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The Benefits Of An Open Mind

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The Benefits Of An Open Mind

by Aphrolina,
Contributing Writer,

The metaphysical has had a bad reputation when it comes to well known scientists who rely on logic. The most common notion is “If I can’t see it , I don’t believe it”, personally, I believe that only fools see with their eyes and then instantly begin to believe. People need to look far more deeper than that before coming to a conclusion about something so enormous like the origins of the universe. It is even possible that our human minds can’t even comprehend the true explanation as why we are all here.

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There are so many unexplainable things in this world that simply get put off as a hoax, or a conspiracy. That’s because the majority of the world relies only on their 5 senses (Sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste) and completely dismiss anything more than that.

The Benefits Of An Open Mind

There are 6 senses, it cannot be explained but that extra sense does indeed exist. Intuition is the 6th sense, even Albert Einstein believed that it existed. He was a very special case, his open mind, keen intellect, lust for change, and contempt towards authority allowed him to see many things that others could not. He took theories from other top Physicists and called them flawed. He took a theory from one place, then added it to another, then added his own 40 page thesis on it, expanding it even more. He did not just blindly listen and follow those who were already well established and famous. He challenged them and he dared to dream, which resulted in some of the greatest achievements in history of humankind.

Einstein also believed in a higher power. He said that everything in the Universe has order, and that everything has a vibration. He he even went as far as to say that everything is predestined. However, he made it very clear that he was not religious, and he completely shunned the idea of a “personal god” who could meddle in the affairs of our daily lives. At the same time, he loathed atheists who would wrongly misquote him time and time again, even stating that he thought they were too close minded.

The Benefits Of An Open Mind

As logical as Albert Einstein might seem to the world, he heavily relied on his 6th sense and creativity to accomplish what he did. It’s what set him apart from his peers, allowing him to contribute to the world in a long and lasting way.

We desperately need more Einsteins in the world to uncover the secrets of the Universe, and to spread, and promote free thinking. We need the population of today to understand that it’s okay to be different, and that it’s okay to think outside of the box.


About the author: Virgo, Sagittarius Rising, Age 23, INFJ. I write and blog about the Metaphysical. The mysterious and divine, things that cannot be explained. My specialties are Astrology, Numerology, and Depth Psychology. My passion for these subjects are intense. Check out my website at

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