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You Will See Rainbows Everywhere!

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You Will See Rainbows Everywhere!

by Rosie Neal,
Contributing Writer,

There are so many afraid to fully step into their truth due to outside judgment. These individuals stay hidden in the background, behind the veil. They are in a place of recognizing truth and feels its deep resonance in their soul, but they still feel so afraid of being judged at the deepest level by a cold, unawakened, egoic world. They just cannot move forward.

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All that is required of them is to stay and live from a sacred neutral perspective, withholding all judgments. In doing this, they become the observers.

You have taken on the role of the witness at this present moment of now. A place where no right or wrong exist. It is just observation of experiential experience as this game plays out.

We are living in the rainbow frequency that was brought in by the 12 rays. The purpose of the 12 rays was to anchor in the frequency on the planet. This opened the way for the rainbow frequency to come through.

You will see the rainbows everywhere, more than ever in your history. Each of these ray’s are directly filtered down by Source/God through the cosmic central sun.

The 12 rays were given to us as a gift to assist us with our connection back to our personal consciousness. We use the 12 rays to experience what has never been available to us as a human race before. It was the 12 rays that opened the way for the 22 rays of Source/God.

We have moved from being frequency specific to broadband, which allowed an opening of the heart and allows for the connection to source stream, which is the stream of knowingness.

I live my life from the stream of knowingness that connects back to original Prime Creator God of all Gods. I work hard at keeping balanced, but even find my own moments of polarity. Recognize it, own it, and let it go. It is in these moments of being triggered that you are shown exactly where your work is.

Live outside of all expectations, but fully embrace the creator aspect in you. Take the time to create without expectations and just let it go. Your own expectations could stop or slow down your manifestations of creations greatly.

Nothing is impossible to you. Even im-possible screams ((( I’m possible )).

As everyone talks of ascension, I will tell you that you are not going up, anywhere. It is the I Am presence descending down into your physical avatar. The I Am Presence is a technology. It begins in the ascended master skillset and a remembrance of all past lives. You will use this skillset of creation to create without polarization.

It is not a painfree process. You knew this and agreed to the morphing of your cells on a cellular, molecular, atomic, and subatomic level before you ever incarnated here. There is nothing being done to you, it’s all being done for you. You couldn’t wait to get here. You could barely wait to experience something that is never ever existed like this ever before.

You were like a teenager fixing to go on a roller coaster for the first time. You were excited. You wanted to feel the momentum and the pressure and as it went uphill, you felt the cringe in your stomach. As it let go, to roar down-hill, you screamed and yelled. Some vomited, but when the ride was over, you took that deep breath. You laughed you giggled and all the fear was gone. The pain was gone.

You never would have understood it if you did not step forth to take the ride. Just then, you understood it was just a ride and it was all about the experience. It was about the experiential experience. Then you were ready to go again.

Bill Hicks - Its Just A Ride

I was told to go public “Total transparency” I thought, “Ohhh God, why me?” I hesitated for a brief moment and then I stepped forth.

The world, one by one, heard the call and stepped beside me. God already knew that thousands would come forth. Remember that when you hesitate.

~ Rosie Neal

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