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Timelines Are Colliding – Can You Feel It?

By on November 2, 2021 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Timelines Are Colliding - Can You Feel It?

by Sarah Lines,
Contributing writer, In5D.com

Something’s in the air…

You may be experiencing a sense of deep mourning, a feeling of loss. It’s because we’re leaving the old behind – getting ready for the new. The new energy is coming in!

But we’re in the last big push for change…

Many of you are holding the light.

Consistently aligning to your most optimal ascension timeline.

This effects the collective as a whole.

And those in resistance to this change will suffer more deeply than those open to it.

We’re in the most important time in our human history, where the portal of change is here. Are you willing to step through with uncertainty, but trust?

It sounds counter intuitive, but this is necessary for us all to shift into the new paradigm that is just upon us.

You can experience massive up-levels through simply choosing the new timeline, therefore making it easier for others – this is true light work!

What can you do?

  • Step through the portal and keep up your inner work…your healing
  • Consciously choose your most optimal ascension timeline
  • Don’t lose faith. Its just the beginning of such wonderful things
  • Stay grounded.

The ebb & flows will come quicker with each wave. Each wave increases our collective vibrational frequency. Hold the light! Life is going to get easier, and manifesting is going to get easier.

If you are an empath, you will be feeling this most deeply:

  • Work with your triggers
  • Stay anchored
  • Stay protected
  • Disconnect from others regularly
  • Don’t fall in to fear

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Know that nothing is wrong, it’s all working out for the greater good.

It’s time to live your purpose, you can’t wait any longer.

About the Author: Sarah Lines helps soul-driven, spiritual entrepreneurs on a mission to delete of old paradigms to more deeply connect with their inner being and activate their purpose. As a Soul Coach and channel, Sarah leads visionary women into superconscious creation to manifest the life and business of their dreams, catapulting them into a new energy of radiance, abundance and purpose driven lives. With lifetimes of experience, she has helped hundreds of clients awaken, ascend & powerfully create new realities. Creator of the Goddess Alchemy Academy, Sarah has authored multiple books including international best sellers. Sarah lives with her family and many cats on the South Australian coast. goddessalchemyacademy.co

Image: Pixabay

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