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Have You Heard The Call Of Atlantis?

By on May 28, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening

Have You Heard The Call Of Atlantis?

by Elizabeth Bell,
Contributing Writer,

The tales of Atlantis remind of us what once was a paradise on Earth before the fall in vibrational frequency. Many people are receiving the call to Bimini in the Bahamas where the prophecies show Poseida to be located. This is my story of hearing my call to Poseida and how its ruby red crystal will activate many people and will be a huge part of Earth’s transformation in the very near future.

I remember vividly the night in July 2014, where I abruptly awoke to the sound of a gentle yet persistent voice urging me to go to Bimini. ‘Go to Bimini, you must go to Bimini’….over and over again. At the time I heard this call, I knew little about Bimini. I knew that it was an island off the coast of Florida and that there once was a prophet from my hometown named Edgar Cayce  who famously predicted that the ruins of Atlantis would be discovered beneath the shallow waters nearby.  In 1968, stones emerging from the seabed floor referred to as the ‘Road to Bimini’ were discovered as he had promised.

As intriguing as this information was to me, I had never before felt an urge to visit this island. Why was I being called in the middle of the night with instructions to go there? I didn’t receive the explanation then and I didn’t need it – I knew through and through that I had received the Call to Adventure. I had to get to Bimini. There were a few frustrating failed attempts to get there; still, the call persisted. It would take me exactly one year to set foot on the shores of Bimini. In retrospect, what I learned in that year still sends tingles up my spine.

I soon discovered that I was not alone. Several light workers, way-showers, star-seeds and channelers near and far were also hearing the call and receiving instructions to make pilgrimage to this powerful island. There were others still that were asked to work with the energies remotely in assistance to fully restore the location to its power seat on the planetary energetic grid. This particular activation has been an on-going process since 2012. According to many sources, there are 9 Atlantean Master Crystals buried beneath the ground, in various locations, that have lain dormant since the fall of Atlantis.

The Atlantis Ruby Crystal, known as the ‘Fire Crystal’, rests beneath what we know today as Bimini, Bahamas; formerly known as the city of Poseida in Atlantis. In the last 12 years these master crystals have begun to activate, one by one, releasing their energy codes and light rays available to the planet once again. These crystals collectively weave together to form the new earth matrix’s crystalline grid as they come ‘online’.

Bimini’s Ruby Crystal was the last to activate to complete the crystalline grid. It was partially activated on 12-12-12, and will become fully activated in 2016. The island of Bimini now serves as the power source for earth’s entire crystalline energy grid. There are many other sacred sites that connect to this grid, also known as the earth grid or energetic ley lines. Bimini connects on these ley lines with the Giza Pyramids, Easter Island, the Nazca lines in Peru and many other ancient sites, some of which we are only now discovering. Bimini is the power source to this grid and it continues to increases its energetic output as more locations on the grid activate and come ‘online’.

In August of 2015 I gathered some mermaids and traversed a couple of hurricanes to land on this powerful island. At that time I knew half of the above stated. The information I knew and received going in indicated that I was there to receive these newly available energy codes to integrate and anchor into my being. It is difficult to put into words my experience in Bimini…I felt a sense of over-riding bliss and joy beyond what I knew was possible throughout my visit. The level of presence and peace, the feeling of fulfillment, pure unconditional love, and the experience of ‘no time’ was something I’d felt in fleeting moments throughout my life, but here it was a constant– it felt like I’d landed in 5D!

All this was happening on TOP of the incredible experiences and adventures we had on the island: snorkeling the Road to Bimini, seeing and feeling up close these monolith stones, soaking in the healing mangroves with a sound bath that had us seeing visions and erupting in fits of uncontrollable laughter (it may help that there’s lithium in the water!). One of the most sacred experiences was swimming with wild dolphins. These particular water beings in Bimini are known as the temple guardians and they emit a frequency of such immense unconditional love that it left us completely overwhelmed with tears of gratitude, joy, wonderment and awe. They welcomed us into their pod as if we were their long-lost kin and allowed us to swim with them for almost an hour, even slowing their pace so that we could keep up. Our guide said she had never seen them do this with a group before. It was one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life.

All of those called to be in our group connected with this special energy and felt the magic. I’ve been guided return to Bimini, bringing those who feel called with me; those who are ready to activate this grid and integrate these codes within their being. Along with others, I have been guided to make the sojourn to Bimini together this June of 2016 over the Summer Solstice for what we are feeling is going to be an extremely important and powerful time to be there. This year’s Summer Solstice coincides with June’s full moon, which has not occurred since 1948 and will not occur again until 2054! In addition, 2016 is an acceleration year just as 2012 was: we are poised for very important shifts to occur.

While traditionally Stonehenge has been the location people have been called to gather for Summer Solstice, I feel that Bimini will become the new location for gatherings on this ceremonial day –I’ve intuited that that this Power Source island is aligned and energetically supported by a different sun: Earth’s Central Sun.

Are you hearing the call and feeling the pull to Bimini? It’s not to late to join us over Summer Solstice… contact me at if you would like to be a part of this transformative journey.

Elizabeth Bell is a Certified PureBioenergy Healer, QHHT Regressionist and founder of Araluna Retreats.About the author: Elizabeth Bell is a Certified PureBioenergy Healer, QHHT Regressionist and founder of Araluna Retreats. Elizabeth sees clients in healing clinics around the US as well as in her private practice in California. Her Retreats and Sacred Journeys draw individuals from around the world to gather at highly energetic and sacred locations for healing and transformative experiences. Elizabeth considers Bimini Island to be the most energetically powerful and profound of all her sacred journey destinations, as there is an untapped convergence of healing, energy, frequency, music, myth, water, and dolphins.

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