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Your Frequency = Your Reality

Your Frequency = Your Reality
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by Wendy Hutchinson,
Contributing Writer,

Everything is energy.  Our human biology breaks down to energetic particles which hold vibration and/or frequency. The soul is basically energy/frequency and consciousness combined.  As we come into physical form, the soul is contained within the human body.  The energy or vibration we hold in that body determines our current reality which aligns with dimensional frequencies/vibrations.

The Ocean is an example of how we are ONE and yet also separate. When you look at the ocean it is a huge body of water, however it can be reduced to one drop.  A soul in this dimensional reality is like the ocean, it’s part of a collective energy but also that single drop of water when in individual human form.  Here on Earth there is little awareness of the impact the individual has on the collective.  In the higher harmonic frequencies, energetically a soul can consciously be singular or combine to be part of a collective.  Even if the drop of water separates from the ocean, it still is part of the ocean and eventually returns to its original source.

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Many people are aware that we are experiencing a shift, but not many people know what that means. There’s a lot of talk about 3D going to 5D but what does that look like in our reality? Dimensional shifting creates new realities as people rise to new harmonic frequencies on Earth. Creating heaven on Earth is possible by alignment with those higher energetic frequencies.  As we do the inner work and shed the density that has weighed us down for many lifetimes and elevate in our response to situations in life, our frequency rises. The gradual upward shift creates a life in the flow. The drama, the struggle diminishes.

To those resisting and clinging to the old paradigms and EGO programs, the struggle being felt right now is intense. Through spiritual mastery, a level of detachment is achieved. Things that triggered a negative response are met with a new perspective. The need to win, the need to be right, the need to convince anyone of anything is no longer necessary. As we align with our higher aspects of self, we elevate.  Focus on our personal healing instead of fixing, influencing or forcing others to align with our agenda is the goal. The shift to new harmonic frequencies creates new dimensional realities in this life.

We each hold and radiate energetic frequency which changes from day to day or moment to moment. It radiates from IN to OUT and not only affects our personal experience, it also adds its essence to the collective energy (the sea) of all humanity. The myth is that human experience is externally driven, going from out to in, however our experience is shaped by who we ARE! Every physical thing experienced in life is a mirrored reflection of the frequency we are holding within ourselves.  It is our BEING that creates our reality/dimension.  It’s an inside job.  The higher our vibration and light quotient, the more positive a reality is created.  Every decision made influences the frequency we hold which in turn affects dimensional shifts.  Elevating to a higher dimension is driven by our thoughts and every day actions from the foods we eat, to the emotional and physical things we allow into our everyday lives.

Being mindful of what is invited in is critical to creating higher dimensional shifts. Are we inviting in positive or negative thoughts? Are we eating higher vibrational foods or crap? Are we listening to the news and feeling fear rising around what we are viewing? Are we in toxic relationships? Do we feel trapped in a job or family dynamic that is unhealthy? If we go deep within we know the honest answers to these questions. Excuses around why nothing can change is the first sign that the current choices probably aren’t aligned and need to change in some way.

At some point a day of reckoning will occur, where the discomfort will become so intense change is necessary.  When we own our truth and decide to release something, we bring ourselves into alignment with who we really are.  It can look like a diet change, choosing to exercise, or maybe leaving a bad marriage or a toxic work environment. It is basically choosing YOU and what feels right to YOU. Nothing raises your vibrational frequency faster than living in alignment with your core values and truth. This has nothing to do with the rational mind, it has everything to do with living from the heart.

The more we can align with our truth and expand and open the heart, the higher our light quotient rises. Marconics energy also raises vibrational frequency either temporarily or permanently depending on the type of session. Learn more about Marconics, Alignment and ascension here:

The Universe does not discern good or bad when echoing back life experiences, it’s simply reflecting the energetic frequency/bandwidth going out.  Changing our internal dialogue and mindset shifts everything.  Align with yourself and shift in powerful ways. Difficult relationships will either heal or organically fade away. The ability to serve others will expand as consciousness expands.  Approach everything from the heart rather than from the mind. The heart is where truth lies.  We bury our truth by constantly compromising aspects of ourselves.  Now is the time to come back to the authentic self.

Expanding and raising ourselves vibrationally will 100% change our reality and create a higher dimensional life experience.  Every time we release something that no longer serves us we elevate. Release the story and the people who aren’t supportive and invite in people who support you. Release shame, guilt, anger by working through the emotional stuff.  Elevate to the highest and best self.  Help is available! The shift to 5D is an energetic experience not a physical place.  It is determined by who we ARE.   Where will you align, 3D, 5D, 7D? Everything is possible, but a choice must be made.

About the author: Wendy Hutchinson is a writer, certified level IV Marconics energy practitioner, and intuitive life and spiritual coach. In 2017 she was spotlighted as the Life Purpose Institute’s top coach. In 2017, she wrote for The Missing Piece Magazine and was also voted Life Coach of the Year. She is a contributing author to the 2019: Inspirational Almanac.

Passionate about walking people through the ascension process, she helps people overcome adversity, release karmic debris, and align with their highest potential. Contact her here: or blog:
Her show The Path of Me can be viewed on her YouTube Channel Wendy Hutchinson:

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