Template and nourish and support your body through this radical astral/cellular healing-clearing/expansion initiated into your crystal body vibration. The awareness of emotional processing and then allowing the energies to move through your awareness, and some self-reflection will support with these radical and deep transformations at this time. This cannot be overstated…for the physical realms that you are soon to participate in require the complete and total clearing of all 3rd dimensional false reality constructs.

Heaven is our mother Earth in her transcendent state of complete healed expression into Eternal Oneness.

Galactivations are being heightened further as we move ahead within the Higher Dimensional Unified Fields. We are entering the Era of the Rainbow-Sun(the ascended master) state of Trinity Source-Consciousness of full Sovereignty and Spiritual Freedom.

May the Eternal Love-Living-Light of the Absolute Divine shine forth hereafter.

May you remember the perfect heart crystal of your own Divine Diamond Heart and maintain alignment and co-resonance with and to the planetary Higher Heart so that you can expand and walk the path of Unity and into Eternal Oneness.

We are the Ones we have been waiting for.

Eternal Love and Source Joyous Blessings,
~Sacred Romeo??☀️??⭐??
Rainbow-Sun Krystal Matrix Emissary

About the author: Romeo is the Author of the book, “Personal Ascension: How to Expand your Consciousnessir?t=bcp11wh33 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B00ISYBF6I.” He is an advocate for healthy lifestyles. He is the the brainchild of Ascension Energies Media and creator of NutriUnify Solutions, a natural health Organization. Romeo’s life path is to uplift humanity, one soul at a time, through the power of Divine Love!

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