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Spiritual Awakening Symptom OR Serious Medical Condition?

Spiritual Awakening Symptom OR Serious Medical Condition?
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by Casey Francis,
Contributing Writer,

Sometimes there are physical, mental and emotional signs & symptoms that occur during a spiritual awakening which have the ability cause panic, hysteria or just downright confusion.

Here is a list of some of these signs & symptoms that may seem mildly abnormal and do have the ability to prompt a trip to the doctor, but may subsequently result in a baffled look whilst the professional presses the silent alarm.

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Note that not all symptoms described below may be correlated to a spiritual awakening; sometimes a trip to see a medical professional may actually be necessary! It is advised to use critical thinking and logic in addition to spiritual practices to decide whether it is an energetic clearing, ascension symptom or an actual health issue. Professionals are necessary in some cases – if something seems vastly wrong, it might well be.

Spiritual Awakening Symptom OR Serious Medical Condition?

1. Eyesight & Vanishing Objects

This one can be quite unnerving and difficult to adjust to, but as the optic nerves of our eyes adjust to the incoming higher frequencies, there are times that this will produce a ‘skipping’ or ‘flickering’ effect whereby objects, generally in your peripheral vision, will ‘shudder’ along in your field of vision, with a potential to plainly vanish from sight.

This may not be too noticeable in most situations, however when driving a motor vehicle it can be common to have cars in lanes beside you appearing to skip along into a different dimension. When this is happening, it can occur in conjunction with headaches and it may be necessary to avoid driving (if possible) until the phase passes.

These changes can also incorporate the ability to see into other dimensions, to see auras, to see light or energy particles sparkling around and much more!

Take the time to see what your new eyes and awareness may be able to perceive after these changes!


2. The Mouth & Tooth Aches

Spiritual toothaches can hurt. A lot. Especially when connected to some form of emotional or energetic healing!

Our teeth, mouth and gums are very important as they are the first point of contact for the physical energy we receive into our bodies, and the outlet of the energy we speak every day. If there is an issue in our mouth, it can carry on and cause a flow-on effect to all facets of our energy systems.

Each of our teeth connect to different organs, meridians, glands, body systems and emotional issues. For example, a toothache in your upper right canine can represent left kidney or bladder issues, in addition to pineal gland blockages or difficulties with acceptance, intimacy, order or inflexibility.

Alternatively; a dental issue in that tooth can subsequently cause follow-on issues in it’s respective organs and glands.


3. Ringing In The Ears & Earaches

Fuzzy hearing? Tinnitus? Ear pain? Or spiritual guidance?

The above symptoms can relate to incoming light codes from higher dimensions and energies, at times aiming to provide information to either the left or right brain through the left and right ears, respectively.

It seems evident at this stage of our consciousness that our minds cannot fully understand or interpret the entire meaning of the transmissions that are being sent via sound frequency into our energetic bodies; but know that these high frequency pitches do have the ability to change our physiology, biochemistry and overall vibration – just the same as music has the ability to change the above.

Sometimes it is necessary to quieten the mind to listen into our internal dialogue to decipher whether the pain or ringing correlates to higher guidance, or if it’s just a standard earache! Take note of other thoughts/emotions/feelings that may be present.


4. Electrical Sensations/Tingling

Receiving what feels like electrical zaps to the top of your head?

Feeling tingles around your pelvic area?

This can relate to energy moving through your crown or root chakras.

These sensations can feel like a hot, prickling sensation, or a cold, prickling sensation, representing a variety of different energetic meanings which you may need to decipher over time.

They may also correlate as a claircognizant ability relating to a particular energy/higher being/ascended master/starfamily member/angel/oversoul!

For examplePleiadian energies, messages and contact can feel like a warm, soft brush to the left hand side of the torso.

Certain ascended master or archangel energies and messages can correlate with a strong, warm prickling sensation atop the crown of your head.

Arcturian energies, messages and contact can relate to strong electrical sensations rushing down the entire right side of your body.


5. Excessive Hunger / OR / Lack of Appetite

There can be times during our spiritual journey that our body craves certain foods, an excess of food, or simply doesn’t want to have to process solid foods, instead seeking a more liquid based diet.

It’s vital that we honor and acknowledge our body; our temple, during these times, and try our best to follow what our physical needs demand. Sometimes a profoundly spiritually energetic time requires more caloric and nutrient dense foods to allow our bodies to adjust to the changes. Other times, lighter foods, both in density and their physical colour are necessary to be consumed.

There may also be times we need to eat more ground based plants, dairy-based items or even more meat when our bodies need grounding. This all depends on where you are in your own spiritual journey; your spiritual beliefs and your personal circumstances.

Oppositely, there can be times that our bodies desire only liquids, to become less dense and allow cleansing throughout our energetic bodies.


Of course, there are dozens of other signs and symptoms which can relate to ascension/awakening/DNA activation/returning to source/rise in consciousness/vibration raising/enlightenment which have not been mentioned above;

The key to decide whether any sign or symptom, whether physical, emotional or mental, is due to energetic reasons or due to an actual sickness requires an awareness of self and the ability to be present enough to listen to your bodies’ strong internal compass!

Be aware! Stay present 🙂

Article by Casey Francis of | Instragram: Caseyandhoney

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