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Understanding Aloneness And Isolation During Spiritual Shifts

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Understanding Aloneness And Isolation During Spiritual Shifts

by Zoe Davenport,
Contributing Writer,

It’s ok where you are at, it’s okay you need space, it’s ok to gift yourself what you need.

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Aloneness is something we HAVE to gift ourselves without question along our spiritual paths — even when we are with people — we have to continuously show up for our own personal and emotional needs.

This houses the potential for our continued expanded growth into the unlimited possibilities of multi-dimensional experiences and thus have those with the people we love around us.

In order to truly step into this we need to gift ourselves support — time and aloneness.

Not a night here or there — but actual proper time to really tune into the self-care needs for our souls to be held in the space needed to evolve. It can FEEL daunting as inherently as humans we seek so desperately to hold onto the support from others. But if we take these moments it can be the making of our realities and seek to enhance our relationships.

Aloneness supports:

During our transitions there will be many ups and downs, as things we once loved seem no longer fitting to our souls anymore. Relationships, jobs, taste will all change as we hold more love and light in our hearts. Our alone time is imperative while we work ourselves out again, while we shift into our new healing and awareness for life.

When we start out on a spiritual journey so many changes and revelations are happening that it can feel very isolating. At times the more we change and discover things about ourselves and the world around us, the connections we once had with people can often feel withdrawn. These moments of feeling disconnected are the times of feeling the most isolated from life.

We haven’t quite anchored all of our learning, truths and authenticity into practice yet. A sweet spot emerges within self. We know we can’t go back to our stories, fears and limiting beliefs for comfort. We know the person we thought we were is evolving, but haven’t quite worked out how we are supposed to show up in the world yet.

This sweet spot, this void, unrest and uncertainty on how we are meant to show up is the perfect time to get present. Embrace the not knowing, the nothingness, the freedom, the potential and the opportunities not yet revealed to us and embrace aloneness.

This is the moment to really go within, to really work on healing, keep letting go, keep opening and expanding the heart. Learn to not hold onto things that are meant to leave our lives even be it for the time being. Knowing that what will align again will be the most perfect alignment of the soul.

These moments of spiritual growth are the perfect opportunities to get to know ourselves once more, to enjoy our company and connect back in with our intuition.

These are the moments of aloneness is to remind ourselves it’s okay that we are not quite sure how we are meant show up in the world yet, all we have to do right now in these moments is to show up for ourselves in love — with self-care, space, grounding and healing.

In order to understand who we are we need to have some fun again. We already know things are coming up for healing. We already know we are not our stories. We already know we are not the limitations of our fears. Let us embrace once more the not knowing, the sweet spot and surrender in the NOW.

It is FUN to feel alive, to feel awake, to feel at one with who we are. It is fun to be spending time in our own energies again. It is fun to not dwell on the past.

Let us be reminded of the child that we once were. Let us embrace the time to start new creative projects, join new groups with similar interests to us, take long walks in nature, and dance like no one’s watching. Being on our own during these transitions will ignite the flame from deep within again so we may start to gain strength once more in our authenticity.

Let us also embrace the alone time to really let go, to scream, cry, and fall on the floor as our bodies release the emotional traumas of life times.

Let us embrace the solitude to ride the waves of emotions that don’t make sense but find strength because they will make sense to our souls.

Let us be reminded and embrace that our souls are driving and have our best intentions at heart.

These days of feeling like nothing is shifting, no guidance is coming and feeling insecure because the life we once knew is disappearing and we are not sure as to what the future holds. This is really the time to let go, to observe, to not over question but simply allow, to be in each moment, embrace the tears, the fears, the uncertainty for embracing what is in the moment will set these feelings free.

We do not need to push through our experiences. We do not need to feel like we are not evolving when we are feeling down. We do not need to feel like we have to change right now. Loving ourselves is embracing all our emotions and allowing ourselves the rest that we so desperately need in those moments of surrender. Let us embrace these times to really be alone and rest, heal, cry, eat, and switch the mind off and the heart on to being, just simply being. We do not need to show up BIG in the world when we are going through these shifts. All we need to do is show up for ourselves to take comfort, space and rest. Finding our way gently through the shifts and into joy, fun, play, love.

Be gentle, be kind, be nurturing, not forcing, not pushing, not fighting, pure surrender into the emotions that are coming up to be released, simply breathe, relax and do nothing. For doing nothing is doing far more for our spiritual growth and authenticity than we can ever do when we try to fight how we are feeling in the present moment.

This will clear our internal emotional storm, bring out the sunshine and we are reminded to play, dance and laugh once more with who we are. Within time, these days become more common than the feelings of isolation and disconnect for we understand those alone times were never really alone for they were building a relationship with who are once more.

Embracing these challenges within time will bring about the greatest insights, clarity, ideas and changes we could have ever dreamt possible.

We will truly know ourselves — be in support of ourselves and truly be able to show up in the way we always wanted for those around us in joy and love.

Embrace your aloneness — allow yourself to know who you are and gift yourself what you truly need.

YOU are so dearly loved and supported by the universe — by the divine flow of love within the core of your being.

Breathe into these times and all will be well.

I love you all

Zoe Davenport
Ascension Guide & Crystalline Grid Activator

Zoe DavenportZoe Davenport is a channel, master ascension guide and crystalline grid activator. Her multi-dimensional connection helps to expand her vibration to support those on the ascension path. ​ She is running a ​Crystalline Activation Workshop — Join us live on July 1st 10am PT for 2 hours of in depth crystal activation magic — learn to create powerful portal opening grids to expand your potential.

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