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Service To Others And Service To Earth

By on October 13, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

Service To Others And Service To Earth

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by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,
Contributing Writer,

We came to Earth to raise the consciousness of Gaia (Earth) with humanity and all living beings as passengers on Her. In effect we raise one and bring along humanity with Her. Those who embraced darkness at third dimension living go to a similar low frequency planet, a look alike of earth in their eyes and senses. Awaken and realize how wonderful to live on a real Paradise Earth. Humans who love to save the planet & nature; planting trees, cleaning our surroundings and generally ‘save Earth from wanton destruction’-serve others will be raised with the planet. You provide humans with a beautiful habitat, a place of abundance.


Toxic gases, chemicals, chemtrails, and what we extract from the planet destroy the planet and ourselves. Have pity on destructive humans left out in a low frequency planet. Darkness exploit-kill living beings and Mother Earth. This can be a tall story or a fairy tale for unknowing beings but true. True million years ago and forever true NOW. Stars come from dust to planets, a full chain of creation!

I have a lengthy story about service to others (see Service to Others, this domain or Stankov Universal Law). In essence love of others without expecting anything in return reflects yourself. Acts of love return in multiples to the person performing them for the highest good of all, the truth, the Golden Rule. Starseeds coming from high vibrational frequencies realized it.

Humanity forgot that protection of Earth is prime. Service to Earth is new to many, in fact, unknown till NOW. Since childhood, it has been my desire to plant trees, vegetables and flowering plants everywhere even if the land is owned by others and still is at 73. On plants and trees I nurtured their growth till they are able to survive by themselves. As the Indian saying goes, give whatever spare water you have to the plants and the trees. I haul for three years, deep-well water to our park to nurture more than hundred trees, now fully grown providing fruits, herbal leaves, shade and oxygen to an enclave of 380 households. We have planted trees all along sidewalks making the place a strolling place. Out of luck the developer failed to pay for real estate taxes of the open space and park which are not subject to commerce of man according to Philippine laws. Government foreclosed it and sold to a private party, a void action from the beginning, that is the story of greed of man, developer, government and private men in cahoots. Back to the park, the land owners should share the fruits other people cared for. I pity 40 years old mango trees, cut to give way to two houses, civilization! Replace a tree cut by planting at least five or ten years, the story goes on.

NOW, several millions of awakened humans know that Earth, our mother planet is a sentient being, existing, evolving on her own from space dust to clay to rocks, with mountains and valleys seas and oceans to her planetary form thence she allows beings to live their experience in her bosom. Her body is irrigated, cleansed with gases, oil , underground aquifers and rivers and all sort of materials. In turn the planet influence the culture of humanity thru their elementals, wind and ocean currents, evaporation, typhoons, disasters….humans making their own experience in this rich varied land of resources you cannot imagine for the moment how Creator Beings thought about it. Experience.

Realize the planet has everything in abundance for all living things to attain and get their individual experiences. Ether for free energy, forest for beings to explore and live with it, oceans with multifarious sea creatures we have not even explored, eat and harvest for sustenance. Humans can domesticate animals for companionship, not for food, plants and vegetables for food…. Believe that when you turn vegan you help save the Earth as pollutants, toxins and wastage of resources, water, chemicals used, processed and grounded animal products come from domestication and harvest of animals for food. Worst they produce belches, gases turning to methane-other gases that kills us and atmosphere. Governments provide statistics on toxic gases from animals raised for food.

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We are trying to scratch the atmosphere and space, a frontier still beyond our imagination as the Archons and Cabals hid the inventions of our brothers and sisters who gave them to us, the likes of Tesla and Copernicus, Steve Jobs, Bill gates and Elon Musk. Human support provided, we can join our galactic family with reusable space crafts, cigar and saucer shape flying crafts for maximum efficiency fueled by free energy entering portals and space light corridors which you can see displayed at various websites. The wealthy finance manufacturing of these space vehicles for us to live in IO, Europa or the paradise planets of the Milky Way Galaxy. Fund inventions on food and free energy crafts to give us freedom-abundance, a chance to attend conferences with our galactic kin. Technology is provided by our galactic brothers and sisters, still hidden. Embrace them as darkness is pushed out of our domicile. Patents are freely provided by starseeds and given at the internet by inventors. Power over others thru fear, military warfare, human slavery and control delayed our ascension.


With new travel, transport and food technologies, Mother Earth can be spared of destruction as pure white and violet fire energy is poured, unconditional love overflowing the planet for humans to use, and in the process drives darkness away. Intense energies come driving darkness to low frequency planets in the universe. God’s solution, dark runs away from pure white light and violet fire.

Gas, oil, Canadian tar sands, chemicals for pharmaceuticals and various explosive rocks/chemicals from Earth are no longer required to be mined. Imagine with free energy, many things can be converted to food for humans and materials for homes without destruction of the planet. Foods can be produced from energy. Humans are free from diseases as they are created by Archons to shorten our lives by poisoning water, food and air to control us. Fuel is ether, even gravity is energy, an assistance, not a lock to keep us holed on Earth. With technology, Earth can pursue her evolution, her desire to ascend to higher heights, higher consciousness to fifth dimension. In time Mother Earth can be a creator being at the eight vibrational frequency, a sun like our own Sol creating planets and beings. With abundance-freedom we have time for millions of us awakened of wonderful, righteous, virtuous experiences at the original earth of creation.

Earth is reborn with white light, unconditional love and violet fire, raised to higher consciousness with the collective consciousness of humanity. We are not alone in this task. Ascended masters-Christ, Indigenous earth citizens with starseeds, higher beings at Stargates in a sacred energy triangle, interconnected raise the planet to a higher vibrational frequency with all our love. Awakened beings assist, interconnect with the sacred triangle and make this beautiful ascension event a reality for Mother Earth with crystal light beings-humanity as passengers.

This has been our dream for thousands of years; love, light and unity consciousness, raised vibrational frequency for all, earth, beings and humanity. We act as individual with collectively raised consciousness. We can do it.

Love and light,


About the author: ANGELCCJR., shares acts of love, light and unity consciousness. With capitalists, created livelihood in Estates in South East Asia-Middle East. Link with him at or connect at Barnes and Noble, Xlibris and ‘Knowing the Infinite Creator.’

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