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Samadhi – How To Spiritually Exit The Matrix

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Most of the world’s population are NOT ready for this. Are you?

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For many, this will be an inspiration in finding your true self while exiting this matrix in which humanity has been trapped within since the beginning of “time”.

The video you are about to watch will completely change your views on life as well as who you truly are.

Here’s the rabbit hole… let’s jump in!

Samadhi Movie, 2017 - Part 1 - "Maya, the Illusion of the Self"

Scroll down for Parts 2, 3, and 4

The danger for you watching this film is that your mind will want to acquire Samadhi. Even more dangerous is that your mind might think it has acquired Samadhi.

When you are awake, you don’t become identified with your character. You don’t believe that you are the masks that you are wearing. But nor do you give up playing a role.

Twenty-four hundred years after Plato wrote the Republic, humanity is still making its way out of Plato’s cave. In fact we may be more transfixed by illusions than ever. Plato had Socrates describe a group of people who lived chained in a cave all of their lives, facing a blank wall. All they could see were shadows projected on the wall by the things passing in front of a fire which was behind them. This puppet show becomes their world. According to Socrates, the shadows were as close as the prisoners would ever get to reality. Even after being told about the outside world they continued to believe that the shadows were all that is. Even if they suspected there was something more they were unwilling to leave what was familiar.

Humanity today is like the people who have only seen the shadows on the cave wall. The shadows are analogous to our thoughts. The world of thinking is the only world that we know. But there is another world that is beyond thinking. Beyond the dualistic mind. Are you willing to leave the cave, to leave all that you have known to find out the truth of who you are?

In order to experience Samadhi it is necessary to turn attention away from the shadows, from the thoughts towards the light. When a person is only used to darkness then they must gradually become accustomed to the light. Like acclimatizing to any new paradigm it takes time and effort, and a willingness to explore the new, as well as shed the old. The mind can be likened to a trap for consciousness, a labyrinth or a prison.

It is not that you are in prison, you are the prison.

The prison is an illusion. If you are identified with an illusory self, then you are asleep. Once you are aware of the prison, if you fight to get out of the illusion, then you are the illusion as if it is real and you still remain asleep, except now the dream becomes a nightmare. You will be chasing and running from shadows forever.

Samadhi is awakening from the dream of the separate self or the egoic construct. Samadhi is awakening from identification with the prison that I call me. You can never actually be free, because wherever you go your prison is there. Awakening is not about get rid of the mind or the matrix, on the contrary; when you are not identified with it, then you can experience the play of life more fully, enjoying the show as it is, without craving or fear. In the ancient teachings this was called the divine game of Leila: the game of playing in duality.

Less suffering does not mean life is free from pain.

Samadhi is beyond the duality of pain and pleasure. What it means is that there is less mind, less self creating resistance to whatever unfolds and that resistance is what creates suffering. Realizing Samadhi even once allows you to see what is at the other end of the continuum.

To see that there is something other than the material world and self interest. When there is an actual cessation of the self structure in Samadhi there is no egoic, no self, no duality yet there is still the I am, annata or no self. In that emptiness is the dawn of prajna or wisdom- the understanding that the immanent self is far beyond the play of duality, beyond the entire continuum. The immanent self is timeless, unchanging, always now.

Enlightenment is the merging of the primordial spiral, the ever-changing manifested world or lotus in which time unfolds, with your timeless being. Your inner wiring grows like an ever-unfolding flower as you dis-identify with the self, a living bridge between the world of time and the timeless. Merely realizing the immanent self is only the beginning of one’s path. Most people will have to experience and lose Samadhi countless times in meditation before they are able to integrate it into other facets of life.

It is not unusual to have profound insights into the nature of your being during meditation or self inquiry, only to find yourself once again falling back into old patterns, forgetting the truth of who you are. To realize that stillness or emptiness in every facet of life, every facet of one’s self, is to become emptiness dancing as all things.

In the movie, humans lived out their lives in the matrix, while on another level they were merely batteries, feeding their life force to the machines which used their energy for their own agenda. People always want to blame something outside of themselves for the state of the world or others for their own unhappiness. Whether it is a person, a particular group or country, religion or some kind of controlling Illuminati like Descartes’ evil demon, or the sentient machines in the Matrix.

Ironically, the demon that Descartes envisioned was the very thing that he defined himself by. When you realize Samadhi, it becomes clear that there is a controller, there is a machine, and evil demon leaching your life day after day. The machine is you. Your self structure is made up of many little conditioned sub-programs or little bosses. One little boss that craves food, another craves money, another status, position, power, sex, intimacy. Another wants consciousness or attention from others. The desires are literally endless and can never be satisfied. We spend a lot of our time and energy decorating our prisons, succumbing to pressures to improve our masks, and feeding the little bosses, making them more powerful. Like drug addicts, the more we try to satisfy the little bosses, the more we end up craving.

The path to freedom is not self improvement, or somehow satisfying the self’s agenda, but it’s a dropping of the self’s agenda altogether. Some people fear that awakening their true nature will mean that they lose their individuality and enjoyment of life.

Actually, the opposite is true; the unique individuation of the soul can only be expressed when the conditioned self is overcome. Because we remain asleep in the matrix most of us never find out what the soul actually wants to express.

If the mind only tries to change the outer world to conform with some idea of what you think the path should be, it is like trying to change the image in a mirror by manipulating the reflection.

We can never succeed in the outer struggle, because it is just a reflection of our inner world.

It’s important to note that when we accept reality as it is, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we stop taking action in the world, or we become meditating pacifists.

Fighting for peace is like shouting for silence; it just creates more of what you don’t want.

The inner world is where the revolution must first take place. Only when we can directly feel the spiral of life within will the outer world come into alignment with the Tao. Until then, anything we do will add to the chaos already created by the mind. War and peace arise together in an endless dance; they are one continuum. One half cannot exist without the other. Just as light cannot exist without dark, and up cannot exist without down. The world seems to want light without darkness, fullness without emptiness, happiness without sadness. The more the mind gets involved, the more fragmented the world becomes.

We have gone deep into the material world, even finding the so-called God particle, but we have never been more limited, more ignorant of who we are, how to live, and we do not understand the mechanism by which we create suffering. Our thinking has created the world as it is now. Whenever we label something as good or bad, or create preference in our mind it is due to the coming into being of egoic structures or self interests. The solution is not to fight for peace or conquer nature, but to simply recognize the truth; that the very existence of the ego structure creates duality, a split between self and other, mine and yours, man and nature, inner and outer. The ego is violence; it requires a barrier, a boundary from the other in order to be. Without ego there is no war against anything. There is no hubris, there is no overreaching nature to create profit. These external crises in our world reflect a serious inner crises; we don’t know who we are. We are completely identified with our egoic identities, consumed by fears and are cut off from our true nature. Races, religions, countries, political affiliations, any group that we belong to, all reinforce our egoic identities.

So it’s not that thinking and the existence of the self is bad, thinking is a wonderful tool when the mind is in service to the heart.

Before it becomes possible to awaken, it is necessary to accept that you are asleep, living in the matrix. Examine your life honestly, without lying to yourself.

Are you able to stop your robotic, repetitive life patterns if you want to?

Can you stop seeking pleasure and avoiding pain, are you addicted to certain foods, activities, pastimes?

Are you constantly judging, blaming, criticizing yourself and others?

Does your mind incessantly seek out stimulus, or are you completely fulfilled just being in silence?

Do you react to how people think about you?

Are you seeking approval, positive reinforcement?

Do you somehow sabotage situations in your life?

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Most people will experience their lives the same way today as they will tomorrow and a year from now, and ten years from now.

When you begin to observe your robot-like nature you become more awake. You begin to recognize the depth of the problem. You are completely and utterly asleep, lost in a dream. Like the inhabitants of Plato’s cave, most who hear this truth will not be willing or capable of changing their lives because they are attached to their familiar patterns. We go to great lengths justifying our patterns, burying our heads in the sand rather than facing the truth. We want our saviors, but we are not willing to get up on the cross ourselves. What are you willing to pay to be free?

Realize that if you change your inner world, you must be prepared to change the outer life.

Your old structure and your old identity must become the dead soil out of which new growth comes. The first step to awakening is to realize that we are identified with the matrix of the human mind, with the mask. Something within us must hear this truth and be roused from its slumber. There is a part of you, something timeless, that has always known the truth. The matrix of the mind distracts us, entertains us, keeps us endlessly doing, consuming, grasping, in a cycle of craving and aversion with constantly changing forms, keeping us from the flowering of our consciousness, from our evolutionary birthright which is Samadhi.

Pathological thinking is what passes for normal life.

Your divine essence has become enslaved, identified with the limited self structure. The great wisdom, the truth of who you are is buried deep within your being.

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