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Ormus And Monoatomic Gold — The Manna Mystery

By on March 6, 2015 in Health
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Ormus And Monoatomic Gold — The Manna Mystery

by Mike Rinaldi
Contributing Writer,

There are many mysterious and magical things that have been recorded in history. The Biblical manna, the Philosopher’s Stone, the Fountain of Youth, Orgone energy, prana, chi, the Holy Grail, the Great Pyramid and the Ark of the Covenant are a few of these things. It looks like these things and more might be related to a new class of materials that have been identified and described in the last few decades.

In the late 1970s an Arizona farmer named David Hudson noticed some very strange materials as he was doing some gold mining on his land. Hudson spent several million dollars over the following decade figuring out how to obtain and work with these strange materials. In 1989 David Hudson was granted patents on these materials and methods for obtaining them.

Other researchers were also making similar discoveries around this same time but Hudson was the first to get information out to the public about his discoveries. During the early 1990s Hudson toured the United States giving lectures and workshops about what he had found.

These materials have been called ORMEs, monoatomic gold, white gold, white powder gold, ORMUS, m-state, AuM, microclusters, and manna. David Hudson calls the materials he found Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements or ORMEs. He also refers to them as monoatomic elements in a high-spin state.

Since Hudson has patented his process for obtaining and identifying these elements, and since it has not been conclusively established whether these materials are monatomic or diatomic, it is recommended that the terms ORMUS and m-state be used when referring to these materials.

The ORMUS or m-state materials are thought to be the precious metal elements in a different atomic state. The following elements have been identified in this different state of matter (these elements, with the exception of mercury, are listed in Hudson’s patents):


Element and Atomic Number

Cobalt 27
Nickel 28
Copper 29
Ruthenium 44
Rhodium 45
Palladium 46
Silver 47
Osmium 76
Iridium 77
Platinum 78
Gold 79
Mercury 80

All of these m-state elements are quite abundant in seawater. They also seem to be present in most rock, fresh water and in the air. According to David Hudson’s research, these elements in their m-state may be as much as 10,000 times more abundant than their metallic counterparts. There also may be other elements that occur naturally in the m-state.

Various researchers, working independently, have identified these mate- rials in this different state of matter.  They have arrived at many of the same observations. These m-state elements have been observed to exhibit the quantum physical behaviors of superconductivity, superfluidity, Josephson tunneling and magnetic levitation. It looks like these are an entirely new class of materials.
These m-state elements are also present in many biological systems. We believe that they may enhance energy flow along the acupuncture merid- ians and in the microtubules inside every living cell.

It appears that this state of certain of these elements has been known throughout history. Several of the procedures for extracting or making ORMUS have been adapted from ancient alchemical texts. We believe that the Philosopher’s Stone and the Biblical manna may be variations on this state of matter.

*The above excerpt is from

My Personal Experience

Now, with all that being said for the introduction of ORMUS, the fol- lowing is my personal experience using this unique product “Monoatomic Gold”. I am not a new comer when it comes to spirituality and I have been a regular meditator for over 10 yrs now specializing in kundalini meditation. Any person thats in the spiritual circles heard about this mystical product used in the ancient times for means of spiritual evolvement. I did first hear about it about 5-6 yrs ago. I tried one product said to be ‘Monoatomic Gold’ back then but never felt anything from it. So I just chalked it up as a scam. Recently, monoatomic gold and ORMUS did come back into my attention again and I decided to give it another try. I did endless research on the subject and found out there are different types of methods used to create this unique product. Not only different methods used to create it, but also different base ingredients which make a difference as well. For example, one method would use sea water as its base to extract these minerals or monoatomic elements, whereas another method would actually use the element of gold to extract the monatomic element. After examination of these facts, I chose to experiment with the latter process, the process that actually used monoatomic gold as its base.The product that I settled on was Energold Monoatomic Gold Powder ORMUS.

After about 2 days of dosing the product I started to feel very dramatic effects in my attitude and well being. I just started to have a very elated and uplifted mood. The best way I can describe it, is that you just glow with a positive well being. Things that used to bother me just don’t have that negative impact anymore. Neither does negative people who I deal with! I feel like I can deal better with people who used to get on my nerves before. My thinking in itself seems like its in a hyper-state mode. I am much clearer on the thinking level, more focused and can multitask with surprisingly great ease but yet maintain calmness at the same time. My stress level seems like it diminished in a very noticeable way. Its not just a calm feeling, its like the stress level is REPLACED with a good mood. I notice myself just happier all around which is just an amazing feeling to have.

I have two daughters and I have been playing with them as if I was a kid again, enjoying every minute and laughing alot more. My relationship with my wife has improved on so many lev- els as well. We just understand each other more now, even express our- selves better to each other and express more LOVE to each other (yes, she started to take it also). I know this all sounds crazy .. but this stuff is legitimate. We both are just much more happier in our well being and in turn it gets expressed more outwards. Just amazing is all I can say about it. Now for the meditation part, my meditations, of course are affected by it as well.

Since I have been meditating for over 10 yrs now (kundalini meditation) I do have a very good awareness of my energy. I can feel the “prana” or “chi” flowing within my subtle body, and depending how things are in my external world, it has effect on the energy. External problems can become “blocks” on the internal subtle system or energetic body. So obviously, if this product is effecting my external world in such a positive way it will have such positive effects on the internal world or subtle system as well. My meditations have just been so much deeper and thoughtless. My energy flow is very constant and very strong. I am able to feel that my energetic body has been basically “block-free” since starting this product. It seems that the deepness that I was able to get to while meditating for a half an hour can now be achieved within ten minutes! Another amazing quality. I am really just astounded by this product and the effects that it has on ones life.

Manifestation Qualities?

I have heard and read about how people say that this product will help you on the quest of manifestation. I can sum this up like this.
It seems you use way more brain power when taking this product. It re- balances the brain. If a person is using one side more dominantly it will balance out the brain so it operates using both sides at optimum level. Your visualization and imagination abilities get very heightened as well as your focus and attention. If you ever read the book “The Master Key” by Haanal .. He basically says that those are the main keys to manifesta- tion. With that being said using this product,without a doubt , gives you the edge when it comes to manifestation because it allows the brain to be efficient in those capacities. It also brings you to that state where one must be ‘positive side of polarity’ in order to manifest good things in ones life. The product in itself gives you the perfect conditions (according to Haanal) in order to be in a state of where one can manifest things easier.

Not all products are made the same

Now, getting back to what I was saying when I took a product years ago and it had no effect at all. It seems there are reasons behind the potency of products. Many of the producers of these products consider them- selves “Alchemists”. In my research, I found that when the ‘alchemist’ is creating his product he is basically putting his unique energetic imprint on the product. Many ‘true alchemists’ know this fact and they put many variables within the environment during the creation process. Some play music with certain frequencies, some recite mantras or certain number sequences and some just connect to their higher selves. The ORMUS does get affected by outside stimuli just like water molecules can get affected by thoughts, words, music or prayers.

This was proven by a Japanese scientist named Masaru Emoto who wrote the famous book, “The Hidden Messages in Water”.

The person who made the product that I took (Energold ) I contacted and inquired about his process. He states as follows:

“Yes – I play harmonic, beautifully-orchestrated music while mixing, as well as reciting a series of numeric digits that are reputed to impart a specific energy. The process might seem like voodoo to the layperson, but sound-waves – which are energy – play a part in molecular configuration and even crystallization of water molecules. We even have in our lexicon sayings like “I don’t like her energy today,” signifying that we do, in fact, possess the innate ability to “read” people and their “energy.” So, to visualize this on a macro level, we can see that the energy that we pass along to others – positive or negative – can greatly influence the energy of those that we touch throughout the course of the day, setting of a chain-reaction – or alignment, if you will. We see this as 600-trillion-cell organisms. Imagine how sensitive our individual cells are to sound, light, electrical, and other energies.”

“As far as I know, I am the only one using my own unique process. I want the end-result to pack a super-punch of strictly gold. Therefore, mine is made with magnetite (an earthen soil-like powdery material that has a strong attraction to magnets), gold ingots (pieces of 24-karat gold left over from our colloidal-gold-making process), and 200-ppm- strength colloidal gold (not water). The final process – before drying – instead of rinsing with water (as the others are done) involves several rinses with our 200-ppm-strength colloidal gold, giving the collected whitish-pearlescent material a pink hue, which is why the dry powder has a pinkish-pearlescence.”

Interesting enough, I am sure this is a big reason why I felt the effects this product and did not feel that other particular product years ago. You can find Energold products through Amazon and Ebay.

Now, there is another alchemist who puts out a product that his base is made of sea water. He is a well known alchemist and his name is Don Nance. He also puts out very superior ORMUS made from these type of processes called the “wet method”. He has a website called ocean At his website he has different formulations pertaining to different bodies of water that he uses to extract these monoatomic elements. He uses both water and fire alchemy to make his products. An- other important note is he has his own book out which easily explains how one can make their “own” ORMUS using his methods and with easy to find materials. The website for his book is

Here is a video link that shows Don making the ORMUS for a group looking to learn the process.

In conclusion, if you want a happier and more joyous life with the ability to be able to control yourself better in all situations, you must try these products. If you are a spiritual seeker looking for the answer to go deep- er and become more evolved, this is a missing link that will help you to get there on your path. There are so many products out there to choose from when it comes to ORMUS or Monoatomic Gold. Choose wisely and get to know your alchemist. Ask them what process they use, what is the base they use and how do they “charge” their product. These will help you to determine if the product is right for you. I hope this article brought you to a better understanding about ORMUS and its amazing qualities.

Enjoy the journey my friends and many blessings!

About the author: Mike Rinaldi has been on this spiritual journey for 20 yrs now. I studied many paths during this amazing time Hinduism, Buddhism, Kabbalah, Native American beliefs, Wicca, Egyptian Alchemy, and Hermetic teachings to name a few. I found connections within all of these belief systems. I have been practicing Sahaja Yoga for over 10 yrs which is a form of Kundalini Meditation created by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. The meditation had a profound effect in my life, as well as the Guru who created it. I have a strong belief that one must work their inner world in order to change their outer world. My twice daily meditations (mornings and evenings) for the inner world, combined with the practice of Hermetic teachings for the outer world has been a transformational life changing experience for me.

Image: Pixabay

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