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Angel Message For The Week #65

By on June 3, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Angel Message For The Week

by Elise Cantrell,
Contributing Writer, In5D.com

Angel Message:

You pray and pray and wonder why God doesn’t just “fix” the things that you are worried about. This is because, dear ones, it is your lesson to learn in this lifetime, that you have the power within you to shift things for yourselves.

God wants you to reconnect with your own power and potential. God is there within you beyond the ego. God aligns with what your soul wants vs. what the ego wants. You reconnect with God by fully reconnecting with your soul, and that starts within, not with all of the distractions around you. You reach God by connecting to him where he lives within you.

You can instantly change everything by not connecting to those inner fears that you are in the habit of following. You must redirect yourselves to connect to the Godsource within who is greater than all of those fears. The powerful Source that is within you is far more powerful than those imagined fears that you keep going back to. You can shift the course of your life by going straight to the inner Love rather then going straight to your inner fears. You often think you are going to God when you pray out of fear, but you are really going directly to fear and feeding its energy and all of the stories attached to your fears.

When you go to that quiet place of peace within you, you are going to God, When you go into fear, you cannot access God there because God (love) is never present in a place of fear.

You have been feeding the “spirit of fear” inside of you all of the power instead of feeding the “spirit of love” and giving it all the power. You have been caught in the “fear trap.” Breaking free requires you to return to the Source of love within you, an inner fortress, free of fear. Here is the true Shangra-la. The place where the Divine living God dwells.

Love is always living, and fear is always dying.

Choose LOVE over fear, and thus you choose life over death.

“Rise and Shine!”

Angel Message For The Week

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