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5 Alternative Ways To Fit Meditation Into Your Daily Routine

By on July 3, 2018 in Meditation with 0 Comments

5 Alternative Ways To Fit Meditation Into Your Daily Routine

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by Tasdid Alvi,
Contributing Writer,

Meditation has lots of health benefits including improving our focus, productivity, creativity, concentration, and our overall well-being. Meditation also reduces stress, anxiety, decreases pain, and lowers high blood pressure. But, in order to experience all of these amazing benefits, we need to practice meditation regularly. And unfortunately, many of us have busy lives nowadays, so, meditation can be difficult and challenging. Many people still think of meditation as sitting cross-legged and silent on a cushion or yoga mat for long periods of time. And this image doesn’t exactly motivate people to try meditation.


However, sitting in silence isn’t the only way to relax and meditate. In fact, it’s really easy to incorporate meditation into your daily routine without having to change your schedule. No matter how busy you are, you can always fit in a moment or two for meditation, whether it’s while you’re brushing your teeth or while you’re taking a shower in the morning. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the 5 alternative ways to fit meditation into your daily life!

5 Alternative Ways To Fit Meditation Into Your Daily Routine

Meditate while brushing your teeth

Tooth brushing has become one of the many things we rush through because we have a long and busy day ahead. However, your tooth brushing time is an excellent opportunity to incorporate meditation into your day. Meditation is simply paying attention, and you can certainly do this in the bathroom. So, the next time you start brushing your teeth, try to pay attention to the smell and texture of the toothpaste and become mindful of the sensation of the bristles on each tooth. Try different positions and notice which teeth are easy to get to and which teeth pose a challenge. Just try to be in the moment and focus on this activity at least for a few minutes every day and you will find that even the most simple and mundane tasks can become mindful experiences.

Meditate while taking a shower

Meditation in the shower can clear your head and bring inner peace into your life. Become mindful of the wave of pleasure as the warm water washes over you and imagine that this water is washing away any negative thoughts or feelings. Pay attention to the smell of the shower gel or shampoo, and imagine that the water is giving you new, positive energy to focus on your goals and dreams. Having water run down the top of your head along your back can open up your chakras (energy centers) and this will energize your soul and stimulate your creativity. You can also choose a personal mantra to recite as you wash your body and this will really boost your self-esteem.

Meditate while cooking

Even if you don’t have time for meditation, you still have to cook at least once a day right? So, why not meditate while you’re making your meals? Cooking can be very relaxing if you avoid other distractions and put love into the food you’re making. First, you’ll need to put away your phone to minimize distractions and then clean your kitchen counter – start with a clean space that makes you feel good. Then, take a few deep breaths and make sure you have everything you need for the meal. Focus on the food and use all your senses – feel the shape of your food, close your eyes and smell it, recognize the different flavors and fragrances while cooking. Then, place the food in the oven, set the heat, the timer, sit in a chair in the kitchen and take a few deep breaths while you’re waiting for your food to cook.

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Meditate while walking

Meditation while walking is definitely one of the easiest ways to practice mindfulness. So, next time when you find yourself walking to work, just take a few deep breaths and become fully aware of your surroundings and your body moving. Walk at a relaxed, but normal pace and notice how the soles of your feet feel as you walk. Minimize any distractions and pay full attention to the sensations in your body and the physical experience of walking. If you notice tension anywhere in the body, allow that part of the body to relax and as you do this, the walking will become even more enjoyable.

Meditate before sleep

Meditation calms the mind and improves sleep, so you can always sneak a moment of meditation into your day at bedtime, especially if you have trouble sleeping. You can start by writing down your thoughts and feelings at the moment onto a piece of paper. Then, close your eyes and imagine that all these thoughts and feelings have been placed in a box and they’re under lock and safe, so you can go back and collect them tomorrow. But, for now, you’ve unloaded them, so, you can forget about them and get restful sleep. Then, relax, take a few deep breaths and accept the fact that you don’t have to carry your worries or negative thoughts with you to sleep tonight. When you’re ready and your mind is calm and peaceful, lie down and go to sleep.


Tasdid Alvi

About the author: I’m Tasdid Alvi. More than a writer, a pet lover, a storyteller, an artist in the making. As a writer for I write about life, love, work and the pursuit of your best tomorrow.

Image: Pixabay

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