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A Significant Upward Shift Occurred

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A Significant Upward Shift Occurred

by Rick Jewers,

A significant upward Shift occurred on September 23rd, as a result of a planetary/interdimensional Activation. Again, some history changes, as a result of that Activation. History as You Knew it, will continue to change, to fit higher timelines.

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You are required to continue empowering Yourselves at every opportunity. You have been guided to tools that You may utilize in this quest. Many understandings have been shared with You that contain the Higher Knowledge of how to do this and why. As an individual Soul assisting with this Ascension, You do have a responsibility of maintaining Your highest frequency/vibration possible. Do not be concerned about ejecting out of Your present reality should You accidentally raise it too high, it does not work that way.

Your vibration/frequency is governed by the vibration/frequency of Gaia and All the other Humanoids on this Timeline. However, for You as the Vanguard, it is important for You to maintain the highest frequency, where You influence the overall frequency of the planet, and that is partly how the Ascension works. The higher You raise the planetary vibration toward the ultimate Love frequency, the quicker the pineal glands of the masses open, and boost the vibration even higher, into a full sustainable 5D Timeline.

An Ascended Master status, of which more of You are obtaining while on Gaia, allows You to transcend Time/space, but, You are to remain within the 4D/5D Timelines until the mission is fully completed. Divinity assures that You do not totally raise Your frequency above the required limit of maintaining a Humanoid form and staying on the 4D/5D Timelines. You are scattered all over the surface of Gaia, and it is time for You to come closer together.

There are, getting closer for You, some very important events, that propel this Ascension, Your Ascension quite handsomely forward. Unity is key, fundamental in assuring a swift and significant Shift. Each time Unity expands by the Souls joining together by some sort of contact means, it empowers the overall Collective further and triggers NEW Divine Gifts within You, this is part of the process as well. So, Unite/connect as much as You can with ALL others that are Awakened/Ascending, the like-minded.

Frequency dictates the type of reality You reside within, by raising Your frequency as a whole, You transcend that reality. This is the Ascension. Events are Divinely in place, to bring more of You together NOW, TO RAISE THE VIBRATION HIGHER.

All fear based thought and action lowers One’s vibration. Being negative lowers One’s vibration. Any action by You that is nonvirtuous, lowers Your vibration. Master these lower vibrational mechanisms so that they do not control, restrain and restrict You, from Your power, which lies in Your Higher vibration.

Love and Light

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