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The Turbulence Of Ascension Offers Healing

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The Turbulence Of Ascension Offers Healing

by Gabriel Heartman,
Contributing Writer,

Turbulence. That is what it has felt like the last few days, well maybe even weeks. I have found myself feeling some pretty intense emotional energies that have felt very related to the passing through this current gateway. I have not been much into astrology this life but I am noticing emotional correlations to these particular phases. I am moving through this which much curiosity and even some fusion to the energies. A feeling that I have not been totally me. Thoughts that have brought my vibration down to a gravitational pull. It is like our consciousness is an airplane and when we have tasted the lighter frequencies of our spiritual essence, the contrast of dipping down into the tumult of our more denser unfelt emotional body can be quite a jarring experience.

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Even in the thick of the energy I knew in my core something was happening WITH me and not TO me. It took some lifting of the control wheel to get to that space. Getting higher than the turbulence to get some context and space from it. An influx of mind chatter that felt very rooted in a more programmed way, connected to the Archon or Reptilian brain. But I can not play victim to that for this energy is an aspect of me on a more soul level. It is tending to this aspect with love and compassion. This is what turns the nose up into the higher atmosphere of Love’s expansion.

I could feel how this part of me, so rooted in the mental body matrix, it is having a hard time letting go to what it has been used to in the name of control and fear. The fear that it will cease to exist and that it is dying. And really, it is. It is having to move on to a new place that it can exist in its own vibration for it no longer can do that inside of me, for I am changing, raising. I am no longer choosing to be brought down anymore. To be drawn back into the turbulence of a collective and personal purgatory.

It looks like one of those scenes in a movie where someone opens a door and there are thousands of souls woooshing around in a swirl with pained expressions and awful sounds coming from them. It is real. It is out in the aethers. I see it effecting so many people as they are disconnected from it unconsciously. It fuels so much of the painful actions in the world. To be able to have a relationship to it is a gift in which you can foster a new coarse that does not bypass it, but heals it with the light of love and compassion with grounded protection from guides and the experience of those that have been there.

I feel I have been gifted in some ways with going into this “hell” many times as I am to serve as a bridge from there to here. A part of me used to suffer in it as a curse, but now I am feeling something different. It is time to show up in a new way as way-shower out of the darkness and heaviness and into the lightness of being that can actually feel unbearable to our more 3D Self. It is a sacred passageway into a death that moves us from fear consciousness to Pure Love. From suffering to Joy. From limitation to infinity.

My heart is with those of you that are experiencing intense times right now. There is much to be learned and moved into as we mature through this death/rebirth canal. Each one no more sacred than then next.

About the author: Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual teacher, men’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit  for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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