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Your Feng Shui Kua Number And Direction

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Your Feng Shui Kua Number And Direction

Your Feng Shui Kua Number

After learning about all the different locations, colors and objects, most of us will have a lot of rearranging to do to align our spaces with the entire bagua chart. However, according to Feng Shui, everyone also has certain sectors that hold the greatest effect on their life.

To find out which sector you should focus on, you have to find your kua number.

Here’s how:

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1. Take the last two digits of the year you were born (Example: 1983=83).

2. Add the digits. If they result in a two digit number, add them again and again until you get a one digit number (Example: 8+3=11, 1+1=2).

3. If male, take your single digit and subtract it from 10. (Example: 10-2=8). If female, add five to your digit. If the result is two digits, use the second digit (Example: 2+5=7).

Your Feng Shui Kua Number

After you know your kua number, use this Lucky Feng Shui Directions Chart (below) to determine your auspicious and inauspicious directions. You shouldfocus on your auspicious direction when arranging objects in your room.

For optimal harmony and success, you should sleep, work and sit with your head pointed in your auspicious kua number direction. The inauspicious direction alerts you to what (or who) to avoid, and is used best as a self-analysis at the beginning of learning Feng Shui. If your bed is pointed in your inauspicious direction, that could offer major insight into your problems. One more point on kua numbers is that odd numbers are considered more fortunate than even numbers. This idea stems from the belief that yang/odd is luckier than yin/even.

Feng Shui has numerous ways to improve one’s quality of life. From basic feng shui steps, such as good air and good light to slightly more advanced ones, such as facing your best, or lucky directions.

Your lucky feng shui directions help you attract the quality of energy that is most nourishing, or suitable, for you. Once you know your lucky feng shui directions, you will try to face them at work, at home, and when you sleep (the direction the crown of your head is facing when you are in bed)

How do your find your lucky feng shui directions? It is easy.

First, you have to find out your Kua number.

Second, look at the chart below and find out the best, or lucky feng shui directions for your Kua number.

Lucky Feng Shui Directions Chart

Lucky Feng Shui Directions Chart


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