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Are You Seeing The Guiding Signposts On Your Journey?

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Are You Seeing The Guiding Signposts On Your Journey?

by Deane Thomas,
Contributing Writer,

Every where I tend to go there is always some sort of “signpost“ that guides me. Whether it be electronically, physically, mentally or in the dream state. Our guides and support team will always lead us to where we are meant to be or where we are needed. We are already wise enough to understand that coincidences are just a human terminology to wave away the higher dimensions. When we are greeted by a sign or synchronicity there is no longer a question; there is only an answer.

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Connecting with others is also no random act; there is a purpose or reason for who we interact with, despite not knowing anything. As we begin to ask more questions we truly spoil the magic of the universal flow. Man has become so impatient with most things in life, mainly because society wants an instant answer. Robots are able to perform instant and random acts, unfortunately, as humans, we have been programmed to believe the same.

Whilst many of us are able to multitask, one thing we are not, and that is a robot or artificial intelligence. Our brain is a powerful powerhouse, that allows us to function and sustain our self for all of our life. We cannot add more RAM or Memory, but we can open up our mind to expand consciousness. Internally, we are the mechanism to opening the true power of the mind and all its wonders.

Enjoying the new energies is part and parcel of our ascension and expansion; there are many in our soul families that seem to have become a child again. This is truly spectacular to witness, as this is another confirmation of expanding consciousness across the globe. There seems to be a pitter-patter of tiny footsteps running around us. They are leaving their precious foot prints in the sand wherever we are walking. We are surrounded by an angelic and higher presence that is encouraging us to reconnect with the little boy or girl within us.

Opening Up To The New

Awakened souls are leading the way towards the “Heaven on Earth“ we have all been hearing about. This is not something you will read about in the mainstream media, as it does not serve the brain washers. Being a witness to the state of affairs on every continent, it is clear to see there is a major imbalance. Expressions of Karma is a bitch comes to mind! When you add a spiritual dimension to the global situation, what goes around comes around. It is the law of attraction at its finest moment.

Politicians jostling for their fame and glory, pointing fingers, laying blame, and generally spreading fear to every corner of the globe. It is this small dick syndrome, and what is even more bizarre is that we are oblivious to the implications. We have become so complacent in our approach that we don’t believe it can happen. We are lost in a world that has created the illusion that everything is OK and we are safe when the opposite is the actual truth.

Rising above the impending demise of intercultural relationships is what we have begun to master, and have you noticed something? The more we let go or break free of the 3D reality, the more noise it is making. It is such a refreshing place to be when in 5D and beyond; but we are reminded we do live in this really messed up world. Yes, we have to live and breathe, but we certainly don’t have to buy into the fear mongers wishes. We become adept at transcending what is going on because we see a different picture.

Human beings have become masters of generalization, yet are so afraid to admit their own truth. Yet, these past few years this has changed somewhat, and whilst it may deeply frustrate the few, what will happen is inevitable. There is a distinct change in the air, and it is very much needed for all of our sakes. In our ignorance and focus on matters, we have been told are more important, the planet has slowly begun to deteriorate. World populations have been lied to, ripped off and told a whole crock of bleep. Yet again, we, the citizens of the world, will make the sacrifice to make a change, but the change will begin within our self first and on our own terms.

Tired Of BS!

History has a great tapestry of images, myths, and tales – we will never know what happened in the world, let alone our own reality. Within the tales, there are truths – especially when they happen to us or someone we know or are connected to. This is our truth test. Are we there, did we see, did we feel, did we experience, were we affected (due to family or other connections). When we answer Yes – this is the truth. Nothing else can or will be – unless we have endured it. Everything else can be viewed as an opinion or subjective truth or simple BS.

Global needs are so great, yet the few are diverting the attention to other matters, whilst secretly, they have an agenda. Common patterns emerge, and history does have a wonderful way of repeating itself. If the climate and weather situations were not enough, the global increase in earth quakes, flooding, and disease should be. When looking at what has happened in the USA recently, I see this as Mother Nature simply reminding that she is far more powerful. She is clearly sending devastation for a reason, and as much as the citizens may try to blame others, it is time to look within.

Universal Laws apply to all that is – so if someone is acting recklessly, for sure some of that is going to come back. Governments are not immune to scrutiny by the universe, the same as us as individuals. Far too long have the powers been funding or fueling their own agenda, to cause division and destruction. Then start to point fingers when someone else decides to do the same. These are relatively straight forward school yard games. Stop being bullies, and give each other a hug, can it be so hard to comprehend? You the few have been depriving others deliberately for centuries, it is time to stop now!

The power of the people is incredible, and as each of us lifts the layers, we see the truth is plain to see. We are tired of the BS, so if policies are not going to change, the people will make their own decisions. They are breaking free of the chains that have entwined them. When we look at our own discoveries and life history we can see how we have evolved and endured. Enough is enough. We seek freedom, in the true definition of the word. We are born free to be who we want to be, stop with your control and fear tactics.

Walking On The Beach

Embarking on new and exciting adventures is part and parcel of Ascension, and it is so cool to do things we have never done before. For those of a more mature age (like me!) we truly are getting younger. There is a new sense of life within us, and we are doing stuff we dreamed of in our youth. And before you psychologists start to jump in with your labels, this is not a mid-life crisis, this is living a life free of all lower vibrations.

The challenge has always been the inner knowing, and the battle with the ego – one leading in a completely different direction to the other. There was no other ultimatum that could be presented than to wake up and smell the roses. Walking on the beach leaves gentle imprints in the sand, you can imagine others joining you in celebration of your new found freedom. Yes, it is like escaping or being released from prison; or leaving home or university. But what we possess today is a clear road map and a journey to relish.

Continuing to maintain the balance of the energies is part of the life long work we have on our hands, but this will become much easier as others join. The more that wake up and continue to do the daily work, will bring more and more light to the planet. Don’t buy into the fear mongers games, or the name calling puppets, one day they too will understand. We are lucky in so many ways, and we do have a major responsibility to lead the way forward in love.

There is no more powerful energy than love – this has been written about by the great philosophers and scientists of the planet. When we begin to feel the love in a new way, from the inside out, we can appreciate the love connections we have shared with others. A few special souls have woken us up to the true core of our self. Whether this is some Divine aspect or not, is irrelevant. This defies all labels and thought patterns. It is that pure love, that has woken up our true self, and for now we can enjoy all that comes with something new!

Walking down the beach, hearing the waves gently crash on the sea shore, hearing the gulls singing, and the kids laughing, and our whole bodies filled with love. We are complete, we are whole, we are One. Whoever or whatever pushed us to wake up is the biggest blessing any person can have in their life. Getting another chance to live life is an incredible privilege, let’s not waste it with more expectations. Take a moment to acknowledge and embrace the trigger for your awakening; then close your eyes to send gratitude and love, for that is something you will both truly appreciate.

There are many visual footprints each and every day –they are everywhere in fact! These are the signs that keep talking and showing me the way forward.  Now we can see them more clearly, the more we shall believe in where we are going and with whom.  Whether it is baby footprints or those of a giant, each of us is being sent them.  It remains for us to be able to see or hear them clearly to appreciate them.

Just like the Wizard of Oz – “follow the yellow brick road“ to your own happily ever after in Love.  Thank you Aleksandra for being the catalyst and trigger in my life – Thank you, Jesse Dee, for walking by my side through all of this. Without either of you, I would not be where I am today.

Thank you for reading and sharing these words – I trust they will help guide someone else on their journey to Unconditional Love.

About the author:  Deane has created unique personal development programs for those who are awakening and wish to make a smooth transition to the new templates. He has a passion and in-depth understanding of past life memory, its interpretation and how to address this in current life. To understand who we are today, we need to get to grips of who we have been – through unraveling the truth within, we can create a new template for the way we live our lives – in truth.  

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