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Sun Is Projecting DNA Light Codes

By on March 8, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening

Sun Is Projecting DNA Light Codes

by Celia Fenn,

Have just been reading some of the posts about the concentric rings coming from the Sun and the Plasma bursts. Most people are reading this as the Sun in transition.

My guidance is that the Sun is projecting Light Codes and energies that are aimed at “switching on” the New Masculine Light Codes in the DNA.

Once that is achieved we will move out of Solar Minimum and back into regular Solar Flares that will build and activate the New Masculine.

This is hard work for all of us… switching on DNA Codons that were switched off thousands of years ago, but we can do it. Our DNA was designed to know when to realign and switch back to “creation imprint”.

So, if you are taking strain in the body, it is probably your DNA booting out all the crap and reverting to Divine Angelic template settings.

~Celia Fenn

Image: Pixabay

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