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Your Spirit Guide’s Mission

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Your Spirit Guide's Mission

by Samson Swanick
Contributing Writer,

Life can often put us in situations where receiving guidance would be greatly appreciated. The challenges and decisions we haveto face can seem quite daunting. Should I move to a different city? Should I change careers? Do I really need another slice of pizza? Whether these questions we ask ourselves are life-changing or relatively simple, a little guidance would be a great help.

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Many of us on the spiritual path are aware that we do have guides, benevolent beings, which are concerned with our well-being. When we incarnate into a human body on earth, another soul volunteers to help us as we navigate through the tumultuous and celebratory path of this lifetime. Each person has assigned to them at least one guide, however there are often a plethora of beings who love us dearly and want to help. A primary guide (guardian angel, higher self, etc.) is always with you and the more attention he or she is given the more clear and stronger your communication will be. Time should be taken each day to strengthen the communication link and become more aware of the messages being shown to you.

Communicating with your guide is key and can be truly beneficial to you and your life. Some people have clairvoyance, clairaudience, et cetera, but for most of us, those skills lay somewhat dormant. A lot of us wish we could see and hear our guides as if they were a physical human being. However, this would be counterproductive to the living-on-earth experience. Earth is a very difficult school and to be here means that you have “earned your wings” as a self-empowered soul. You chose this mission for your own growth. Nonetheless, our guides are constantly sending us messages, if only we are aware and conscious enough to recognize them.

Our guides speak to us in a million different ways each day and night. Dreams, coincidences, intuition, and many other ways communicate messages which would be to our benefit. Even though so much is given to us, often times we can be stubborn in our preferences of how would like to receive the messages. “Just tell me Spirit Guide, should I move to California, Yes or No?” Sometimes clear answers come, but rarely. Asking for assistance is fine, but asking to be told what to do goes against the true role of your guide.

Life is a process of discovering who you really are. When it comes to communicating with our guides, the operative word is “process”. It’s a common paradigm to believe that guides should directly respond to a “I need help. show me the answer” attitude, but our guides are not here to make decisions for us. They do not give us the answers on a silver platter along with commands on what we should and should not do. This type of response is stagnant, inflexible, and controlling. What guides most often do is offer us information to invoke a creative, living, dynamic process within us with which we can interact. They give us an opportunity to uncover more of who we are.

You spirit guide’s primary job is to be a guide. They are training you, guiding you through a life time of discovery. Just like a great teacher won’t just tell you the answer to a math problem, they will guide you through the process so that you may be able to solve the problem on your own. Their goal is to empower you so you can become more in tune with your true self, more tapped into the power of your uniqueness. They can present you with a vivid, intense, or even crazy situation to specifically elicit a response from you. They are training you to pay attention to your response so you can guide yourself. For example, you might be thinking about moving to California and then you ask your guides if you should. Then, you get a call from an old friend who just moved California. You think, “holy cow what a coincidence! Maybe the universe is telling me to move to California!”. Your guides presented you a specific energy around a situation to help it become more clear and easier for you to decide. Is moving to California truly resonating and in alignment with your heart? The answer becomes clear, but you had to go through the process of decision making (the dreaming, the questions, the fear, the excitement, etc.) to get the answer that feels right to you.

Another more simple example is flipping a coin. You cannot decide what you want for dinner. If the coin lands on “heads” its taco night; if it lands on “tails” you order a pizza. The coin is flipped and it lands on “heads”. After seeing the coin had decided tacos are for dinner, you suddenly realize how delicious a slice of pizza sounds and that deep down you really wanted pizza all along. The goal of your guide is to assist you to a position where you can decide who you are, or in this case, what you want for dinner.

Sometimes we just want to be told what to do. It seems so much easier. Making decisions takes energy and there is a lot of pressure. However, we can look at this from the perspective of our guides. They love us unconditionally with absolute zero judgment. All they want to do is love us and to watch us grow into our own powerful, magnificent selves. They don’t want to make us do anything or rob us of a valuable experience. We know that in our greatest challenges lie the greatest rewards. All we have to do is ask and they will help us, but it is up to us to decide who we want to be.

About the Author: Samson Swanick, M.A. is a Sustainability Consultant,  Hypnotherapist, and Life Coach. As two-time Fulbright Scholar, he currently resides in Bali, Indonesia developing transformational programs grounded in spirituality and sustainability. He also loves raw food and meditation.

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