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The NEW Emerging Divine Masculine

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The NEW Emerging Divine Masculine

by Ehsida Bisset,
Contributing writer,

To feel what is inside builds strength and character. To feel is to heal and embrace new power.

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There is a silent, yet robust revolution occurring on earth right now within a soul tribe of masculines who are breaking free from previously approved identities pertaining to what being a man has meant in society.

As young boys these souls felt an explosion inside; a burning yearning passionate fire to become more than a blip in the darkness of time. To transform, to improve, to inspire, heal and restructure the template. They looked out at life and noticed…something is very wrong here. Something is very out of balance. They stood out from the crowd and they were ridiculed for it, eventually succumbing to merge with companions. Yet, within they remained rebels, thinking outside the box, questioning the establishment, dancing to the beat of their own inner drummer…all the while smoldering with the torturous inner pain of shutting off from their own intuitive hearts. This tore them up inside…often leading to inner and outer violence from lack of feeling free to express the smoldering embers of their soul.

These men know something deep within is stirring right now…something they have unconsciously coveted, yet feared. Something they knew its time would come, and, in anticipation and panic, they watch each moment as the stringent mental boundaries they strived to uphold crumble away.

Stepping out of their ancestors shoes, out of the societal ideals and dogmatic rules, out of feeling castrated by clinging karmic relationships and overwhelming responsibilities, moving almost barefoot on new ground…pulled in a difficult direction that topples life as they have known it. Can they trust this liberating volcano brewing inside?

No longer can they run with the crowd, or consort with blathering comrades who continually lure them down an infantile path of self destruction and illusion. They see no audience for their true hearts, they fear ostracization, alienation, desolation and yet, something inside continues to push them forward, away from the old stoic masculine path, the old male lineage that has left them crushed, trapped, empty, alone, judged, and misunderstood.

These men did their best to fit in, to be successful according to the old paradigm, to follow the rules and play the game that sucks their life-force and limits their creative spark with burdens, roles and duties they struggle to fulfill each day.

These emerging masculines are Wayshowers here to break free and lead the way for the rest… to set the example of what the true Divine Masculine looks like; how that effects the world; how that creates more balance, union and harmony for us all…just by trusting what is in their soul instead of thinking their way through life according to the confines of the matrix.

Yes, it is this group who in fear may have run for cover at times. Escape was their modus operandi. Alcohol, drugs, overwork or avoiding work through sheer defiance of the system. Constant travel, extreme sports, overspending to influence, juggling frivolous affairs and inappropriate options, seeking sexual release instead of true intimate connections; denying the tenderness extended. Suppressing emotions, cold behavior, dominating, commanding, and in some cases bullying, heartlessness and cruelty…diving deeply into the taste of discontent that leaves a man empty, yet falsely proud of his conquests. The bitterness and emptiness haunts them. Is this it? Is this the best it gets? They know it’s the end of the old cycle they used to represent, yet they know not who they are… to begin again as a man who allows himself to feel the true needs of his soul, instead of rationalizing behavior that leaves him vacant and unfulfilled.

Now…gently…deep within they are “feeling”…sensing the invisible support they have craved… a slight shift in the atmosphere, an opening within themselves and life all around. Higher realms are calling to them, it’s time, take off the mask and stand tall as the Divine Masculine you are.You can feel now. You can live from your heart and soul instead of the mental programming that has run you into the ground.

“Sell your soul for money, compromise your body for deadlines, buy more things, impress, be strong, dominate, be someone of importance so you get love,” no longer drives them. Love is not what they got, as much as it might be around them, their hearts were shut down unable to receive. Living lives of quiet desperation, they may still try to be dutiful to the old system, but a higher duty calls.

In their silent brooding, in the eye of the storm of confusion, they sense that thrilling excitement from childhood yet again; to explode with creative energy; to paint the world with a life force unique unto themselves. Spirit is calling. Their drive is increasing, their passion accelerating, their potential expanding…but for something they don’t quite understand. It’s a new masculine identity, a more empowering reality, a new reason for being, a new kind of strength that comes from the soul.

The rational logical mind has been detrimental on this particular adventure, berating them, judging them, stalling them, silencing them and leading them down the wrong path time and time again. There is inner guidance now, there is support, there is love from higher forces protecting and guiding this journey. They are not alone and they will succeed, because this is the mission for the emerging Divine Masculines here on earth, creating balance once again between the true masculine and feminine within. Without embracing their heart and soul, life remains pointless, empty and desolate…an ongoing disaster of mistakes, defeats, betrayals, confusion and false pride.

You are needed dear Divine Masculines. You are important. You are leaders on this bridge toward greater balance on earth between the masculine and feminine. As you embrace and reveal your heart and soul to yourself and those who align, you will realize all along you have been loved, you have been seen, you have been acknowledged, you are worthy. You did not receive before because that would have meant feeling. It is safe to feel now and you must feel to heal. You are the future balance of our world.

I applaud you. Standing ovation.


“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery Next Post


Innocence is our greatest treasure; our messenger of peace and kindness; our bridge between heaven and hu-man.

While contemplating a rare and unprecedented trauma, I found myself in a death grip with it. What to do? I surrendered, dove deep to its core and said, “Give it your best shot. If the agony of this pain is to kill me, take me now.” Deeper and deeper I dove through oceans of tears and torment until all at once I reached the core… the root of the pain…the trigger that would not let go until I acknowledged it.

The loss of innocence.

Like a small child led to a field under the pretense of meeting a puppy only to be left there, abandoned on purpose. What happens to that child? It changes. It closes down. It becomes confused, scared and forsaken. It loses its childlike innocence, its ability to trust, to love, to play happily, to be carefree…to grow to be who they came here to be.

I sat with this for a moment contemplating those who consciously cause the loss of innocence in others. Their own innocence must have been lost long ago. What is there to forgive? Pure compassion. They too have felt this same pain.

The child who is sexually abused. The hard worker continually left without enough to feed his/her family. The parent who loses a child, or a lover who’s partner chooses another. Events like this take something from us, if we allow them to.

The loss of innocence is the most dangerous core pain we can experience because it hardens us. It can shut down the heart and block the soul, and we can’t let that happen. I decided in that moment to reclaim my innocence, to trust life and love and people just as I had as a child. To not let anyone or anything take away the most precious part of me… to keep my heart alive and free to love and enjoy every moment I have left to live.

Those who make a different choice live with their pain by stealing other people’s happiness so they don’t feel so alone. We all have a duty to our soul to maintain our divinity in spite of the pain in life. Dive deep, find the root, and reclaim your divine essence. It’s the greatest power you contain.

No matter what life hands out my dear friends, remember, you are always loved.


About the author: Ehsida is an intuitive and empathic healer-writer dedicated the awakening consciousness of humanity. You can find more of her posts to uplift, inspire, heal, inform and expand consciousness, at and Her book, IN SEARCH OF THE MIRACULOUS, was published in 2008. This book is a support system for those wanting to understand themselves, their behaviors and how to overcome fear, self-sabotage and old limiting patterns.

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