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To Realize A New Earth For All

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To Realize A New Earth For All

by Katie IndiCrow,
Contributing Writer,

In the last few months I have been noticing how energy waves contribute to ‘wake up calls’ of consciousness which, in turn, expose the fragility/lies/injustice upon which our current structures are built. For example, many first wavers and blue rays were spurred into awakening into the 60-70s through the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights Movement. Another wave of us were blasted awake through the 2008-2011 between the global recession and the Occupy Movement. From this point, it seems we have had almost continuous large-spread movements built up around securing access of means of survival such as the case in the anti-austerity movements in Ireland, Greece and beyond. There have also been powerful Indigenous led movements such as Idle No More and the Standing Rock anti-pipeline action. Our most recent series of waves have seen us through the US presidential election race and the impressive spectrum of actions created to oppose Trump’s policies and practices. The common thread uniting each of these movements? People are recognizing themselves as part of a community and/or collective and acting to protect that against what they view to be endangerment.

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Let us take a moment and think about the power that lies in that. Those who haven’t done social justice action sometimes assume protesters just show up, make noise and mess, and then leave. (And there are some who do.) As many of us have learned or are learning, joining with members of your community in these activities create space for capacity building, connections formed, and growth. Protests are but one piece of what goes on. There is planning, circulating information, holding prayer circles, making friends, hosting meetings, and so much more. Through organizing events and campaigns, people learn to cooperate with one another and articulate their concerns. In a sense, these activities represent instances where people identify themselves as part of a community that is worth protecting. Each of these experiences can serves as elements in our growth, giving us the chance to learn key tools and realize the capacity that we have to contribute positively to our environments. From a practical standpoint, it is important that we do not get so caught up with protecting and fighting what already exists that we forget to take the spaces created by the systemic crumbling to build the very things that we know WE DESERVE! This is a reason why I have adopted the phrase choose love in situations like this.

Through experiences in activism and organization, I have seen a lot of people getting burnt out beating their heads against the wall getting caught up in the same cyclical argument of cat and mouse that Cabal based power structure have built to trip them up. Well, friends. You know what they can’t stop? LOVE. HIGH VIBRATIONS. They. Can’t. Touch. This. Especially not if we build from a pure and clear energetic space. In this sense, choosing love does not mean ignorance or avoidance of engaging with the true core of these issues. Nor does it mean turning a blind eye to what is going on. It means allowing yourself to be triggered by the BS, moving through that, and turning that energy which was once used for anger into creating positive change.

Many people are outraged right now, just like those of us who were awoken through political activity once were (and heck, some still may be). If you are one of these people. I love you and am so glad you are recognizing your bond with One. Sometimes it really does take a big old mirror with Donald Trump on the handle to show us the ridiculousness of what we’ve been. If you are reading this article, you’re finding it in a place that specifically addresses energy and ascension.

When you are ready, I invite you to apply these principles to how you approach the world around you. To realize a new earth for all, we know that the changes we are making must be both structural and metaphysical. That means that at some point, we need to stop getting pissed off or disenfranchising ourselves and step up to the plate to make things happen in our societies in a constructive way. If we can harness this beautiful energy that is being brought up through the triggering and recognition of common interest and community, we’ve got it made. Changes like many of us are hearing at Standing Rock DO NOT mean the end. They’re a chance for more beginnings.

Because guess what? Love doesn’t stop.

I like making things happen. That’s why I choose love.

Love always,

Katie IndiCrow

About the author: Katie IndiCrow is a gridworker, energy teacher, and aligner. For more information about her work and current offerings find her at IndiCrow Energetics:

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