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10 Signs That Someone Is Lying To You

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10 Signs That Someone Is Lying To You

via ConsciousLifeNews,

If you’re honest to a fault, you tend to think that others are too, and can become an easy target for liars. But all is not lost, you can begin to keep an eye out for markers of dishonesty. Here are 10 signs you can look for that will give you a good indicator that someone may be lying to you.

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10 Signs That Someone Is Lying to You

1) Non-Contracted Denial – an extra emphasis on what they did not do.

2) Grooming Gestures – little fidgety motions like adjusting their tie or playing with their hair.

3) Repetition – especially when they repeat the question back to you before answering it (probably given themselves time to spin the lie).

4) Expressions of Duping Delight – a sly smile or other form of superiority that they have pulled one over on you.

5) More Eye Contact – an honest person will have eye contact for about 60% of the conversation while a liar will have more eye contact than this.

6) Leaked (Contradictory) Expressions – when someone’s body language does not match their words. Like shaking their head in disagreement while supposedly agreeing.

7) Alterations of Vocal Tone – either higher or lower pitch with more hesitation in their speech.

8) Desire for Escape – a liar will often point their feet toward the exit or literally make a quicker than usual exit. They will also put physical barriers between themselves and the person to whom they are lying.

9) Story problems – they give too much information as they struggle to reinforce their original story.

10) Unusual reaction to false accusations. When an honest person is falsely accused, they will usually be.

In5D Addendum

Gregg Prescott, M.S.

As a Child & Family Therapist, I was trained to look for signs of lying. Here are a few more not mentioned in the article:

Eye direction. When we think of the truth, we tend to focus our eyes either to the right or to the left. We tend to gather factual and fictitious information from different hemispheres of the brain. To tell if someone is lying, ask them questions you’re sure they know, such as their birth date, astrological sign or town they were born in, and look at what direction their eyes are looking when they’re answering. This will be the truthful direction. If they look in the opposite direction for any subsequent questions, then they may be lying.


Flaring nostrils. As mentioned in the article above, breathing plays an important role. One thing to pay attention to is whether the subject’s nostrils are flaring or not. When we lie, our breathing rates change and these subtle changes can be observed through the flaring of the nostrils.

Pupil dilation. When a person lies, there pupils become very large as they’re using the creative side of their brain to think of anything other than the truth. the dilation of the pupils is an uncontrollable involuntary action that is extremely difficult to fake, if at all possible..

If you know these signs, it makes it easier to analyze people’s integrity, but please keep in mind that these are generalizations. Not everyone is the same. For the most part, they’ll give you an accurate analysis, as evidenced by my experience as a child & family therapist. I’ve even used these techniques while playing cards and can tell whether an amateur card player is bluffing or not!

~ Gregg

Image: Pixabay

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