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5 Signs You’re Waking Up In 5D

By on November 2, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

5 Signs You're Waking Up In 5D

by Bridgid Hoban, 
Contributing writer, In5D.com

Duality is failing: where we used to find our strongest opinions, we are only finding empathy. All the things that used to make us angry are becoming more understandable. Where we used to find rage, we now just find questions. Where we used to have answers, we now only find uncertainty. All the things we used to hate, vilify, abhor, we are finding the human aspect. We no longer feel as though it’s “us versus them”, we are starting to understand that we are all just products of our own f•••ed up program. We have tried to ascertain the barrier of light and dark, right and wrong, but we’ve come to realize that we are all both, everything is both, it is all one.

We have no answers anymore, just questions. Although we used to have a pretty good understanding of how things worked, we are starting to realize that all comes from perception, not proof. We are starting to understand that everything we think is true is only true because we think it is. There’s no objective proof to any “belief”, that’s the very definition of belief. Jesus has no more objective proof than Sasquatch. The only thing that matters is BELIEF. It doesn’t matter what you believe, if you believe strongly in it, you will find your proof everywhere.

There is no end: We keep going over and over and over until we learn it all. There may be no end ever. Heaven may be repetition. Hell may be repetition. We may just keep going til we have been everyone. Maybe this is our one shot. We start to see everyone we meet as a mirror. Some of them are mirrors of good and positivity. Some are mirrors of the darkness in our souls. Learn the lesson wherever you feel positively or negatively about someone. Where is it IN YOU?

Freedom is more than just attainable: financial abundance WANTS to express itself through you! We are all MEANT to live fabulous and incredible lives, it’s the societal program that’s keeping us down! The highest goal to be attained is the wealth and ability to DO WHATEVER YOU WANT. Our best selves have the money available to help, to adventure, to treat our families the way they deserve. Abundance is not our birthright, it’s our GOAL. When we run our poverty “programs” and vilify the wealthy we are just telling the universe we want to be poor please. Break the chains. Society has told you that rich people are bad; that money is “the root of all evil”. F••• that. Money is the best thing the universe wants for us. Freedom, happiness, autonomy, travel, kindness. It’s insanity to think you can change the world when you can’t change your own life. Money can solve a lot more problems than thoughts and prayers!

Bubbles: We start to program our own little bubbles. We always have but with social media algorithms it’s easier than ever to find “proof” of your beliefs, no matter what they are! It’s never been easier to set your mind to the proper frequency, as long as you’re doing it! Everything you click on adds to the machines version of “you”, it probably knows your id better than you do at this point.

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Start to program your bubble with what you WANT. There are amazing people doing amazing things every day, find those articles. READ THOSE ARTICLES. Every click is a point for the good guys, and your algorithm. Stop clicking on the stuff that makes you mad or sad or feel bad. You just get more of the same, much like life. Program your reality to be something amazing!

And if you’d like to program your HOME to be something amazing, check out my new book! It’ll show you step by step how to make your home it’s best possible self!

Image: Pixabay

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