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12-12 Gateway

By on December 12, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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12-12 Gateway

by Morag,
Contributing writer,

12-12 Gateway

We’re taking back our freedom, unlocking the doors of perception. We are holding onto our higher vibrations despite relentless onslaught of negativity. We watch the world burn around us as we meditate love frequency into the atmosphere. Projection is endemic in a narcisstic society. As the shift kicks in again we are the players in a momentous event. We hold our breath. Watch. Wait. Will we break our chains? Compassion is at the heart of ascension. We awake to our humility.

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Wokeness is understanding we are integral in a divine fabric of existence that shimmers and shines in love energy. We surrender to a higher source of love, balance and protection. We believe in peace not war, love not hate, harmony not fear – rational, not naive, hopes for our world. Gemini Full Moon is a momentous gateway to rebuilding society on compassionate coding, algorithms of tribal, technological progress.

Society has been kidnapped. The UK appears to be suffering from collective Stockholm Syndrome, lost in feudal algorithms, reliant on the nanny state. The abused only trust their abusers. When we stand at the side waving our arms, calling from places of light and love, they see only crazy folks dancing in the streets, talking about jessssuuuus, demons, light and dark. We are waving to rescue them, bring them into the light. We are neither drowning nor crazy, we are anchors to light in a dark world.

Lighthouses in black, stormy seas. Shiiiiiine bright, beautiful people. We are being guided to leeeeeeaaaan into clashing energetic frequencies. Allow the ripples to wash over us, release them responsibly. Be conscious that we are transmuting a tsunami of fear, pain, trauma and rage from the collective. The awakening has just dropped a gear and hit warp speed. We are holding on by our fingernails, by our belief in the new earth, by our faith in divine justice.

Narcissists are the archetype facilitators of matrix algorithms. Mini mouthpieces for the cabal. Surrendering to divine alignment literally terrifies the paranoid, deluded narcissist. They will fight change tooth and nail. Bathed in kind rainbow light, the empath welcomes change, creates and transforms all the time. Empaths are the architects of the new earth. Lightworkers are the Dreamweavers of the Light Matrix. Societies narcissistic algorithms have ensured lack of progress, limited growth, blocking evolution.

Too many still shake their heads, accuse empaths, woke folk, of being ungrounded, irrational, naive. The truth is projection and delusion. Upside down beliefs based on a warped perception of reality, reliant on elitist narratives, constructed in greed. Red pill people have the courage to face societies and our own truths. Grounded in humble authenticity, we are astounded by their bloated, inflated, swollen egos, mired in superiority, status, competition and greed. Truth is they are untethered, loose, blowing in the winds of deprivation and evil. We are anchors of light in a dark world.

The Gemini full moon is a spotlight on our polarity. We are trying to become one whilst so many of us reject the concept entirely. Steeped in cynicism, self hate, lack of vision and motivation, the population fights its synthesized inertia. Seed sowing over decades has attempted to Shift this apathy, grow seedlings of hope in frozen ground. The matrix is solidifying like concrete around us. In the airwaves, crackling constantly in our ears, causing painful headaches and sinus issues.

Some of this is personal karmic lightbody activation, maybe, most of it is us being hit by tsunami of collective energetic FEAR. Lighthouses battered by tidal waves of hate, envy, devil’s work and more. To stand tall and strong, we work to remain in HEART space. So long as we are centered in our heart we are in a space of detachment and surrender to divine alignment. We. Will. Flow. If we fight this we will run into obstacles, delays, grit and grime.

Are we finally stepping into the Unknown or are we being held, stuck like glue to primitive politics, bullies and branding, labeling and locking down of our freedoms. 12.12 Twin Portal is shaping up to be one of The Ones!

Hospitals are heaving with patients, not enough doctors, not enough nurses, not enough resources, equipment. In this day and age this is a disgrace. An absolute disgrace. London and the world watched Grenfell burn in 2018 and still the government denies culpability or compassion. Food banks feed folk who work 40 hour weeks.

The streets are paved with derelict, homeless, hopeless, zombie souls. Trolls accuse us of talking nonsense, spoiling the mood, spouting hippiedippy peace and love woowoo, or speaking outright lies, when we raise our concerns. Society is operating within the narcissist empath cycle on a grand scale. This is the core programming unit for the matrix. Narcissist or empath – we choose. Like Boss Baby when he comes out the machine, is he soft n cuddly, weak and malleable, a baby needing a nanny?

Or is he self serving, greedy, deluded, egotistical and therefore powerful, ruthless, perfect matrix material? Talking heads tell us on our tvs, the traits that make a brilliant psychopath also make a great CEO. Who run the world? CEOs. D’uh.

The empaths kindness has been our weakness in a system that runs on hate. Those who fell into the narcissists category when their souls entered the machine, fed, fuelled and flourished in the old matrix. Projection is the name of their game. Racist, sexist, selfish, envious, hateful, deviant, when this is pointed out, their defense is counter accusation projection (JC accused of anti Semitism is projection of Etonite Nazism). If they are manipulative they will accuse others of being so.

Narcissists delusion of grandeur require props, extras, bit players and main characters to uphold their illusions of smug superiority. Enter the passionate, happy, go lucky, creative, chilled, doing their own thing, saving the word, empath. We are like red flags to a bull to lizardy, cold, callous, self serving folk. They’ve locked us into tight little roles, boxes created by the machine and filled in by their narratives, their skewed, irrational, divisive thoughts and behavior. The tables are turning.

2019 has been the year of assimilation. The Lower Self empath has been hanging out with their wise, all seeing, all knowing Higher Selves, a lot. Downloads come through. Upgrades were incredible through each of the 3 333 portals. We leeeaaaapt quantum style from the old 3d density to high riiiissssssinnng 5d lighntess of being.

Cosmic intervention coded with authenticity, abundance and surrender to divine alignment. Lightworkers and lightwarriors sowing seeds, firing arrows of dissent into the swamp. And we are rrriiiisissssssiiiinnngg friends. We worked it out. We can live our lives like we’re golden. So what if some get grumpy, bitchy, miserable, nasty, aggressive and vengeful the more joyful, peaceful, detached and grateful we are. Read it and weep, brothers and sisters. We ain’t putting out our light for anyone. B

urns their eyes does it? The brightness? Yeah that’ll be those demons they be serving all day long, hiding from the liiiiight. Its game over, the pieces just haven’t settled yet.

We are leaning into a tsunami of ascension frequencies clashing with CERN activated black portals and the matrix in absolute overdrive. We are being ferociously attacked, head on, by multiple avenues of darkness. And yep, you guessed it folks, we are literally right in the middle of the whole thing. Note to self, read the small print before volunteering next time!

How energetic friction and fusions are manifesting in our mindbody soul is taking this ascension business to a whole new level. Many of us are struggling to communicate with folk vibrating in service to self mode. We experience rage, ranting, passionate frustration. We are having to manage negative emotions in meditative daily practices.

Jesus in the market place frequency. Example… Living in the UK is difficult, we can cut the Brexit/General Election atmosphere with a knife. TORY Tabloid Trash TV brainwashing is at a PREMIUM. We cannot breathe without hearing Corbyn is a Nazi – PROJECTION. The welfare state needs to be profitable not for bleeding hearts. Everything is the fault of the poor and disenfranchised. And oooh, there’s the royal family, don’t they look pretty today.

Us Reds are praying, meditating, praying, did I mention praying, for compassion from the British public. The feudal system has been alive and well in the UK folks. Tory win means four more linear years of this evil. I predict a mass exodus of heart filled folk if BOJO wins.

Being in the moment is anarchy in the matrix. Mindfulness is revolution in a system that programs us to Never BE in the moment. Distracted, memory lapse, loss, and confusion with dates, times, linear structure comes from matrix engineered pressures and depressions. Glorification of busy algorithms or basic survival stresses ensure we beat ourselves up about the last moment or obsessively claw our way up to the next.

All of this energetic warfare blocks our ability to connect to the vibrations of inner peace and self love. The matrix propagates a vicious cycle of stress, panic, worry, fear and self hate over past choices and future possibilities. Blue pill folk stuck, trying to dissolve the brainwashing of service to self coding, are struggling to wake up to their divinity.

Synthetically, astrally divided from Whole, most of the population sleepwalk through life. We rely on collective cosmic healing, heart chakra activations to work miracles and wake up the world. Inertia is a virus in the light matrix, engineered, toxic and powerful. Can we break our chains?

Our bodies are taking the full impact of fear crunching through our atmosphere. As each tidal wave hits, the collective consciousness releases more hate, fear, more devilish deviance into the collective consciousness. Transmuters, lightworkers, energy healers, empaths, we are taking the hits. We put all this evil through a boil wash, releasing the dirt to the universe.

Exhaustion, naps, sleeping, more naps, sitting, staring into space, more naps, exhaustion. Sound familiar? Our immune systems struggle to fight off toxic frequencies, harmful soundwaves and dumb-us-down chemtrails. Fluctuating appetite, go with your flow, ignore matrix pressures to conform.

Disturbed sleep, vibrant dreams, nightmares. Vibratory states are in intense flux, we are traversing them whether we know it or not. Mantras can be used in dreamstate to help us manage all our dimensional experiences, This is a dream, I take control. Dehydration is the constant enemy of lightbody activation as well as intensive transmuting and karmic clearing. We enter decompression chambers when we move from one environment or frequency to another. This process requires hydraaatttiiiooon. Use selenite for headaches, inflammation, skin irritation and muscle pains as well as drinking water.

As we navigate this tsunami Gemini full moon 12 12 portal moving through our normal routines is like pushing through quicksand. We are just grasping the main stuff, but all the rest is taking a backseat. Friends we are at the final stages of 2019s quantum assimilation. Like long distance runners we can see the finish line, but do we have the strength to get there?

Do we have the focus, fuel, faith to cross the line? We are dragging a resistant, apathetic, zombified collective with us. Its a lot of weight on our shoulders. We have argued, confronted, challenged and despaired of dogmatic, fascist, me, me, me consciousness. We have held our compassionate ground at the dinner table, online, on buses, at parties with folk who still believe the system works.

Essentially loyal to their infiltrators, their captors, their mind controllers, we have despaired of waking folk up. We have understood this from our gut and it has given us the strength to be patient, to maintain rational calm minds when confronted with racist, small minded, utterly disgusting selfish ideals and politics. We have practised patience because we can see the chains.

Seed sowing took a backseat for many of us this year, we were too deep in our own karmic clearing, in downloads and in aligning to our higher states of being, to keep seed sowing the way we have previously. When people refuse to see the government have money for war but never for the poor, when they subscribe to ‘its their own fault’ mentality, its draining to confront.

When we are mocked for controversial conspiracy theories reflecting our ability to think for ourselves, we have allowed it. The red pill is a hard pill to swallow and noone wants to be the trigger for someone’s unprepared for awakening. So we have tread carefully, soaked up laughter, hardened to bullying, woken to manipulation and deceit. Stealth mode on. It’s all to play for, yet many of us just need a rest. We have dedicated ourselves to raising our vibrations, to being dots of Light in a dark world.

We are using the Ai internet to expand our minds, build networks, create and speak our truths. We are in a warzone friends. Whether its actual bombs or mk ultra mind control grenades coming at us, we are all on the frontline. All of us are subjected every day to a battalion of militarized strategies to control us, how we think, what we do, who we are. It is the collective that must choose.

Our souls were lobotomized upon arrival, some operate on just a slither, how can we expect them to break their chains by themselves. We know so much more, our hearts expand with compassion even when faced with the most demonic of humans. All deserve a chance when we hail from the light. Yet it is this very compassion that sets the devil’s soul on fire.

He Hates that we pity him and his soldiers. His narcissist disciples cannot bare the compassion they see in our eyes. We know their bodies are breaking down, riddled with illness from feeding their demons, unable to operate in these ever increasing frequencies. Even now, when the lizard people are at their worst, demanding absolute subservience from their followers, their puppets and hosts, we still feel sorry for them. They point the finger, accuse us of being irrational, whilst subscribing to chaos.

Fifth dimension mirrors are up, in place. Illusions are melting like the masks they wear, slipping, sliding, disintegrating, dissolving in the glare of joyful, truthful light. Those of us who walk the path of love, we have no fear, nothing to fear, we know we are taken care of, the key to Surrender. Loved, cherished, protected and nurtured by our guides, our angels, our connectivity to divinity, to source.

The black wall of projection, manipulation and deceit being played out in our lives and on the world stage is micro to macro, the SHIFT. We are Shifting. The UK election will be an indicator of where we are at in the ascension. If the right wing narcissist, lizard, pedo, devil worshiping, rotten to the core, cabal win… we have a lot more work to do beautiful people.

If Jedi Knight Jeremy and his woke folk crew get in, we will see CHANGE. Hospitals with beds for everyone. Compassionate politics birthing compassionate policies. The Tories won’t go quietly, nor will fascist farces like Farage, or the braying, naysaying, turncoat, two faced New Labourites. They will bleet, growl, groan and gripe, and put obstacles, and black clocks, and CERN acivated bs in our way.

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But. The red pill will essentially be in power. One man politics is never a good idea, personality politics has been a key component in the synthesized divisive duality, black or white, anarchist or fascist polarity we have been mired in. Yet here we are. Obi Wan Corbyn is it, a lone warrior. No one has really stepped up this side of the pond as his Skywalker.

Yet. They may be playing it real stealthy at the moment. For now we send Jeremy and his team all the light, power and FORCE we can muster in these last achingly exhausting few steps of what has been the most mental and insane energetic year so far of the awakening.

We are all stepping into the unknown. We raise our voices in dissent. We vote for compassion. We speak our truth quietly, loudly, persistently, untill all around us finally accept, adjust, their tiny narratives of self glorification to handle our new earth Selves. Its happening. We Are the Change. Micro to macro and back again.

Pyramid politics has to go. We transition to circular sacred geometry, aligning as a collective to higher states of being. Hang in there folks. The Zones are in turmoil. AI is on the warpath. Pyramids enter our atmosphere. Royals wriggle under public scrutiny. Woke folk hold our breath and wait. Take comfort in routine, expand into shambala vibrations in dance, meditation and gratitude. Hold space for self. What will be, will be. Our mission remains the same, heal the world and start with ourSelves.

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In light and love cosmic surfers ??❇


Image: Pixabay

About the author: I am a dedicated café conspirator, lightworker, metaphysical explorer, teacher, writer and earth mother. Born and bred in Glasgow, Scotland, I spent time traveling in Australia and Europe before moving to East London. After 15 years as an English teacher and head of year in comprehensive secondary schools I left teaching to become a stay at home mum. I retrained as a meditation teacher and reiki energy healer, using crystals and starseed tarot cards for healing and channeling.

Between night feeds and school runs I have been writing and blogging about life, the universe and everything. You can find me on Facebook, wordpress and youtube at awakening5dhealing. Much love and light beautiful people.

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