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As The True Leaders Rise, The New Breed Begins

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As The True Leaders Rise, The New Breed Begins

by Deane Thomas,
Contributing Writer,,

As our consciousness shifts, there is a ripple effect that travels around the globe, in turn, this ripple is converted into an energy.  In addition, the vibrational pitch changes, in effect sending a very specific frequency to the universal highway of consciousness.  Others, who have also shifted their consciousness will be able to tap into the frequencies.

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As our receptors tune into the new frequencies we take it upon ourselves to make an action or change in something new.  Almost like a seed receiving pure energy from Source, that will encourage rapid growth.  You see, unity consciousness is available to everyone and everything. It is just a matter of reducing the fog or noise in our 3D world to have uninterrupted access to it.

With many interesting global events happening in politics that are in the mainstream (old school paradigm) we are beginning to see signs of the new in real ways.  Recent events in Europe, where we have seen an LGBT Prime Minister appointed in Serbia (a staunch ally of Russia), the election of a gay Premiere in Ireland, and the youngest leader of a political party in Austria.

In addition, the events surrounding Spain and Catalonia, demonstrate the political battles currently happening in Europe.  These events are all new; they all represent a demand for change and have no choice but to be accepted in the world today.  Great Britain deciding to leave the European Union, is a further indication of the inevitable collapse of the establishment’s current way of ruling.

The many millions of people that have awoken are now on a major path of transition.  One that is going to require a whole new breed of “leaders”.  The new leaders have endured many eons of poverty, suppression and other traumas.  Throughout this lifetime they have been the brave souls that have further been subjected to attempts to condition them.  Their determination and inner knowing has allowed them to rise above everything, and clear their consciousness.  They have finally attuned to the unity consciousness that has always been present, and are now ready to lead the way forward.

These new leaders are those that will pioneer alternative systems and ways of living.  They will share and teach their wisdom so that others may too become pioneers.  They will continue to shine their light, to lead the way in a new way of doing things.  It is the inevitable part of our evolution as a species and one that is welcomed by so many.

Many will resist the changes on the horizon, as it is completely new; it is one that is like nothing we have ever encountered on this planet.  It is lead by the global citizens, not the current leaders or alleged representatives.  Finally, technology has given us a distinct advantage this time. One that enables us to reach the rest of the world in an instant.  There is no more need to rely on a letter, a messenger, a scroll or a tablet – today we have social media.

Enlightenment will come to us all eventually, but it is crucial to the planet that we return to our roots.  Our very existence.  Today we have an opportunity to create all our desires and dreams in a parallel system.  We are choosing to take advantage of the holes left, so that we may grow.   As a grass seed falls, it will always find the tiniest crack so that it may earth and nourish.  We as a population are also doing the same.  It is too late for anyone to reverse what is happening.

Those that embrace and welcome the change will simply grow into the new and be remembered as a pioneer.  Leaving a legacy for all to benefit, not the select few. This is a momentous tipping point in the evolution of man, and one we shall embrace with all our hearts and souls.  Those new leaders are here and walking the planet, they are living their missions.  Many live in oblivion to the massive task they have undertaken.

This is how it is meant to be – free of ego-mind thoughts.  It can be no other way for the highest good of the planet.  As we watch the lower vibrations play out their final scenes, the noise is going to get louder.  Be patient, and hold space for the new that is on the horizon, it is incredible, just wait until you begin to feel and sense it…It is an amazing sensation to experience.


Our future leaders will act from a place of love, peace, and harmony, as well as respect for all that is.  They will embrace all that ever has been, and transform it into a heaven on earth scenario.  Giving back to Mother Earth and nourishing her, instead of the old ways.  We owe this to our planet as well as our fellow brothers and sisters around the world.

We, the pioneers, are the stardust that will change the world.

About the author: Deane has created unique personal development programs for those who are awakening and wish to make a smooth transition to the new templates. He has a passion and in-depth understanding of past life memory, its interpretation and how to address this in current life. To understand who we are today, we need to get to grips of who we have been – through unraveling the truth within, we can create a new template for the way we live our lives – in truth! 

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