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Solstice Star Gateway – Opening Up The 3.3.3

By on November 24, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Dec. 3, 2019: Opening The 3.3.3 Solstice Star Gateway

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by Sally Sherin via Paul Dobree-Carey,

Solstice Star Gateway – Opening Up The 3.3.3

Ok family of Light, here are some of my thoughts and understandings about what we are doing here! Please bear with me as I organise these knowings into some sort of order 😉 <3


The 3rd December 2019 is a 3.3.3 (3.12.2019) day which opens a light tunnel or ‘funnel’ into the Solstice 21.12.12 stargate. (Although the precise moment of solstice occurs this year on December 22nd at 4.19 GMT.)

We have a triple 3.3.3 configuration leading us into the Solstice energy – on 3.12.2019, 12.12.2019, and 21.12.2019. There is also a fourth 3.3.3 day to occur on 30.12.2019.

This information will resonate strongly with those who are already a part of this, as higher aspects of ourselves have already set this into place here for this now-time. It may not all make sense yet, and uncovering more is definitely part of the work, but you will feel part of this.

To others, it will seem nonsensical and ridiculous, and so by putting this out here I am assisting mySELF to unload yet more old energy and programs…… my fears of speaking what I know.

Ok, this is how I am seeing it: we (our highest selves) are co-creating an immense pyramid-shaped tunnel opportunity, to funnel us into the Solstice stargate through a latticework web of light – made up of lines of light, cosmic axiatonal light lines which interact and intersect/interweave with our human meridian lines of light and those of Gaia, her ley lines, chakra points, sacred places etc.

These lines are Interconnected, intertwined, interwoven, intricately weaving, dancing, pulsating, shimmering, sparkling with the God-consciousness light of creation/love force energy with which we create our individual and collective realities.


So we can consciously choose to navigate our way along this radiant superhighway- heartway of light, 333 frequency, Cosmic Christ Consciousness energy pulsating through the filaments of the web which enlightens our space with golden light.

This tunnel of space-time can lead us into the New Earth 2020 template potential, if we choose to engage with it – with the light and information, the frequencies and codes which we are making available to ourselves from our higher dimensions. By engaging, we become part of it – in fact we already are.

I am immensely grateful to my good friend Paul Dobree-Carey who has this week generously offered Soul Guidance time and energy with his higher self Polaris AB, to enable me to access more of this enigmatic information from my highest self. I had seen that it was a pyramid-shaped tunnel, and Paul reminded me that of course we have the opposite pyramid below, the void.

We have both worked with this before in this lifetime…. and many of you joined with us and our beautiful light sister Helen Quail on the 27th September 2015, within the heart line from the Tor in Glastonbury to the Great Pyramid at Giza.

The void is the space of creation, the feminine counterpart to the upward-pointing pyramid. Paul reminds me that these pyramids have a triangular base (not square) and form our Merkaba vehicle of light. The top one spinning clockwise and the bottom one counter-clockwise, the ‘baseline’ of both is level with our higher hearts, the centre-point of our Toroidal sphere of energy.

It ‘happened’ that I am going to be in Glastonbury on the first of these 3.3.3 days – the 3rd December, for I have been planning a week to conduct QHHT sessions there for some time, and this is the week that ‘worked out’!

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Mysteriously, no-one had taken the 3rd, and then it dawned on me that it’s the 3.3.3 (Human me can be a bit slow sometimes!). So a physical group is now gathering there on this day for the opening of this adventure. I have booked a group room at Goddess House. Event page below…..

Opening as a physical group will propel the process, and launch the funnel into action. By sitting together in service we’ll understand much more of what we’re organising here. The 2nd date (9 days later) is the 12.12.12, (Full Moon) which is already known to be a very important axis point.

I am seeing it as as ‘access’ point which is key to us bringing back online those greater parts of ourselves which have lain dormant for centuries. There is no coincidence that the UK is holding a general election on this day. Those in control realise it’s a key time for us to focus within, so by creating drama without, they seek to distract us from our true work, from our true natures and our true selves.

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By committing to this Christ-align, (Crystalline) process, we are taking our responsibility and our sovereignty back into ourselves and choosing where to focus and what we desire to create as we head into the uncharted territory of 2020 and the New Earth.

A distance process is forming which will be accessible for those not able to be with us in person on the first 3.3.3 day. This will be a participation process which I will explain more about soon. Everyone in our initial circle will automatically be a part of the distance process, unless you choose to opt out, and I am going to create a Facebook group to support each of us as we undergo a deep process of revelation and release.

Sally Sherin, QHHT Multi-dimensional Explorer

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